The Best Steampunk Wedding Dresses for Sale

The Best Steampunk Wedding Dresses for Sale

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

steampunk wedding dresses for sale

Looking to make your loved ones speechless on your wedding day? Finding the perfect dress to accent your radiate beauty makes you feel all the more wonderful. That same beauty your loved ones see in you every day. If you’re looking for something classy with an edge then take a look at steampunk. There’s more than one way to be a steampunk and the five dresses reviewed in this article are steampunk wedding dresses in different hues of the spectrum. From the more whimsical to the traditional Victorian, these beauties are tailored made for you and your special day.

Steampunk Wedding Dresses for Sale Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Victorian Steampunk Wedding Dress The Perfect Day
2. Classic Steampunk Wedding Dress High-End Purchase
3. White Steampunk Wedding Dress Classic Look
4. Steampunk Lace Wedding Dress Value For Money
5. Gothic Steampunk Wedding Dress Vintage Look

Top Choice: Victorian Steampunk Wedding Dress

A comfortable and versatile dress.
1. Victorian Steampunk Wedding Dress
Best For

The Perfect Day

Our Rating
2. Classic Steampunk Wedding Dress
Best For

High-End Purchase

Our Rating
3. White Steampunk Wedding Dress
Best For

Classic Look

Our Rating
4. Steampunk Lace Wedding Dress
Best For

Value For Money

Our Rating
5. Gothic Steampunk Wedding Dress
Best For

Vintage Look

Our Rating

How to Find the Perfect Dress for Your Special Day

Your search for the wedding dress of your dreams should start about 9-12 months before the day you say “I do,” (source) as the creation time can take months. For starters, you’ll want to look for dresses that will accent your body type. If you have slimmer shoulders with wider hips then a more form-fitting top with bellow bottom will show off your curves. Respectively, if your shoulders are wider then your hips, as mine are, you’ll want something puffy on your hips with a sharper angled top. When your waist, shoulders, and hips are all about the same size accenting your waist and adding a bustle, buffs your curves. Finally, if your hips and shoulders are the same while your waist is smaller than keep up the curves with waist accents, like with a corset for example (source).

Anything to keep in mind when shopping? The properties of the fabric: silk, for example, is a luxurious fabric. Good for summer and winter weddings as it regulates body temperature (source).

Finally, you’re ready to order, now what? Measurements of course. All the dresses on this list made to fit you; thus, accurately measuring yourself is key. This video by Made to Sew is a great how-to guide (source). Just remember to wear the undergarments you’ll be wearing with your dress. This will help negate a possible wardrobe malfunction.

Steampunk Wedding Dresses Review

1. Steampunk Lace Wedding Dress

steampunk victorian wedding dress steampunk wedding dress for sale

Good for those looking for a unique dress in the lower budget range.

On a whimsical note is this white steampunk wedding dress. Featuring a corset of vintage lace with a gathered skirt and ruffled hem. This dress has a fairy-like appearance. A corset in looks rather than function results in a less rigid top for a lightweight feel. The skirt is made of nylon, gathered for a bustle look, while preserving freedom of movement that the fabric provides. Suited well for a comfortable summer wedding.

Concerned there may not be enough time to get a custom dress for your wedding? Made to fit your every curve this dress takes the least amount of time at 3-4 weeks.

  • Lightweight
  • Lower price range
  • Plus sizes steampunk wedding dress option
  • Less traditional
  • Hand wash & hang dry only

2. Victorian Steampunk Wedding Dress

steampunk corset wedding dress black steampunk wedding dress

A comfortable and versatile dress.

If you’re looking for a more traditional Victorian gown then this steampunk corset wedding dress may be the dress you’re looking for. It keeps to the more traditional Victorian fashion with a splash of daring with the steampunk influence. Made of satin and lace, this four-piece gown is fit for a high-class occasion. Featuring a variety of colors and with a creation time of 6-8 weeks. Included is the blouse, corset, bustle skirt and petticoat - all you’ll need are the shoes.

Can’t decided on a full length or knee length look? The bustle is adjustable with ties at the sides which bring it from full length to knee length, at your whim.

  • Free USA Shipping
  • Color choice
  • Plus size steampunk wedding dress
  • Plus size has an increased price

3. Gothic Steampunk Wedding Dress

red steampunk wedding dress victorian steampunk wedding dresses for sale

Comprising of 4-6 pieces, this dress offers a mix and match attribute from the options offered by the tailor and other outside pieces the bride wishes to add.

Need a bit more punk in your steam? This striking gothic influenced beauty offers an elegant edge in multiple forms for a lace steampunk wedding dress. A short sleeve bolero shrug and matching mini skirt accents a striking corset for a mysterious air. The skirt is a base with your choice of simple calf-length bustle or bustle with increased gathering and lace accents. Additionally, a floor-length lace underskirt can be added to either bustle if desired. This dress has a creation time of 6-8 weeks.

  • Style customization
  • Color choice
  • Plus size steampunk wedding dress
  • USA free shipping
  • Plus size increased price

4. White Steampunk Wedding Dress

steampunk wedding dress steampunk wedding dresses for sale

This dress is a classic look with a steampunk flare.

In 1840 Queen Victoria began the staple of white flowing lace wedding dresses. If you’re looking to keep a more traditional look, while adding a kiss of steampunk then this silk and lace beautifully embodies both. Available in more than white, this wide V neck corset top hugs your body for the hourglass shape. The petticoat puffed, full-length skirt sweeps the ground. Creation for this wedding dress is listed at around 12-14 weeks.

  • Built-in petticoat
  • Color choice
  • Plus size steampunk wedding dress
  • Longer creation time
  • Unipurpose

5. Classic Steampunk Wedding Dress

steampunk wedding dress for sale white steampunk wedding dress

Designed just for you. A truly one of kind dress.

The most expensive steampunk wedding dress on this list comes with the most customizability and is truly a one of a kind piece. Handmade just for you with a theme of your choosing. This strapless corset dress with a sweetheart neckline, hugs you while the skirt billows out beneath. An adjustable bustle skirt that when extended to full-length sweeps the floor. When shortened, it creates a high-low look while maintaining the elegant floor-sweeping feature with the train.

With the customizable nature of this dress, the creation time is slightly long, at 12-14 weeks.

  • Theme customizable
  • Color choice
  • Plus size steampunk wedding dress
  • Petticoat not included
  • Unipurpose

Our Favorite Wedding Dress

Only the best will do on your wonderful day. One that fits your body well, is the centerpiece of your theme and is comfortable to wear. That’s why our choice for the best dress is the Victorian Steampunk Wedding Dress. A classic style with a pronounced corset. The satin is light in weight so as not to be stifling and the adjustable skirt offers on the spot change. The array of colors available means you could have a romantic red steampunk wedding dress or go with the traditional white. A beautiful option and one available to those being more frugal.

black steampunk wedding dress
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