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You will find in our steampunk pocket watch collection, automatic and manual mechanical movements as well as quarter movements.

Steampunk is not a common genre, it is a very particular universe practiced by true enthusiasts. Steampunk is expressed in particular by its clothing style and by the steampunk accessories that we dare to highlight. Of course, the Steampunk watch is one of the main accessories of Steampunk fashion , for both men and women .

Horology is made up of complex systems , such as mechanical watches, chronographs and other second hand with mechanical movement. The professional watchmaker attaches great importance to the engineering of their analog or digital system (for the quartz movement for example), which makes these watches precious pieces.

A steampunk pocket watch to refine your steamer look

Among the trendiest Steampunk objects, the pocket watch has found its place . A true timeless timepiece, the pocket watch, skeleton watch and other mechanical steampunk watch are initially inspired by the Victorian era. Antique watchmaking perfectly combines retro style or Victorian style with the mechanical and futuristic technology of the Steampunk genre.

At conventions, steampunk enthusiasts are dressed from head to toe, and each disguise consists of an antique watch , often in a pocket watch or wristwatch format. These watch models are adorned with mechanical cogs and gears giving an incomparable vintage effect.

The colors associated with these timepieces are often focused on gold, gold, bronze, silver and copper.

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This selection is intended for horophilists, lovers of beautiful toquantes, if you want to feel ancestral sensations, you’ve come to the right place.

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