The Best Steampunk Zippo Lighters

The Best Steampunk Zippo Lighters

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

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Steampunk Zippo lighters trace their origins back to the 1930s when an inventor known as George Blaidsell saw the need for a good-looking lighter that would function well even in windy conditions. He coined the term Zippo from the word zipper because he liked the sound that zippers make during use.

Zippo lighters are categorized as windproof lighters because they remain lit even in windy situations. These lighters were extremely popular in the U.S., especially in the armed forces, during the Second World War. They were considered standard for all men in the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Army.

All Zippo lighters produced during this period, went to the allied war effort. In fact, the interior of Zippo lighters produced during the Second World War, were made primarily of stainless steel because of the increased demand for brass, for making weapon systems. Zippos reverted to the brass design only after the Second World War.

Steampunk Zippos Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Steampunk Zippo Lighter Brushed Brass Gift Giving
2. Zippo Eagle Lighter Everyday Use
3. Zippo Animal Lighter Collecting
4. Zippo Dragon Lighter Style
5. Zippo Armor Tree Lighter Lighting Fires

Top Choice: Steampunk Zippo Lighter Brushed Brass

This Zippo lighter is refillable and comes with replaceable flint and wick making it a great long-term option that works like new.

1. Steampunk Zippo Lighter Brushed Brass
Best For

Gift Giving

Our Rating
2. Zippo Eagle Lighter
Best For

Everyday Use

Our Rating
3. Zippo Animal Lighter
Best For


Our Rating
4. Zippo Dragon Lighter
Best For


Our Rating
5. Zippo Armor Tree Lighter
Best For

Lighting Fires

Our Rating

Advantages of Zippo Lighters

Zippo Lighters Are Liked for Many Reasons Including:

  • Highly reliable
  • Refillable
  • Can use a wide range of lighter fluid
  • Rewickable
  • Reflintable
  • Affordable
  • Durable
zippo lighter designs steampunk

Collectors Top Tip

Like most collectibles, the date of manufacture of a Zippo lighter reflects its value. Most Zippo lighters are engraved with valuable information at the bottom, which can help you determine their dates of manufacture.

Most lighters manufactured from the mid 1950s have date codes stamped on the bottom. The main purpose of the date codes was originally for quality control. However, the codes are now invaluable tools for Zippo collectors.

Currently, the date codes for Zippo lighters, feature a combination of letters and numbers to identify months and year of manufacture. Letters A through J represent months while two digits correspond to the year of manufacture.

Zippo Lighters Do's and Don'ts

It is advisable to rip off flint from disposable lighters. However, cut the flint to zippo length pieces; you can get three pieces from one BIC.

Be sure to replace the rayon balls in the bottom with cotton balls. This is totally OK especially if you have lost the rayon balls. However, go slow on the refilling after the replacement.

You do not have to replace the wick simply because it is a bit shorter than the new flint.

Avoid using alternative fuel.

Avoid replacing one section of wick when that section is gone. Most Zippo wicks measure about four inches long. Therefore, if you want to replace your Zippo wick with a new one, pull at it gently with needle nose pliers. Pull it to about the height of the chimney and cut it where the fresh part starts.

There are many types and brands of Zippo lighters on the market. This can make it a bit difficult for you to choose the best from the myriad available options. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of some of the top Zippo lighters on the market. Here are some of our favorites.

Steampunk Zippo Review

1. Steampunk Zippo Lighter Brushed Brass

steampunk zippo for sale steampunk lighter for sale

This Zippo lighter is refillable and comes with replaceable flint and wick making it a great long-term option that works like new.

This is a classic steampunk Zippo lighter that offers exceptional and reliable performance. It has several impressive features including an attached emblem. This lighter is made of durable, brushed brass with subtle textures on the front and back. It has a flip top opening and is easy to use with a single hand.

Its compact size means that it’s an easy carry. It was designed for the special needs of cigarette and pipe smokers. I like the fact that its unique design encases the flame so that it can be drawn directly into a pipe without bending over the side, which can damage the bowl. It comes packaged in a gift box making it ideal as a gift.

  • Windproof
  • Refillable
  • Replaceable flint and wick
  • Durable all-metal construction
  • None

2. Zippo Dragon Lighter

steampunk zippo lighter steampunk zippo lighters

This Zippo lighter features beautiful color accents and an epoxy inlay for top layers of the emblem.

This lighter offers you a great roar of striking fire. It is made from quality materials and is designed to last for years. Refilling the lighter when you run out is such a breeze. In addition, its windproof design allows you to light up in any weather condition.

Moreover, you will find it extremely easy to replace the flints. This classic Zippo lighter comes packaged in an eco-friendly gift box. For optimal performance, consider using premium lighter fluid.

  • Stylish look
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Beautiful color accents
  • Replaceable flints
  • Color may wear off with use

3. Zippo Armor Tree Lighter

zippo steampunk steampunk lighter cover

This steampunk Zippo lighter offers you a great way to strike fire. Made from quality materials, this lighter is designed to last for years.

This lighter features two-tone laser engraving that adds an impressive contrast to its design. In addition, it is packaged in an environmentally friendly gift box. You won’t have to worry about ease of use because this lighter is extremely user-friendly. Moreover, you can conveniently replace the flint of this lighter.

  • Distinctive zippo click
  • Windproof
  • Beautiful antique brass
  • Durable
  • Lighter fluid sold separately

4. Zippo Eagle Lighter

diy steampunk lighter steampunk style zippo lighter

It is a distinctive Zippo lighter thanks to its brass polish and stylish look.

One of the main highlights of this Zippo lighter is that it is designed to last for many years. All you need to do to ensure its longevity, is to simply refill it when it runs out.

It is perfect for everyday use as well as collecting; you can even take it while venturing out in the woods for safety and warmth. This lighter is made from strong and quality materials providing long lasting use.

  • Stylish look
  • Windproof
  • All metal construction
  • Durable
  • Available in limited colors

5. Zippo Animal Lighter

steampunk lighter case steampunk brass lighter

It has an all-metal construction and windproof design that allows it to work virtually anywhere.

This lighter features beautiful multi-cut engraving to the edge, over the edge and around the lighter. Its high and low weathered look is accentuated by an antique brass finish. In addition, the lighter is available with standard or pipe inserts. Its distinctive Zippo “click” makes it extremely popular with collectors.

  • Distinct weathered look
  • Refillable
  • Windproof
  • All metal construction
  • Lighter fluid sold separately

Our Favorite Steampunk Zippo

Our choice for the best lighter is the Steampunk Zippo Lighter Brushed Brass. This lighter is designed to last for many years. In addition, it has a distinct, stylish look, which makes it suitable for collecting or everyday use. It is also refillable and extremely easy to carry.

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