Who Started Steampunk Art?

Who Started Steampunk Art?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

who started steampunk art

To get a better picture of what constitutes steampunk art, it is important to start by answering the question, who started steampunk art?

Steampunk art is inspired by the working class of the industrial revolution. It encompasses a sense of longing for a futuristic past that did not exist and turns the longing into art. Although steampunk is lazy, it is often not lazy. The fact that steampunk has aspects of DIY and repurposing makes it a flexible form of expression with a spirit of adventure. Steampunk art does not always adhere to a Victorian aesthetic or location. There are many theme options in steampunk art including American West, fantasy and science fiction.

Elements of Steampunk Art

Common elements of steampunk art include time travel, mechanical parts and Victorian aesthetics. With the increased popularity of steampunk art, some people are taking it farther than usual.

You do not have to decorate your entire house with steampunk art simply because you enjoy the aesthetic. Sometimes enjoying steampunk art simply involves having one or two pieces with other types of artwork. However, you can also decorate with steampunk art only if you want to and have the time and the means.

The main idea behind steampunk art is that the industrial revolution never happened or happened differently. So, clockwork and steam are the main energy sources instead of combustion engines and coal. Popular features of steampunk include time travel, mad science, clockwork, airships, goggles and Victorian inspired fashion.

What is Steampunk Art?

Steampunk art may feature many things including old-fashioned watches with cogs and machinery exposed in their backs and high tech gear with crude wooden and brass casings.

This type of art mixes modern ideas and technology with those from the past including the Victorian age. The Victorian era is considered the beginning of the steampunk movement because the industrial revolution was in full swing at this time and steam was the major source of energy.

Steampunk art is mainly inspired by the industrial revolution. A form of cultural movement that features nostalgic futurism, steampunk art imagines a world where technology does not expand beyond steam engines.

It combines aesthetics from the industrial era including machine parts such as rivets, cogs, clockwork and laboratory equipment with Victorian art and futuristic concepts like artificial intelligence and robotics. The main idea behind steampunk art is to achieve innovation rather than historical accuracy.

Steampunk art mainly incorporates found objects, especially originally parts from the Victorian era and re-imagines them as art objects. Some artists have created interesting steampunk art pieces that combine mechanical aspects of industrial machinery with natural elements such as animal skin and bones.

who invented steampunk art

What Are Some of the Materials Used in Steampunk Art?

The materials used in steampunk art are often things you are likely to find in old science laboratories and industrial lots. Some of the materials used in steampunk art include brass, steel, copper, iron and other heavy metals.

Other materials that are used in steampunk art include clockwork, gears, springs, old-fashioned light bulbs, rivets, levers and cogs. Leather sewn with thick stitches and heavy cord is also a popular feature in steampunk art. Steampunk art draws inspiration from movies such as the Wild Wild West and Star Wars among others.

While steampunk art features great aesthetics, it also serves as a basis behind modern machines and gadgets that actually work. For example, there are coffee machines that feature Victorian copper, brass and steel components with modern designs and details. Another example is a steampunk computer mouse with frames of copper, wood and a colored LED light.

The World of Steampunk Art

Steampunk is considered one of the most significant cultural phenomena of the last decade. Today, steampunk art is firmly established in the mainstream art scene and enjoys much respect in exhibitions and festivals all over the globe.

There are many reasons why people are interested in steampunk art; some are art collectors while others simply want to become steampunk artists. In any case, there are various things to know about steampunk art.

DIY Steampunk Art Projects

Steampunk Wall Clock

This is suitable for people who prefer to use steampunk themes on home décor. Steampunk wall clocks can provide fun and practical displays in any home.

DIY Steampunk Goggles On a Dollar Tree

Metallic goggles are some of the most recognizable steampunk fashion accessories. You can make steampunk goggles out of common household items and thrift store finds.

Top Hat DIY Steampunk Fashion Pattern

This is a great steampunk craft project that you can do alone or with your kids. It involves making steampunk top hats, which you can place your goggles on.

Steampunk Clock and Key Charms

You can create cool steampunk clocks and key charms out of polymer clay and wear them on your necklace and bracelet.

Vintage Oatmeal Container Yarn Holder

This art project used easy to find crafting supplies and oatmeal containers to create beautiful artworks for your home or even office. This piece can also provide beautiful place for storing yarn for other crafts such as crochet and knitting.

Burned Glue Steampunk Barrette

All you need to make a beautiful steampunk barrette include brown paper grocery bags, candle flames and tacky glue, and the energy to rub and puff.

Steampunk Ear Cuff

This is a fun art project for anyone with basic wire jewelry wrapping techniques.

Time Distorting Device

Every steampunk aficionado needs a time traveling device. Why not make your own with an easy DIY art project.

So Who Started Steampunk Art?

Steampunk art is inspired by the working class of the industrial revolution and was not started by one specific individual. It is as varied as any other sub cultural movement.

It incorporates various types of items in all manner of sizes and shapes ranging from pocket watches to redesigned vehicles, laptop bags, and even houses. This form of art is an expression of one’s personality and is only limited by passion and imagination.

who invented steampunk art

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