The Ultimate Guide to Tween Steampunk Costumes

The Ultimate Guide to Tween Steampunk Costumes

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

tween steampunk costume

A tween steampunk costume can bring creativity to a completely new and unique level. They are generally available in a wide range of designs including beautiful pale dresses and costumes with rusty shades of red and brown that proudly exhibit intricate patterns and complicated colors.

Steampunk outfits combine rich colors and textures with the aim of entertaining and impressing viewers. These outfits are truly an expression of the viewer; therefore, they belong to a fashion trend that has no limits.

Tween Steampunk Costumes Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Steampunk Halloween Costume School Plays
2. Fest Threads Steampunk Girl Costume Halloween Costume
3. Tween Steampunk Girl Costume Girl Costume
4. Victorian Gothic Costume Renaissance Fairs
5. Steampunk Tween Costume Costuming

Top Choice: Steampunk Halloween Costume

Thanks to this steampunk costume, your daughter will show off her lovely ensemble with gold and gear details.

1. Steampunk Halloween Costume
Best For

School Plays

Our Rating
2. Fest Threads Steampunk Girl Costume
Best For

Halloween Costume

Our Rating
3. Tween Steampunk Girl Costume
Best For

Girl Costume

Our Rating
4. Victorian Gothic Costume
Best For

Renaissance Fairs

Our Rating
5. Steampunk Tween Costume
Best For


Our Rating

The Golden Rules of Steampunk Fashion

There are certain fashion rules you should observe if you decide to wear steampunk costumes or outfits. First, it is important to understand what steampunk fashion is. This includes outfits that provide real world replication of the clothing that belong to steampunk literature.

When in doubt, be sure to dress Victorian and then add some details. One of the main reasons for doing this is because the Victorians were some of the first people to popularize steampunk fashion. They were also the first ones to capitalize on steam technology in ways that affected everyday life.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most steampunk literature takes place during the Victorian era. If you are concerned that your gear looks excessively Victorian, then you are probably doing it right.

Steampunk is all about creating outfits that captivate the senses, entertains and engages viewers. Do not feel obliged to take away from the style of appeal of an outfit fearing that it may not end up looking steampunk enough.

Avoid including typical steampunk gears to your outfit including goggles or steampunk leg bags if they do not match or fit with the outfit or the vision you are trying to produce.

It is important to understand that there is no steampunk color; some people claim that steampunk is only dark, light, white or black. This is wrong. Steampunk incorporates virtually any color, except maybe neon.

Whether you like black, brown or any other color, there is a steampunk justification for it. Remember, steampunk is inspired by advanced technology and it is perfectly reasonable to have bright or vibrant colors as well as intricate patterns in your steampunk outfit.

You do not have to stick to steampunk fashion only; you are allowed to mix it up with other genres. Be proud of other fashions that do not fit into steampunk including pulp adventure, enlightenment era and medieval. Avoid wedging a different style under the steampunk caption.

People have worked hard to create, expand and explore other genres and there is nothing wrong with respecting diversity and uniqueness, which should be a source of pride.

The cardinal rule in steampunk fashion is to have fun and be yourself. Basically, this is what steampunk fashion is all about. There is nothing wrong with posting what you have seen other people post.

Avoid worrying whether or not your outfit is steampunk enough. Just wear the outfit that pleases you because you are the one who knows why you feel the outfit is steampunk.

steampunk tween girl costume diy

Tween Steampunk Costume Review

1. Tween Steampunk Girl Costume

tween steampunk costumes steampunk tween costume

This is a quality outfit that comes in various sizes that match industry standards.

It is made of tiered layers with lots of gathers to hold the dress’ shape, which is pretty great construction. It is not likely to be ruined in the rain like other alternatives.

In addition, this outfit comes with a bodice back, sleeves, yoke and center back tabs for easy adjustment. The sleeves are short and puffy with cream interlock ruffles on the edges. Although this is a tween outfit, it is also available in adult sizes.

  • Excellent construction
  • Unique fluff and puff
  • Material does not agitate skin
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Not available in large sizes

2. Victorian Gothic Costume

tween steampunk girl costume steampunk tween costumes

This is a stylish girl costume that is available in a wide range of sizes. You will look beautiful as a fabulously dressed Victorian lady.

This outfit comes with an elastic waist and adjustable front length perfect for steampunk, cyber punk or as part of costume. It also features four tiers of fabric made of rayon. In addition, the outfit is available in a wide range of colors including chocolate brown and black.

It is a great outfit that can be worn on various events and parties including casual public, costume parties, weddings and renaissance fairs. It is durable, comfortable and can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Durable
  • Unique design
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • May not come with tights and boots

3. Fest Threads Steampunk Girl Costume

steampunk tween girl costume steampunk costume tween

This outfit is great for every season and holiday including Mardi Gras, Halloween, Christmas and everything in between.

This is a complete package of rich burgundy and brown outfit. It comes with glovettes and features a drop-v waistline and sweetheart neckline. The bottom of the outfit is designed to accentuate the legs with its higher fronts.

It also comes with a hat and sash and features various decorations for a unique look. This outfit is durable and comfortable.

  • Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit
  • Impressive design
  • Great construction
  • Suitable for a wide range of events
  • May not have the best ventilation

4. Steampunk Halloween Costume

steampunk costume for tween tween steampunk girl costume diy

Thanks to this steampunk costume, your daughter will show off her lovely ensemble with gold and gear details.

This quality steampunk outfit features intricate patterns and decorations. It is suitable for various events and situations including weddings, costume parties and formal attire. It is a quality costume that is unique and carries a whimsical feeling.

  • Matching arm warmers
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Durable material
  • Cutting edge look
  • May not be available in a wide range of sizes

5. Steampunk Tween Costume

tween steampunk halloween costumes tween girl steampunk costumes

With this outfit, your daughter would love being Katniss.

This outfit seriously screams steampunk. It can make a great addition to any outfit. The outfit constitutes a long skirt that gives the appearance of two skirts in one. It comes with a hooded cape with chain closures and a shoulder strap.

The skirt has tripe of gray overlay complimented by a lacy black fabric on the bottom. This is durable outfit available in various sizes and colors. It is excellent quality and has beautiful details.

  • Great design
  • Hooded cape
  • Shoulder straps for great fit
  • Affordable
  • Limited range of colors

Our Favorite Pick

Our choice for best tween steampunk costume is the Steampunk Halloween Costume because of its excellent design and details, durability and the fact that it comes with matching arm warmers.

Steampunk fashion is likely to continue growing as the movement gains more fans and followers. If you like the aesthetic style and look of steampunk fashion, it is advisable to try adding some flair to your wardrobe.

You do not even need to go all out like in the examples provided above to get started. A simple addition of some steampunk gears to your outfit can make you stand out in an awesome way. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Look out for other write-ups on steampunk fashion.

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