What is Steampunk Fiction?

What is Steampunk Fiction?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Dec 03, 2018

what is steampunk fiction

Is Steampunk fiction something that I can come across easily and is it a common genre in the literary world? Has Steampunk fiction ever been made into movies? What is Steampunk fiction?

Steampunk fiction features plenty of ‘retro-futuristic’ inventions as people might have envisioned them in the future. The technology that was described included fictional machinery like those found in the works of H.G Wells and most notably, Jules Verne. Modern-day Steampunk fiction writers include: Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfield and Stephen Hunt.

What is Steampunk Fiction?

A genre of books, films and games, steampunk is set in the world of Victorian science-fiction. The science-obsessed Victorians were the first to create speculative fantasies about what we might be able to achieve with technology: HG Wells's The Time Machine, Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth, or Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World.

Since the 1960s, writers who grew up loving these Victorian fantasies have been creating their own – full of clanking machinery, brass spectacles, ingenious clockwork inventions by eccentric professors, and – the signature steampunk item – flights by Zeppelin.

How Steampunk Fiction Features in the World of Literature and Film

Nowadays it can be found under the umbrella of other speculative fiction genres. The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers is undeniably a fantasy novel as well as being a steampunk classic, and Alan Campbell’s Scar Night is a horror novel with steampunk DNA.

It’s still inadequate to explain steampunk as just ‘Victorian Fantasy.’ The most common theme is to show a world where humanity, usually set in the Victorian era, has adopted technologies that combine past and future – think ‘steam-powered, gear-driven time machine’.

But the genre encompasses much more than that, from the Darwinists’ genetically modified creatures in Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy, to elements of the supernatural in Powers’ The Anubis Gates, Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, and the more recent Soulless by Gail Carriger.

Let’s take a look at five very good examples of Steampunk fiction and the different avenues it can take in terms of storyline:

1. The Anubis Gates, Tim Powers (1997)

This is what Hollywood executives call a ‘high concept’ novel. If it hadn’t been well-written it would still enthral as the idea is simply too strong to fail. Think Dan Brown, but with well-constructed sentences and pre-echoes of Roland Emmerich’s popcorn movie ‘Stargate’ (source).

2. The Difference Engine, William Gibson and Bruce Sterling (1990)

The Difference Engine outlines the iconography and ideology of the New World. In the alternative reality brought vividly to life in The Difference Engine (1991), the 19th century mathematician Charles Babbage not only conceived the titular apparatus, a mechanical computer, but lived to build it and in doing so, ushered in the information age in parallel with the industrial revolution.

3. The Martian Ambassador, Alan Baker (2011)

This sees another odd couple pitted against dastardly villains in a neo-Victorian setting. Special Investigator Thomas Blackwood is partnered with Lady Sophia Harrington to track down and unmask the evil villain behind the assassination of an alien diplomat, a crime which has strained relations between Earth and the Red Planet (source).

4. Johannes Cabal the Detective, Jonathan L. Howard (2011)

A similar whimsical tone is taken by Howard whose insouciant period pastiches feature his alter ego, Johannes Cabal, a suave aristocratic necromancer turned detective. Howard’s artful reimagining of an Edwardian England has anti-gravity airships traveling along ley lines, fantastic but unfeasible technology in everyday use and insect-like helicopters swarming the skies (source).

5. The Executioner's Heart, George Mann (2013)

By the late Noughties Steampunk had graduated to the mainstream and the Frankfurt and London Book Fairs saw publishers scrambling for the rights to any Young Adult or SF novel featuring a feisty female in crinoline, or a leather corset brandishing a large automatic weapon as she stalked fog shrouded streets in search of supernatural prey (source).

What is Steampunk Fiction?

So, what is Steampunk fiction? Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction that, as the name suggests, comes from the idea that technology never developed beyond steampunk. The science can deviate a bit from there, but that’s generally where it all starts. It’s a look into what could have happened had science and industry taken a different turn, but didn’t.

It’s a highly enjoyable genre that can easily transport the reader to an alternate realm and it has consistently proved that its formula works in both books and film. With a massive library available, Steampunk fiction has proved that a look into the future that never was, or might eventually be, results in gripping reading material for people of all ages.

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Who Started Steampunk Art?

Who Started Steampunk Art?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 10, 2018

who started steampunk art

To get a better picture of what constitutes steampunk art, it is important to start by answering the question, who started steampunk art?

Steampunk art is inspired by the working class of the industrial revolution. It encompasses a sense of longing for a futuristic past that did not exist and turns the longing into art. Although steampunk is lazy, it is often not lazy. The fact that steampunk has aspects of DIY and repurposing makes it a flexible form of expression with a spirit of adventure. Steampunk art does not always adhere to a Victorian aesthetic or location. There are many theme options in steampunk art including American West, fantasy and science fiction.

Elements of Steampunk Art

Common elements of steampunk art include time travel, mechanical parts and Victorian aesthetics. With the increased popularity of steampunk art, some people are taking it farther than usual.

You do not have to decorate your entire house with steampunk art simply because you enjoy the aesthetic. Sometimes enjoying steampunk art simply involves having one or two pieces with other types of artwork. However, you can also decorate with steampunk art only if you want to and have the time and the means.

The main idea behind steampunk art is that the industrial revolution never happened or happened differently. So, clockwork and steam are the main energy sources instead of combustion engines and coal. Popular features of steampunk include time travel, mad science, clockwork, airships, goggles and Victorian inspired fashion.

What is Steampunk Art?

Steampunk art may feature many things including old-fashioned watches with cogs and machinery exposed in their backs and high tech gear with crude wooden and brass casings.

This type of art mixes modern ideas and technology with those from the past including the Victorian age. The Victorian era is considered the beginning of the steampunk movement because the industrial revolution was in full swing at this time and steam was the major source of energy.

Steampunk art is mainly inspired by the industrial revolution. A form of cultural movement that features nostalgic futurism, steampunk art imagines a world where technology does not expand beyond steam engines.

It combines aesthetics from the industrial era including machine parts such as rivets, cogs, clockwork and laboratory equipment with Victorian art and futuristic concepts like artificial intelligence and robotics. The main idea behind steampunk art is to achieve innovation rather than historical accuracy.

Steampunk art mainly incorporates found objects, especially originally parts from the Victorian era and re-imagines them as art objects. Some artists have created interesting steampunk art pieces that combine mechanical aspects of industrial machinery with natural elements such as animal skin and bones.

who invented steampunk art

What Are Some of the Materials Used in Steampunk Art?

The materials used in steampunk art are often things you are likely to find in old science laboratories and industrial lots. Some of the materials used in steampunk art include brass, steel, copper, iron and other heavy metals.

Other materials that are used in steampunk art include clockwork, gears, springs, old-fashioned light bulbs, rivets, levers and cogs. Leather sewn with thick stitches and heavy cord is also a popular feature in steampunk art. Steampunk art draws inspiration from movies such as the Wild Wild West and Star Wars among others.

While steampunk art features great aesthetics, it also serves as a basis behind modern machines and gadgets that actually work. For example, there are coffee machines that feature Victorian copper, brass and steel components with modern designs and details. Another example is a steampunk computer mouse with frames of copper, wood and a colored LED light.

The World of Steampunk Art

Steampunk is considered one of the most significant cultural phenomena of the last decade. Today, steampunk art is firmly established in the mainstream art scene and enjoys much respect in exhibitions and festivals all over the globe.

There are many reasons why people are interested in steampunk art; some are art collectors while others simply want to become steampunk artists. In any case, there are various things to know about steampunk art.

DIY Steampunk Art Projects

Steampunk Wall Clock

This is suitable for people who prefer to use steampunk themes on home décor. Steampunk wall clocks can provide fun and practical displays in any home.

DIY Steampunk Goggles On a Dollar Tree

Metallic goggles are some of the most recognizable steampunk fashion accessories. You can make steampunk goggles out of common household items and thrift store finds.

Top Hat DIY Steampunk Fashion Pattern

This is a great steampunk craft project that you can do alone or with your kids. It involves making steampunk top hats, which you can place your goggles on.

Steampunk Clock and Key Charms

You can create cool steampunk clocks and key charms out of polymer clay and wear them on your necklace and bracelet.

Vintage Oatmeal Container Yarn Holder

This art project used easy to find crafting supplies and oatmeal containers to create beautiful artworks for your home or even office. This piece can also provide beautiful place for storing yarn for other crafts such as crochet and knitting.

Burned Glue Steampunk Barrette

All you need to make a beautiful steampunk barrette include brown paper grocery bags, candle flames and tacky glue, and the energy to rub and puff.

Steampunk Ear Cuff

This is a fun art project for anyone with basic wire jewelry wrapping techniques.

Time Distorting Device

Every steampunk aficionado needs a time traveling device. Why not make your own with an easy DIY art project.

So Who Started Steampunk Art?

Steampunk art is inspired by the working class of the industrial revolution and was not started by one specific individual. It is as varied as any other sub cultural movement.

It incorporates various types of items in all manner of sizes and shapes ranging from pocket watches to redesigned vehicles, laptop bags, and even houses. This form of art is an expression of one’s personality and is only limited by passion and imagination.

who invented steampunk art

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Who is Kato Steampunk?

Who is Kato Steampunk?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 30, 2018

who is kato steampunk

She is considered by many to be the very face of modern steampunk fashion, but who exactly is Kate Lambert?

Kate Lambert, popularly known as Kato Steampunk is a professional model, fashion designer and entrepreneur who was born in Wales, but emigrated to the U.S. in 2007. Kato is considered one of the most recognizable faces of steampunk and is often referred to as the supermodel of steampunk. Kate Lambert has inspired many other steampunk models including Lady Mechanika.

What Are Some of Kato Steampunk's Works?

The works of Kato have been featured in many books on steampunk art and fashion. Her photo features prominently on many steampunk fashion shows including the International Steampunk Fashion Show.

She has also featured on the cover of August 2014 issue of Bizarre magazine. She has been described by several steampunk magazines as a steampunk idol and pin up legend.

Kate Lambert has also appeared on the covers of Spring 2012 issue of FEY Magazine, September 2012 issue of Ladies of Steampunk, April 2013 issue of LoSP Bronze Age Magazine and July 2016 issue of Phantasm Magazine.

This model has earned the title of de facto queen of Steampunk, which is probably why she has been a guest speaker at several steampunk conventions including the Wild Wild West Convention and the Salt City Steamfest.

How Would You Define Kato Steampunk's Couture?

Kato literally lives steampunk. Her home is one of the most stunning steampunk houses in the U.S. A vintage train carriage serves as her dining room.

Her bedroom looks like it was plucked straight from Captain Cook’s cabin with a steampunk laboratory beside it. Kate Lambert’s home serves as a living space but it is also her studio set and live in set.

The first floor of Kato’s home has an open plan design with a dining room that has a tea nook. Steampunk items that adorn the dining room include a vintage train carriage with luggage cases and car number.

The tea nook does not have lots of decoration and is more like an area that one would enjoy an afternoon cup of tea - how fitting. Her bedroom, which is also her workspace and studio lab, can best be described as dark and decorated from floor to ceiling with shelves filled with various items of curiosity.

Where Does Kato Steampunk Draw Inspiration From?

Kato is the third of four daughters. At 16, Kato left school and joined a tech school where she completed a two-year program in fine art. Thereafter, she joined the South West Wales School of Art in Carmarthen where she finished a course in fashion and textiles. She launched her first business called Moshka shortly after graduating.

In 2004, Kato began to design and make steampunk outfits with a Victorian and post apocalyptic vibe, albeit without knowing the genre of her designs. She used to model her first collections herself and post them on MySpace.

Attention to detail and commitment to aesthetics is what has made steampunk so popular all over the globe. That said, Kato admits that she did not actually know what steampunk was when she started designing her collection.

who is kato steampunk

A friend kindly informed her that her outlandish creations and taste had a specific name and sub-culture associated with it. Her inspiration stems from the fact that she grew up in a Victorian rectory and was practically surrounded by steampunk almost all her childhood.

However, she once recounted that her love for steampunk blossomed after watching the first Mad Max movie when she was about 11 years old. Kate Lambert’s collection combines rugged Victorian aesthetics with the apocalyptic biker style. Besides her upbringing, Kato considers Magdalen Veen as one of her major influences.

Although many people are familiar with steampunk, some are not yet familiar with steampunk couture. This is a brand that has experienced significant evolution throughout the years. During its inception, it was mainly characterized by buckles and straps and was extremely dark due to its gothic influence.

Over the years, steampunk has leaned more towards traditional Victorian designs and fashion basics so that people can add their own flair to it. Steampunk has been greatly influenced by the DIY creative energy. Therefore, you can easily customize your steampunk outfit to suit your identity and take part in the evolution of the culture.

What Are Some of Kato Steampunk's Recent Projects?

As more people join the steampunk movement, Kato’s brand and team also grows. Kato works with a team of interns, tailors and assistants.

Her team has worked hard to release an extensive new line that coincided with a new product division and brand known as Kato’s Closet. This brand offers steampunk clothing, accessories and other steampunk treasures including teapots, pipes and jailors’ keys.

When she is not creating steampunk clothing at her home in Oregon, she is visiting antique stores for vintage trinkets. However, she does not just pick items and pass them on to the next buyer.

Rather, she customizes the items she buys to reflect her style before putting them up for sale. She believes this is one of the best ways to present customers with unique steampunk products.

You can find a wide range of steampunk clothing in Kato’s Closet. Although the brand is known for steampunk wear, it also offers light, shabby chic style clothing that appeal to a wider audience.

One of the reasons why Kato’s brand has grown so immensely is because she prefers to work directly with her clients so that she can take their interests into account when designing their clothing. Today, Kato’s brand is one of the most recognizable companies for providing steampunk gear and apparel.

With her brand firmly established, Kato has lots of room and time to experiment on ideas. She plans to expand her jewelry and leather works collections. Other future endeavors for Kato’s brand include art dolls and steampunk underwear.

So Who is Kato Steampunk?

The steampunk genre has grown immensely in popularity and mainstream appeal. However, it would be inaccurate to describe Kato as a designer who is simply jumping on the bandwagon.

She practically eats, sleeps and breathes steampunk. She is just one of those designers with a deep affinity and connection to the steampunk culture and style.

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Are Steampunk Airships Possible?

Are Steampunk Airships Possible?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 09, 2018

are steampunk airships possible

While many people find steampunk airships incredibly appealing, few know about their existence and mechanisms, which is why it is quite common to hear people ask, are steampunk airships possible?

Now, it is quite reasonable to conclude that steampunk airships do not exist. This might come as a disappointment to many who fancy becoming space pirates. However, it is possible to design a steampunk airship, just in case you want one.

What Do You Need to Build a Steampunk Airship?

Assuming you already have a crew of trained mercenaries and a pilot, then you only need to budget for three things: cannons, ship gondola and zeppelin.

Steampunk airship cannons are actually more affordable than many people imagine. A cannon may sell for around $1000. Ten cannons would be more than enough for your steampunk airship. A cannon is basically a tube of metal.

The boat itself could be any type or make left to the imagination. Some of the factors to consider when looking for a boat for your steampunk airship are weight and price.

Consider choosing the right size of boat and one with the Victorian era look to it. Lastly, choose a zeppelin that will lift the airship. The zeppelin should be designed to lift the boat and its content. Generally, one kilogram of mass requires one cubic meter of helium to lift it.

Why Are Airship Pirates in Steampunk?

First, it is important to acknowledge that airship pirates never really existed. There is no proof of the existence of airships as imagined in steampunk.

However, when we imagine airship pirates, their outfits are often inspired by the look of sea pirates, which is practically the closest analog to air pirates.

The look of airship pirates draws inspiration from the styles popularized in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, which are the eras in which steampunk draws its look from.

In fact, government sponsored piracy or privateering ended during the Victorian era. So, why do we see so many airship pirates in steampunk and why do they look like they are from the Victorian era?

What is the History of Steampunk Airships?

First, a few facts about piracy. Piracy did not end in the 18th century, just like it didn’t start in the 16th century. Piracy is alive and well even in the 21st century, although it has certainly declined from the “golden age of piracy”, which lasted between 1650 and 1730.

This period saw the rise of many famous pirates including Blackbeard, Henry Morgan and Captain Kidd. Piracy was wildly romanticized during its golden age, but its current popular conception of what it was like is more fiction than fact.

Although privateering officially ended in 1856, it provides some overlaps for steampunks to play with. That said, there is no known steampunk airship privateer.

Meanwhile, piracy was a constant problem in the 19th century, especially in the Caribbean and U.S. waters so much that the U.S. designed several battleships that were specifically made to prevent and counter piracy in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Mediterranean.

One of the anti-piracy ships, the USS Grampus, sank one of the most famous pirates of the era, Jean Lafitte. Lafitte is considered the Puerto Rican version of Robin Hood and there are many stories around his exploits and hidden treasures.

Lafitte raided many towns in the Caribbean and U.S. East Coast. Although his influence eventually waned, there was still a fair degree of piracy in form of slave trade that had been outlawed. Consequently, the U.S. Navy spent significant sums of money trying to counter the ships that were involved in piracy during the 19th century.

are steampunk airships possible

There were also joint efforts by the British Navy and U.S. Navy to eradicate piracy in China between 1840 and 1860. Although Chinese pirates are not the first thing we think about when we think of piracy, but they actually existed.

Another thing many people do not know about is river piracy. While it was quite common in the U.S. for quite a while, it died down in the early to mid 19th century.

This is probably one of the main reasons why many people have not paid much attention to the history of river piracy. Still, you may probably be wondering, why aren’t there many followers of steampunk river pirates? Because river pirates are not as romanticized as sea pirates.

The distance between East and West is so huge that there was little communication from the West to the East during the Victorian era and people living on the East Coast knew very little about life on the Wild West.

In fact, the distance between the East Coast and the West Coast Frontier was roughly the same as the distance from England to Turkey, which was considered the orient for quite a while. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Wild West stories popped up almost in the same era as Oriental tales.

Although piracy may not have had the same appeal in the Victorian era as it does now considering its effects on local communities back then, outlaws have often been popular among people that resent their government. Therefore, some pirates had such a considerable following.

While piracy existed during the 19th century, which gives it a precedent for steampunk, many people tend to default to more romanticized visions of piracy when constructing worlds and outfits. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that steampunk mainly draws inspiration from those eras.

is a steampunk airship possible

So Are Steampunk Airships Possible?

Unfortunately steampunk airships do not exist within our realms of reality. So we must improvise. When looking for inspiration for your steampunk airship, there are many areas to draw inspiration from including river pirates, Chinese pirates and privateers.

There are many options to choose from. Nevertheless, why is the golden age of piracy the main inspiration for steampunk? The answer is quite simple, the golden age of piracy has been romanticized in many popular stories and art and steampunk airships are popular features of such stories.

do steampunk airships exist

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The Best Steampunk Vape Mod for Sale (2018 Review)

The Best Steampunk Vape Mod for Sale (2018 Review)

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 11, 2018

steampunk vape mod for sale

Finding a good vape mod for sale is one of the best ways to enjoy the ultimate vaping experience. Vape mods can store and deliver significantly more power than smaller e-cigs. They are usually packaged in some variant of a box shape and often feature a battery, connections and required firmware to control the mod's operations.

Steampunk Vape Mod for Sale Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG Smok Mag Vape Mod
2. DSC-Mart Texture Case for Smok X-Priv Smok X Vape Mod

Top Choice: DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG

Featuring a unique design, it is made of non-slip material and is surprisingly comfortable to hold in your hand.

1. DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG
Best For

Smok Mag Vape Mod

Our Rating
2. DSC-Mart Texture Case for Smok X-Priv
Best For

Smok X Vape Mod

Our Rating

Choosing a Vape Mod

There are three main factors to consider when shopping for a vape mod: experience, goals and budget. Some vape mods are suited for vapers at any level of experience.

Some come with advanced features and are quite powerful making them suitable for experienced vapers. Beginners should consider choosing vape mods with as fewer settings as possible.

The cost of a vape mode is determined by its initial price as well as how long it will last. You also need to consider extra expenses associated with vape mods including cost of batteries and chargers.

Consider customizability and performance when shopping for vape mods. A vape in the 50 to 100 watt range requires one charge to enjoy it all day. However, some vapers prefer the dual 18650-vape mod because of its extra battery capacity.

On the other hand, cloud chasers looking for power, are often interested in the triple 18650 vape mod or even a quad mod.

Regulated Vape Mods Vs. Mech Mods

Many people prefer box vape mods over mechanical mods because box mods are easier to use and maintain and come with a wide range of safety features including short circuit protection, thermal protection, automatic cutoffs and reverse battery protection.

Vape Mod Batteries

Vape mods use several types of batteries. However, the most common types of batteries used in vape mods include lithium IMR or Li-Mn, IMR or hybrid and protected ICR Li-Ion batteries.

Another common type of battery used is the LiPo battery. However, this is considered as an internal battery that does not have safe chemistry and the level of protection is mainly determined by the circuitry of the mod.

Lithium IMR and IMR are considered safe chemistry batteries and are recommended for use with vape mods. Safe chemistry means that the battery will not explode or light up under stress. Instead, they vent gas.

Safe chemistry batteries are the most popular types of batteries for vape mods. However, ICR batteries have higher capacities than Lithium IMR. On the other hand, IMR batteries work best with maximum load current.

IMR or hybrid batteries have the same safe chemistry make up as Lithium IMRs, but with greater capacity. It is increasingly popular and perhaps the most recommended type of battery.

Vape Mod Advantages

  • Better Vapor Production
  • Greater Power Output
  • Customizable
  • Low Resistance Vaping
  • Better Efficiency
steampunk vape mod box

Steampunk Vape Mod Cover Review

DSC-Mart Texture Case for Smok X-Priv

steampunk vape mod steampunk mod vape

It is comfortable to hold and provides a solid grip even for people who may be a bit clumsy.

This is a high quality vape mod case that features high quality silicone with non-slip texture to enhance its grip. It is comfortable to hold and provides a solid grip even for people who may be a bit clumsy. The cover is precision cut to fit all buttons including vent holes and of course, the screen.

You do not need to take the silicone case off to charge the battery, thanks to convenient charging ports at the bottom of the case. In addition, the case has a USB slot on the front, for convenient direct charging.

  • Quality silicone material
  • Non-slip
  • Comfortable with excellent grip
  • Convenient charging slots
  • Not the most appealing design

DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG

steampunk vape box mod tesla nano 120w tc steampunk vape mod

Featuring a unique design, it is made of non-slip material and is surprisingly comfortable to hold in your hand.

This anti-slip silicone vape mod cover is designed to provide protection from knocks and scratches. It is available in many colors to cater to the varying tastes of us all. In addition, the case provides a snug fit with convenient charging ports and vent holes cut out.

The buttons and vent holes are precision cut to exact fit. It is made of non-slip material, making it comfortable to hold in your hand. In addition, the silicone base will prevent it from sliding around or falling over. The material is softer than rubber and feels great to hold.

  • High quality
  • Available in many colors
  • Precision cut buttons and vent holes
  • Non-slip material
  • None

The Best Steampunk Vape Mod Cover

Vape mods allow vaping enthusiasts to find the perfect vaping experience. Finding the right vape mod can be quite difficult because of the huge variety available on the market. Some units have excellent features while others have inferior build quality, poor build materials and have flawed firmware. Regardless of your vaping needs and experience, you are sure to find something that meets your requirements.

Our choice for the best vape mod cover is the DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG. This vape mod offers excellent performance and exceptional value for money. It pushes vaping to the limits thanks to its advanced chipset that offers a full range of vaping modes.

tesla steampunk vape mod

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What Are Steampunk Goggles Used For?

What Are Steampunk Goggles Used For?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 11, 2018

what are steampunk goggles used for

Goggles are some of the most recognizable trademarks of the Victorian age but what are steampunk goggles used for?

Although the answer to this question may be as varied as steampunk followers, it often boils down to two factors: protection and identification.

What Are Some of the Practical Reasons for Wearing Goggles?

Although workers were not exactly required to wear goggles during this period, goggles often symbolize industry. They were usually worn by aviators and drivers during the Victorian age.

Goggles help to protect the eyes from dirt, oil, steam and sparks. They are commonly used in various industrial activities including woodworking and welding.

What About Creative Reasons?

Goggles are featured in a lot of Victorian art and literature. In addition, they are an affordable steampunk accessory. Although goggles are often used to complete steampunk attire, they also have roots in cyberpunk, anime and manga.

One of the main reasons why steampunks wear goggles is because they have a distinguished air about them that makes them pretty cool. Whatever the reasons, goggles have a certain flair that explain their popularity with steampunks.

How Do You Wear Goggles?

Steampunks have a love-hate relationship with goggles. There is a general, implicit agreement within the steampunk community that steampunk outfits are complete without goggles.

However, goggles are often used to add an air of adventure to someone’s look, which is why they are added to all sorts of steampunk costumes. Nevertheless, if you are going to wear steampunk goggles, it is advisable to consider the different ways to wear or not to wear a pair of goggles.

Over Your Eyes

This is one of the worst ways to wear a pair of goggles. Steampunk aficionados don’t wear goggles over their eyes because it may imply that the goggles are not simply a fashion accessory, but that they are also useful. However, many people often wear steampunk goggles over their eyes.

In some cases, people wear steampunk goggles over their heads for photography. Wearing steampunk goggles for prolonged periods of time can become quite uncomfortable.

On Your Head

This is one of the most common ways of wearing goggles. It does not look offensive and is often considered cruise control for cool.

Although, this is not the most inspired way of wearing steampunk goggles, not everyone can be super creative all the time. In addition, goggles look really cool on people’s heads.

On Your Hat

Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when they first saw someone wearing both goggles and a hat on their head at the same time? They must have looked at the poor man or woman with derision.

Can you then imagine the looks of sublime surprise and joy on their faces when they realized that wearing goggles on a hat actually does not look so bad, after all.

Around Your Neck

This is a casual way of wearing goggles and is often favored by hipsters and those who try hard to achieve the accidentally casual look.

Wearing goggles around your neck implies that you were in the middle of using your goggles, but took them off and didn’t bother to put them back on your head.

On Your Pet

If you are not so keen on wearing goggles but still feel they are essential part of steampunk wear, you could simply wear them on your pet.

That way, your pet will take all the shame for wearing a clichéd accessory while you walk scot-free with the benefit of having a laugh at your pet’s expense.

In Your Home

This is one of the best ways to wear steampunk goggles, nowhere; simply leave them at home. Goggles are not essential steampunk accessories and you could simply avoid wearing them at all and allow them to morph into a feature of your decor.

What Are Some of the Functions of Steampunk Goggles?

Goggles did not just accidentally become an excellent steampunk accessory for no good reason. Whether you use goggles for steampunk fashion or not, goggles serve specific purposes.

An essential role of goggles in steampunk relates to the fact that steampunk followers generally make or customize their own gear.

The fact that brass, copper and other metals are common steampunk materials, bolsters the need for people to use goggles as a form of eye protection. Steampunk goggles are not just popular fashion accessories, but they are also important for steampunk tinkerers making their own items.

Goggles have important functions even for those who do not construct their own steampunk gadgets. Goggles may pertain to the wearer’s style. Aviator goggles hold great significance to steampunk enthusiasts who are into airships. Aviator goggles may have similar importance for people who are into bikes and choppers.

Steampunk goggles make great additions to any outfit for various reasons. Perhaps they serve practical or aesthetic functions. Many people choose goggles that are significant to their specific tastes. You may wear steampunk goggles simply because they represent your interests and personality.

In the same breath, you may just add a pair of steampunk goggles to your collection, simply because you love the way they look. While some accessories may have little or no practical use associated with them, goggles have some practical value.

what are steampunk goggles for

What Are Some of the Style Options?

Steampunk aviator goggles are excellent options for people who are into airships, piloting and all sorts of air technology. For people who enjoy tinkering with steampunk gadgets - welding goggles are essential because they not only look great but they also provide legitimate eye protection.

Goggles must not necessarily serve practical purposes. You may wear a pair of brass goggles for sheer aesthetic benefits. On the other hand, it is important to put on a pair of goggles when riding your motorcycle or dirt bike.

One of the types of goggles that provides eye protection, are explorer goggles. While you may not currently be out on some arctic adventure, trek or cave exploration, steampunk goggles can be worn as a tribute to your passion or hobby.

So What Are Steampunk Goggles Used For?

Although certain steampunk outfits do not feature goggles, they are often considered a standard steampunk accessory. So, why are so many people obsessed with goggles? What's all the fuss about?

The truth is, goggles play a host of significant roles in a steampunk wardrobe. The right pair of goggles can add an industrial revolution air to your steampunk outfit. However, they are mainly used for two things. The practical purpose of protection and for identification. Steampunk is a mystical world and knowing your identity and how to express it, can only serve you well.

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Are Fishnets Steampunk?

Are Fishnets Steampunk?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 07, 2018

are fishnets steampunk

The aesthetic behind Steampunk is often tied to the “Hungry Forties” with its themes portrayed in Charles Dickens’s novels, and Manchester’s “Cottonopolis”, far from the fishnet stocking. So are fishnets Steampunk?

Yes, while the fishnet does not represent the Victorian vision, the genre is one of alternate history, time travel, and libertarianism. Rules - as far as Steampunk is concerned - are meant to be broken.

The History of the Fishnet Stocking

The history of the fishnet stocking is hard to pin down, but all can agree that they weren’t around in the Victorian era (source), and even if they were we wouldn’t see them outside of the docks and flop houses.

The Victorian era was one of expansion - colonially and technologically - which was balanced by a repressive nature in its society. Sexualization was feared, expressed only in its Vaudeville theatres, for those truly degraded and lost (anyone with a few pence and a bit of time to kill).

Steampunk is the conscious observation of that time. An age when everyone knew their place. A time of structure and integrity - the polar opposite from today, where anyone can be anything they want. This appears to be one of the major pulls to the genre, seen in its fashion, where men and women tend to dress in specific gendered roles.

Where the genre differs from actual Victorian society (above the laudanum to help you sleep, and alum in the bread (source)) is that it brings a gender equality to the era, a willing acceptance for men to display their testosterone via increasingly larger waxed moustaches, and the ladies sharing promiscuity and feminine wiles via the corset and assortments of tiny hats.

It is in the differences that attracts the Steampunk, something that seems more professionally driven in the Hungry Forties, but welcomed personally, romantically, mentally in Steampunk.

None of this backs up the point made that fishnets should be recognised as part of the repertoire of any self-respecting Steampunk’s arsenal (Know what I mean, nudge, nudge), but then anything worth saying should be exaggerated and pontificated in the most grandiloquent manner imaginable, as is the British way, as is the Steampunk.

The evidence that comes with the defence of punk and punkette’s rights to their holy tights comes in the historical reference to said tights - fishing. Fishing has been a part of British industry since the Picts looked up from the grass and noticed that the ground was all blue and wobbly in the distance. Surely, it stands to reason that a Steampunk may wish to celebrate this part of history through a bout of sexy legwear?

are fishnets considered steampunk?

And, that’s before we get to the black sheep of Steampunk, the soft and fragrant sort, the part where, technically, tea came from (even if it took the British to improve it) - The East and its Silk Punk. Here, the fish is more than a piece of battered cod and chips, it’s a symbol of beauty, a nod to the Qing dynasty and all that came before it.

Wouldn’t it be remarkable if the fishnet tight went beyond saucy weekends and Rocky Horror Picture Show anniversaries and instead became another weapon in the rising tide of Silk Punk?

This brings us to the power of the fishnet, and its symbolism with the rise of the feminine. Now, as mentioned, Victorian society welcomed the distinction between men and women, Queen Victoria herself, a woman considered a feminist icon, regarded women as weak, which is non-surprising given the eras demand for high physical demand, and bloody interests of foreign policy. This was the age of the workhouse, the long day, and the damp-filled room - no place for a caring woman.

The fishnet and the stocking may go together, but it was a union, fought with cloak and dagger, and the occasional can-can kick to give it some “umpf”. The corset was symbol of patience and resistance, the fishnet was the revelation of flesh, desire, not just for the man, but the lady who wished to make her intentions clear. The World could look, but only those worthy may touch.

With this in mind the fishnet is a weapon in the war of liberation, one that can cut both ways if not properly handled. It makes sense that the fishnet would be welcomed with open arms into the Steampunk community. A symbol of reverence, of celebration, the desire of the feminine to balance the raging industry of the male. The sensual Yin, to the bearded Yang of the cosmic Steampunk.

So Are Fishnets Steampunk?

In conclusion, the fishnet belongs no more in Victorian society than does Steampunk. They’re both too confident, too expressive, neither fears missing their place, or standing in the open only to be seen. They are weapons of the meek and mature alike.

In an alternate timeline the Fishnet may have haunted the streets of Manchester and London as did the cobblestone killers, whale-oil-lampmen, and doctors of hysterics. They would have been seen as repugnant, lowly, and fit for none but the dogs. They are everything a high-class society abhors, so why wouldn’t Steampunk’s love them?

In the end, it’s you that must make up your mind. The roads you travel must be decided by yourself. The choice - as always - is yours.

are fishnets steampunk

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Are Steampunk Watches Any Good?

Are Steampunk Watches Any Good?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 04, 2018

are steampunk watches any good

This watch style originates from the 19th century Victorian era. With all the modern watch options available, are steampunk watches any good?

Steampunk watches are as good as any other quality watch. The design of steampunk watches blends various genres including horror, science fiction, romance, fantasy and adventure. These watches are often made of quirky and offbeat objects that are functional and durable rather than shiny, new and slick. They represent the pinnacle of the Victorian era and remain some of the most sought after items on the planet.

What Makes Steampunk Watches So Popular?

Steampunk watches feature intricate details and have a historic charm that represent their style of functionality and creativity.

Although steampunk watches originate from 16th Century Europe, they were not widely used until the late 19th century. The beginning of railroading meant that railroad guards had to find tools to keep time.

Do You Get Your Money's Worth When You Buy a Steampunk Watch?

If you are looking to invest in a steampunk watch, it is advisable to consider a few factors in order to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

The moneymaker in any steampunk watch is the dial. Therefore, take a really good look at it for blemishes and scratches. Some problems such as small marks and missing screws can easily be fixed. However, obvious dents and missing parts can be quite expensive to restore.

An important consideration when buying steampunk watches is to make sure the gears are made of metal because it is far more durable than other materials such as plastic. In addition, make sure that the bezel, the piece that holds the crystal dial in place, is in proper condition.

There are two main types of steampunk watch styles to choose from: open-faced and hunter. A distinct feature of hunter steampunk watches is that they have a circular metal cover that closes over their crystals and dials.

On the other hand, open-faced watches lack this feature. The heart and soul of steampunk watch design is in its exterior decorations and durable functionality. Therefore, the more decorated the watch, the more steampunk it becomes.

How Old is Old?

For many collectors, a steampunk watch is not considered vintage until it is at least 75 years old. Others argue that a timepiece must no longer be in production to be considered vintage.

Like other vintage items, a steampunk watch whose original parts are still intact, has a higher value and is considered a great long-term investment.

The Best to Invest?

High end steampunk watch brands are always going to be worth a lot of money and often retain, if not increase in value. Although vintage steampunk watches may be more expensive than other watches, they could almost be guaranteed to be worth your while.

Luxury brands such as Patek Philipe, Omega and Rolex were in production throughout the Victorian era. Therefore, if you are an avid steampunk collector and your budget allows, these names are worth a look.

are steampunk watches good

Automatic Self-Wind Steampunk Watches

These watches are referred to as self-wind because they are powered by the natural movement of the wearer’s hands. Automatic self-wind steampunk watches are quite popular because they eliminate the need to wind the watch regularly, to ensure operation. As long as you wear the watch frequently enough, it will maintain its power without requiring winding.

Automatic self-wind steampunk watches work almost the same way that manual watches do. However, self-wind watches include a metal weight known as a rotor, which allows for movement and can move freely within the watch. Each movement of the hand causes the rotor to spin, transferring and using the kinetic energy to wind the mainspring automatically.

A self-wind watch will maintain its timekeeping functions without winding provided it is worn every day. You may have to wind the watch to give it some quick power if it has not been worn for a long time. Alternatively, consider getting a watch winder, which will keep the watch working even when it’s not being worn.

Mechanical Steampunk Watches

A mechanical steampunk watch is powered by the mainspring, which is often wound by hand. Once you wind the mainspring, it will evenly and slowly unwind causing the second hand to move in a smooth, sweeping motion around the face of the watch.

Mainsprings are often between nine and 13 inches long. The longer the mainspring, the greater the watch’s power reserve and the longer you can go between windings.

The quality and value of a mechanical steampunk watch is determined by the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into the watch.

For many collectors, mechanical steampunk watches are the crème de la crème of timepieces because of their intricate details and engineering. For many enthusiasts, owning a mechanical steampunk watch is a true expression of watch history, artisanship and refinement.

are steampunk watches any good

Quartz Watches

This is one of the most popular types of watch on the market. Quartz watches are extremely accurate and affordable. Unlike self wind or mechanical watches, quartz watches use electricity generated by a small battery inside the watch.

Electricity produced by the battery is transmitted to a small quartz crystal inside the watch causing it to vibrate. The vibrations are measured by a circuit that converts them into pulses that move the second hand on the watch.

The electric pulses produced by quartz watches give them their distinct “tick tick tick” sound. Quartz watches are not as smooth as mechanical or automatic watches.

Quartz watches have fewer moving parts largely due to the fact that they use electricity. Therefore, they are more accurate and can withstand more beating than automatic or mechanical watches.

This is one of the main reasons why most sports watches use quartz movement. In addition, quartz watches are also quite affordable. However, if you want something that offers a bit more in terms of design, history and craftsmanship, you may have to spend a little bit more.

So Are Steampunk Watches Any Good?

Steampunk watches are as good as any other quality watch. They represent the pinnacle of the Victorian era and remain some of the most fascinating and sophisticated items that have the unique ability to subtly blend past and present perfectly.

It is advisable to invest in a watch that fits your desires, needs and budget. There are nice steampunk watches that are quite affordable. However, if you want something outside your current budget, ask for a timepiece as a gift; a nice steampunk watch can make a great birthday, anniversary or graduation gift.

steampunk watches any good

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How to Steampunk Anything?

How to Steampunk Anything?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 09, 2018

how to steampunk anything

With so much choice in its selection, many people often wonder, can one learn how to steampunk anything?

Steampunk is a vibrant movement offering something for almost everyone. You can steampunk jewelry, your home, clothing and almost any other personal item.

How to Make Anything Look Steampunk

If you have been paying attention to mainstream fashion, you have probably noticed a certain trend that has been gaining popularity. There is a new sub-culture known as steampunk that has gained a lot of interest and intrigue.

You have probably noticed this genre in movies like the league of extraordinary gentlemen or even on the runway of famous designers like Versace. This style is mainly influenced by Victorian aesthetics, steam powered technology and science fiction. This genre consists of beautiful and outlandish variances.

Despite its diversity, steampunk is mainly influenced by Victorian fashion. In women's fashion, it includes Victorian button boots, bustle skirts and corsets. On the other hand, in men’s fashion, steampunk includes items like harness coats, elaborate goggles, and frock coats.

Done right, steampunk outfits gain a life of their own, with various characters influencing this unique style.

Steampunk is more than outfits and gears; it is an immersive, beautiful and fully formed world that many people choose to engage with. Steampunk is not just an outfit that you can put on; it is a new life, character and an amazing culture to be immersed in.

Where to Start?

To be involved in this unique world, you need to have a few things. However, the most important factor is to know what steampunk culture entails. First, consider reading and watching movies with steampunk themes to help you understand the ideas and concepts that drive the culture.

Researching will help you determine where to take your look. If you enjoy reading gothic steampunk literature, chances are, you may not fancy the western style. In addition, take some time to browse images of people involved in steampunk on the Internet.

This can give you ideas of the style you want and introduce you to new ones you probably didn’t know existed. It is extremely important to take a look at the history of steampunk because it will give you a good idea of what sort of styles are considered ‘Steampunk’.

how to steampunk things

Where Can I Get Steampunk Tips?

Once you have determined the steampunk style that you would go for, consider reaching out to other steampunk enthusiasts. Many people in the steampunk community are quite friendly and are usually happy to help newbies by answering questions for them.

If you come across an individual wearing a steampunk outfit that you find interesting, there is nothing wrong with asking where they got it. Interact with members of the steampunk community online and in your city or town and ask for tips and ideas on how you can get involved in the community and culture.

There are plenty of Steampunk conventions out there that may pique your interest (source).

Where Can I Find Steampunk Outfits?

Once you establish a good steampunk network, you are ready to find your outfits. Back in the days, people who were into steampunk used to make their own clothing.

Today, there is a considerable number of incredibly talented people that you can buy outfits from. In addition, there are various online stores with large collections of steampunk outfits and gears.

However, if you feel inclined, you can still make your own steampunk outfits. The Internet is a great place to find a wide variety of steampunk outfits and gears. Whether you are looking for buckles and clasps, corsets, or steampunk goggles, you can find them all online.

You may also attend steampunk conventions where guests attend in full steampunk regalia. This will give you the chance to network with more people in the steampunk community including artisans who specialize in making steampunk outfits, gears and accessories.

how to make things steampunk

What Do I Need to Know When Shopping for Steampunk?

Once you join the steampunk world, you will probably want to go on a shopping spree, buying anything steampunk that tickles your fancy. The number of steampunk outfits, gears and accessories on the market can be quite overwhelming.

Many newbies in the steampunk world often fall into the temptation of trying to buy everything at once. This is quite common as there are so many sought after items that are incredibly intricate and intriguing. However, it is important to practice self restraint when shopping for steampunk items.

Start by shopping for the basic pieces. Consider buying sets of pieces that you can easily change between outfits when you start out. Avoid buying single pieces that will only give you one look.

For women, consider buying a few Victorian dresses, steampunk leggings or bloomers and a few corsets. Consider buying a convertible skirt that feature drawstrings to allow you to wear the skirt in many ways including short, long, or hitched up on the front.

For men, a few steampunk shirts, Victorian trousers and at least one Victorian coat would do. These are staple pieces that can get you good number of outfits simply by swapping them around.

What About Accessories?

To achieve the quintessential steampunk look, you will need to buy the right accessories. Steampunk fashion is often in the details. Consider investing in accessories that match your style. Steampunk boots are a must-have for both men and women; they easily fit in any genre.

Appropriate accessories for steampunk wear include Victorian gloves and hats. To define your look further, consider unique jewelry such as antique bracelets, stylish cameos or clockwork necklaces.

For men, unique cufflinks with clockwork accents, cravats and Victorian waistcoats would be ideal. Additional options include wide belts and crossbody harnesses. Whatever you buy, make sure it fits your style and character because this is the only thing that will make you stand out from the rest.

how to make anything steampunk

How to Steampunk Anything

You may add other special pieces that tell a story as your character evolves. Compasses and maps can highlight your love for adventure and exploration. If you are into science, consider adding pieces such as test tubes that bring out that part of your interest.

On the other hand, engineers can try incorporating goggles and wrenches to their steampunk outfits. It is quite clear that almost anything can be Steampunk'd. The only limit is your own imagination.

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What is Steampunk Fashion?

What is Steampunk Fashion?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 01, 2018

what is steampunk fashion

Steampunk fashion is a popular new trend that you may have come across a few times. However, many people often find themselves asking, what is steampunk fashion?

Steampunk fashion is a fashion genre that has been influenced by the Victorian era, steam technology and science fiction.

What is Steampunk Fashion?

Steampunk fashion has distinct outfits for men and women. Essential steampunk wear for women include bustled skirts, Victorian lace up boots, goggles, jackets, corset tops and mini top hats. The most popular steampunk colors for women are black and brown with accents of green, ivory or red.

To achieve the unique antique Victorian look, consider adding accessories made of leather or brass. This will help highlight the aspect of the industrial age fashion.

On the other hand, steampunk wear for men include traditional Victorian clothing with dark accents such as striped pants, military boots, sunglasses, top hats, holster with faux gun, brocade vest, and leather suspenders.

Who Coined the Term Steampunk?

The term steampunk was first used by Kevin Jeter to describe his fiction novels and distinguish him from other sci-fi authors. From its Victorian era roots, steampunk has grown into its own unique style and philosophy.

Basically, steampunk fashion is a blend of the new and the old. It fuses the practicality of modern technology and the aesthetic designs of the Victorian age.

From a personal point of view, it is more like giving the modern look a Goth makeover. In a deeper sense, steampunk fashion is a completely new way of living and looking colorful against the advances of technology itself.

This fashion trend has pervaded many sectors of life including film, interior design and even video games.

What Influenced Steampunk Fashion?

Many people argue that the steampunk look predated the term steampunk fashion. Steampunk fashion can be seen in various works of art and literature including films and novels. It is a common theme in Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days”.

Recently, artists like Tim Burton, Alan Moore and Terry Gilliam have adopted the style in their films including “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “Alice in Wonderland”.

The influence of steampunk fashion is also seen in product design. This fashion has taken people back to a time when brass, copper, wood, glass and ornate engravings were in style. It has turned people’s attention into products that have been recycled, repaired or reworked.

what is steampunk fashion

What Are Some of the Elements of Steampunk Fashion?

Steampunk fashion incorporates some of the best looks of the Victorian era and today’s street styles. It includes typical outfits worn by explorers, prostitutes and lords of the Victorian age as well as the lace and leather of pirates.

Common steampunk elements in today’s fashion include spiked clothes and jewelry and rolled up trousers without socks. Fashion trends that have been influenced by steampunk fashion include fetish, dressing up and glamour.

Popular TV shows and films including Sherlock Holmes, Warehouse 13 and Harry Potter films owe a debt to steampunk fashion. This style is also a common feature in video games such as Bioshock, which features a world of diving bells and steampunk gears.

The popularity of steampunk fashion has also led to the growth of service industry around it. People can now put on steampunk gowns and dresses at various occasions including weddings and parties.

Although it may seem a bit counter intuitive, many young people today are drawn into steampunk fashion. Many young people live in a world where the line between freedom and boundaries are increasingly blurred, which can be quite disorienting.

Steampunk fashion is becoming increasingly popular with the youth of today as the black and white attitude of the Victorian era has rules and boundaries. In addition, steampunk fashion is captivating and full of mystery, hence its natural appeal.

One thing that makes steampunk fashion particularly appealing is that its retro-style is not confined to the Victorian era. It incorporate styles all the way back to the 19th century, which is quite broad.

Your steampunk look could be inspired by the Edwardian era with Downton Abbey inspired clothes or back to the future when post-apocalyptic societies are forced to make do with retro-fitted technology.

Whatever the era you prefer, steampunk fashion shares common interests; they all feature retro-looking technology, science fiction and the good old days of romanticism.

what exactly is steampunk fashion

Where is a Good Place to Start?

An important consideration when going steampunk is to simply select a period in time to start with and then add on ideas from there. One of the best things about steampunk fashion is that it is inspired by the Victorian era, which saw the birth of photography and cinema film.

These inventions left us memories of what people from different classes and backgrounds wore during the Victorian era. Photos and video footage of this era provide great reference material for people looking for fashion ideas and character inspirations for their steampunk look.

All you need to do is to add or modify the found depictions to suit your taste. It is important to know that most aspects of steampunk fashion remain indistinguishable from the period that inspired them.

One of the most interesting features of steampunk fashion is how it incorporates other subcultures. Many offshoots belong to this fashion genre. People in the steampunk community who are into sciences such as chemistry and doctors tend to lean towards fashion items that depict their way of life.

On the other hand, there are steampunk fashion accessories and outfits that lean more towards the western world with influences from saloon girls and cowboys. Still, others draw from darker and gothic themes. There are many influences in steampunk fashion, if you just look.

So What Exactly is Steampunk Fashion?

Steampunk fashion is a blend of Victorian era clothing styles with elements of the industrial revolution. It is inspired by science fiction and literature of the industrial revolution era. This fashion genre consists of hairstyling, jewelry, makeup, and plenty of accessories for the finer details.

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