The Best Steampunk Helmet

The Best Steampunk Helmet

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Sep 25, 2019

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To try and define what is the classic Steampunk helmet is a Herculean (source) task in itself. For some the helm belongs to the Pith (source), whether Safari or Tropical it’s surrounded by adventure and daring exploits. For others the enigmatic deep-sea-diver’s helm fills them with visions of Captain Nemo (source). For some the world of Steampunk is one shrouded in smoke and skill and value the protection of a good welding mask.

Steampunk Helmets

The World’s a strange place, so why shouldn’t its hats follow by example? Some would rather explore Nature’s depths, others finding humanity’s soul in its plains and forests, and those rare few that see its future in the steam. Try not to judge too harshly, just add a little more sugar if it’s not to your taste.

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Steampunk Helmet Review

Now that we know what we are looking for, let's take a look at our top choices currently on the market.

1. The Safari Pith

To picture a theatre room without a single Pith would hardly be worth calling Steampunk at all. The Safari Pith is synonymous with adventure, danger, and more than a little controversy. Not to worry, you’re only hunting robotic rhinos after all. The Safari Pith is classic and stylish, a winning combination for any Steampunk with a cold head.

Perhaps the Safari Pith will be seen on the alternate African South, arming the Zulu’s with rifles in exchange for their sharped fruit (source), and teaching Big Game the value of quantum mechanics so they can teleport out of harm’s way. Then again, this may all be part of your plan, to spread Britain’s empire across all dimensions, to bring culture to the universe (source).

“Eyes on me, old chap. Long live the savannah. Long live Britannia. Long live style."


  • Over one hundred reviews and a four-and-a-half-star rating
  • Around twenty dollars


  • No variations
  • People may get upset because you look like you’re going to shoot somebody’s tiger.

2. The Tropical Van Pelt

The Tropical Van Pelt is a must amongst gentlemen rhymers (source). To ignore the Pith is irreverent, tied to time of dubious morals bound by greed, diamonds, and shooting pygmies in the face. The tropical Pith has been worn by respectable personalities such as Professor Elemental (source) and Van Pelt (source). It’s tied to a history of violence and oppression, but as with all things Steampunk, history isn’t written in stone.

For those who like to spend their afternoons punching nests of venomous spiders with the aim of repressing any separatist behaviour, the Tropical Van Pelt is there. For those attempting to acquire the ability of telepathy by French kissing poisonous toads, the Tropical Van pelt is there. For those who like to shout “What! What!” while wearing nothing but an Arquebus and a bad attitude, the Tropical Van Pelt is there.

“In the jungle you must wait till the dice read five or eight. At least it’s a great way to show off your devilishly new Pith hat.”


  • Adjustable inner headband
  • Leather chin strap
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Below one hundred reviews, but a four-star review

3. Welding Mask

Something odd and peculiar with a lot of room for potential, the Hobart Welding Mask is the outlier for those get togethers that have run a little stale. Cheap and available, this is a great opportunity for creative exploration: A few cogs here, some spray paint there, the possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

The Hobart Welding Mask lends a certain uncanny science fiction quality to any Steampunk’s arsenal, a great contrast between the dangers of a technological world and the waxed-moustached gentleman underneath. The sparks of ingenuity burn bright and burn deep, so take the proper precautions before attempting to fix the World.

“Whether building a robot, traveling to the Earth’s core, or trying to talk to ten, the Hobart welding mask has you covered.”


  • Can be used for welding (but not unless you’re qualified to do so)
  • Over one-hundred-and-forty reviews and a four-star rating
  • Adjustable fit


  • Requires cogs to make it more Steampunk

4. Diving Helmet

Whether exploring the deepest depths of the seven seas in search for Cthulhu (source) or doing a spot of aquatic gardening (source) without melting in Thames (source) then the Navy Mark V is the one for you.

A piece of handcrafted art, this diving helmet is bound to turn even the most despondent noble’s head in awe. Its combination of brass and gilt make it perfect for the Steampunk on the go, while giving enough room to add those finishing touches should you feel your creativity flair up (just make sure it’s not gout again).

“Searching for Jonah, just some peace of mind, the Navy Mark V will provide you with that much needed depth.”


  • Stunning
  • Handcrafted
  • About as Steampunk as you can get


  • Isn’t ideal for actual deep-sea-diving
  • Less than one hundred reviews

5. Aviator

There’s was nothing more daring and fool-hardy than the pilots of the first world war (source). The modern-day knights errant (source), defying logic and sense as a hail of bullets scream out the funeral march all around you. You’re not swayed by the chaos below as you search for the enemy plane, ready to raise your leaden lance and canter through the clouds. Many brave souls risked their life for our future, and thanks to Ililily you can pretend to be one of them.

One size fits all in an array of faux leather and fur colours meaning that the only thing doing the killing is you at your next soiree. Cute and cheap, with a pair of detachable goggles, ready to put your personal touches before hopping over the boarder and giving those nature loving Ent’s a good licking.

“For those Twenty-Minuters amongst you that feel like going over Jerry territory with a Hazar and a bang before bursting into flames then the Ililily is the one for you. Woof!”


  • Variation of colours
  • Over one-hundred-and-sixty reviews, and a four-and-a-half-star rating
  • Detachable goggles included


  • Faux leather and fur (if you’re into that sort of thing)

The Best Steampunk Helmets

In conclusion the opportunities within the items mentioned are endless, what with the right mind you can turn any of these items into something special or take them as they are and go off in search of like-minded souls looking through time for a place to call their own.

It has to be said that if you’re looking for the cheapest suggestion then the Diver’s helm isn’t for you. Its handcrafted quality is reflected in its price. The Safari Pith is your best bet for that even mix of quantity and quality, allowing you to spend the rest of your pocket money on animal-topped pez machine trophies to line your bedroom wall.

The Tropical Pith is the sort of hat that will evoke a reaction wherever you go (although it’s best to avoid PETA gatherings). Its iconic shape and colour reminds the World of days long gone, when Britain had a say in the goings on of the Earth, and who knows, perhaps in the hands of Steampunk’s it could be something worth listening to.

As always, the choice is yours.

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