Steampunk Makeup can be elegant and natural, or extravagant and couture. A smoky eye is popular, because it is mysterious, and tough yet feminine.

The natural look includes:

# Flawless skin

# Filled eyebrows

# Mascara

# Light blush

This look is great for an every-day Steampunk look.

Many people enjoy being more creative with their makeup. Makeup styles range from dark eyes or bright lips, to faces airbrushed cogs and gears.

Steampunk Makeup Guide


During the Victorian era, pale skin was valued because it meant you were wealthy and not a poor worker, toiling in the hot sun. Bright makeup was expected only of painted ladies like actresses and prostitutes. Many women did sneak some makeup to attempt the “natural look,” but that usually meant the tiniest bit of rouge on the cheeks and a little powder to absorb oil. SCANDALOUS!

If your character is an upper class Victorian woman and you’re going the historically accurate route, use pale pressed powder to make your complexion as white as possible. Choose blush in a natural rosy tone to add slight color to your cheeks, but don’t use enough to make it obvious (unless you’re cosplaying as a Victorian prostitute). As for lip color, Victorian women were advised to bite their lips before entering a room. While a long day of lip biting sounds super fun, I’d advise you to embrace your inner hussy and just use a natural color lip balm instead.


Grease, dirt and soot marks around goggles add character to engineer, mechanic, pilot, coal miner, factory worker, and dieselpunk costumes. Explosion effects around goggles look great on Steampunk mad scientists. This is a great look for both men and women, and it’s so easy to pull off! No makeup experience necessary.


This is another super easy, unisex makeup idea for Steampunks. Clear eyelash glue and a handful of gears (copper, bronze, or a mix of metals) are all you need to pull off this look.

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