The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Goggles

The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Goggles

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

vintage goggles

Whether you are into sports or a casual tourist, the best vintage goggles help to protect your eyes from the elements and add a touch of style to your outfit.

There are many shapes, brands and sizes of goggles on the market, which may make it a little bit difficult for you to choose the one that is best for you. This guide will help you find the best goggles for your specific needs and preferences.

Vintage Goggles Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Spiked Cyber Goggles Photo Prop
2. Steampunk Aviator Goggles Fantasy & Fun
3. Elope Cat Eye Goggles Costuming
4. Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles Firework Shows
5. Classic Steampunk Goggles Costume or Rave

Top Choice: Spiked Cyber Goggles

Perfect for regular use and outdoor sports, these goggles are designed to provide maximum visibility in all kinds of weather.

1. Spiked Cyber Goggles
Best For

Photo Prop

Our Rating
2. Steampunk Aviator Goggles
Best For

Fantasy & Fun

Our Rating
3. Elope Cat Eye Goggles
Best For


Our Rating
4. Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles
Best For

Firework Shows

Our Rating
5. Classic Steampunk Goggles
Best For

Costume or Rave

Our Rating

aviator goggles for sale

Factors to Consider When Looking for Vintage Goggles

Vintage steampunk goggles are available in various shapes, sizes and models. It is important to consider various factors when shopping for these unique items. One of the most important factors to consider is the decade of the vintage goggles you like.

You may base it on how you dress and find a decade that works well with your fashion. Your facial features and shape of your face can also play an important role.

For example, the 70s had metal goggles featuring round lens glasses or aviators while steampunk goggles in the 60s had thick rims, bold colors and shapes.

Find a vintage market or a fair where you can begin your search. The U.S. has a wide range of vintage markets depending on your location. Most stores that sell steampunk gears have online portals where you can find great steampunk goggles at affordable rates.

You can also visit brick and mortar steampunk gear stores to look for a pair. One of the advantages of shopping in brick and mortar stores is that they give you the opportunity to try on the eyewear you like before actually buying them.

Be sure to consider the size and shape of the goggles you like before buying them. If possible, carry an old pair to the store to compare sizes and other features.

Be sure to inspect the frame of the steampunk goggles you intend to buy. Check for breaks or cracks across the frame and find out if the arms or straps work as required. In the case of older glasses, you may replace old features such as the nose pads.

Consider buying a case to keep them protected against future damage. When looking at steampunk goggles in online retail stores, be sure to look at the image of the eyewear from all angles.

Images taken with flash lighting in a dark room may have blur marks. Find clear images of the products you intend to purchase.

It is important to use a reglazing service for your goggle frames. If for any reason you cannot find the perfect pair in physical stores near you, you can always explore online stores where there is often a much wider range. We will take a look at some of the best vintage goggles we have come across on our journey.

Vintage Goggle Review

1. Spiked Cyber Goggles

vintage aviator goggles vintage pilot goggles

Perfect for regular use and outdoor sports, these goggles are designed to provide maximum visibility in all kinds of weather.

Featuring an elastic headband, these goggles stay in place to provide excellent protection. It can fit different head sizes thanks to its adjustable elastic band.

This goggle is suitable for both motorcycling and regular use. It is made from polycarbonate, which is scratch resistant. It also features a UV coating that protects the eyes from the glare of the sun’s rays. Its tinted glasses prevent you from squinting especially under a bright sky.

These goggles also feature elastic straps that are easy to adjust and provide a tight fit even when wearing a helmet. In addition, the goggles feature comfortable, soft sponge padding that prevents the wind from circling the lenses and causing your eyes to dry out during long rides.

The quality frame of the goggles and nice and thick with a great paint job. In addition, it features spikes that are individually screwed into the goggles to enhance the steampunk feeling.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Great ventilation system
  • Adjustable elastic headband
  • Removable black and clear lens
  • Large size may not be suitable for people with small faces.

2. Elope Cat Eye Goggles

antique goggles vintage steampunk goggles

Pointed and with a perfect design, these goggles are made for various events including costume parties and cosplay conventions.

This is a reliable and good-looking pair of goggles. It provides a 40s feel that makes you look cool and retro at the same time. Not only are they elegant and unique, they are also strong. The lenses are created from polycarbonate material making them tough and scratch resistant.

In addition, these glasses are a tight fit due to the adjustable strap so you do not have to constantly worry about them falling off. To prevent exposure to UV rays, the goggles come with a UV protective coating. In addition, the plastic frame has a soft sponge lining for a more comfortable fit.

This pair of goggles would make a perfect gift. It also makes a great costume wear all year round. The goggles make a statement thanks to their acrylic lenses.

  • Strong
  • Scratch resistant
  • UV protective coating
  • Adjustable headband for a comfortable fit
  • Thick padding around the edges may make it difficult to wear glasses underneath

3. Kaleidoscope Rave Goggles

old aviation goggles old aviator goggles

The chrome frame and rainbow crystal glass lens of this pair of goggles make them a perfect fashion accessory.

These goggles feature an adjustable, elastic headband for that perfect fit. They also have an impressive design with their crystal lenses that provide a burst of vivid colors. In addition, the color of the lens often changes at different angles.

These goggles are thick, sturdy and highly flexible. In addition, the goggles feature a scratch and impact resistant lens. It comes with an anti-fog treatment to ensure your vision is not affected even when the temperature changes.

This pair of goggles also has a triple layer foam fleece that gives a snug fit and the advantage of flicking away sweat. Riding through mud and dirt tracks have never been this enjoyable before thanks to these goggles.

  • Clear lens
  • Strong and impact resistance
  • Elastic headband for a perfect fit
  • Impressive design
  • May not fit teens and children

4. Steampunk Aviator Goggles

old fashioned goggles old fashion goggles

This is a great pair of goggles that does not compromise on style and look; a must have for retro lovers.

Retro lovers will like this pair of goggles. It is created to last thanks to its polycarbonate lenses that are shatter resistant and with sturdy frames. In addition, this pair of goggles provides excellent UV protection.

The UV 400 protection ensures that it can block up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. For comfort and good feel, the goggles are flexible and have a soft padding to ensure a great fit. They are designed to block air from drying the eyes.

  • Comfortable
  • Fits different head sizes
  • Affordable
  • Great quality
  • May not have the best ventilation

5. Classic Steampunk Goggles

old fashioned aviator goggles steampunk pilot goggles

Perfect for those trying to rock a sophisticated steampunk look.

This is a great piece of eyewear for various activities. It has purple lenses, which provide great visibility especially in low-lit areas. The model also features bifocal lenses that allow you to see distant objects.

The polycarbonate lens makes this pair of goggles resistant to shocks and scratches. It also provides excellent protection against harmful UV rays from the sun. This pair of goggles provides a snug fit and is made of neoprene, which is a strong and lasting material.

  • Shock resistant
  • Protects against UVA and UVB radiation
  • Durable
  • Adjustable fit
  • May not provide the clearest views in some areas

Our Favorite

Our choice for the best vintage goggles is the Spiked Cyber Goggles. It has an excellent ventilation system making it suitable to wear in various weather conditions. In addition, it is impact, scratch resistant, and has a unique, vintage design.

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