The Best Steampunk Vape Mod for Sale

The Best Steampunk Vape Mod for Sale

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

steampunk vape mod for sale

Finding a good vape mod for sale is one of the best ways to enjoy the ultimate vaping experience. Vape mods can store and deliver significantly more power than smaller e-cigs. They are usually packaged in some variant of a box shape and often feature a battery, connections and required firmware to control the mod's operations.

Steampunk Vape Mod for Sale Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG Smok Mag Vape Mod
2. DSC-Mart Texture Case for Smok X-Priv Smok X Vape Mod

Top Choice: DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG

Featuring a unique design, it is made of non-slip material and is surprisingly comfortable to hold in your hand.

1. DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG
Best For

Smok Mag Vape Mod

Our Rating
2. DSC-Mart Texture Case for Smok X-Priv
Best For

Smok X Vape Mod

Our Rating

Choosing a Vape Mod

There are three main factors to consider when shopping for a vape mod: experience, goals and budget. Some vape mods are suited for vapers at any level of experience.

Some come with advanced features and are quite powerful making them suitable for experienced vapers. Beginners should consider choosing vape mods with as fewer settings as possible.

The cost of a vape mode is determined by its initial price as well as how long it will last. You also need to consider extra expenses associated with vape mods including cost of batteries and chargers.

Consider customizability and performance when shopping for vape mods. A vape in the 50 to 100 watt range requires one charge to enjoy it all day. However, some vapers prefer the dual 18650-vape mod because of its extra battery capacity.

On the other hand, cloud chasers looking for power, are often interested in the triple 18650 vape mod or even a quad mod.

Regulated Vape Mods Vs. Mech Mods

Many people prefer box vape mods over mechanical mods because box mods are easier to use and maintain and come with a wide range of safety features including short circuit protection, thermal protection, automatic cutoffs and reverse battery protection.

Vape Mod Batteries

Vape mods use several types of batteries. However, the most common types of batteries used in vape mods include lithium IMR or Li-Mn, IMR or hybrid and protected ICR Li-Ion batteries.

Another common type of battery used is the LiPo battery. However, this is considered as an internal battery that does not have safe chemistry and the level of protection is mainly determined by the circuitry of the mod.

Lithium IMR and IMR are considered safe chemistry batteries and are recommended for use with vape mods. Safe chemistry means that the battery will not explode or light up under stress. Instead, they vent gas.

Safe chemistry batteries are the most popular types of batteries for vape mods. However, ICR batteries have higher capacities than Lithium IMR. On the other hand, IMR batteries work best with maximum load current.

IMR or hybrid batteries have the same safe chemistry make up as Lithium IMRs, but with greater capacity. It is increasingly popular and perhaps the most recommended type of battery.

Vape Mod Advantages

  • Better Vapor Production
  • Greater Power Output
  • Customizable
  • Low Resistance Vaping
  • Better Efficiency
steampunk vape mod box

Steampunk Vape Mod Cover Review

1. DSC-Mart Texture Case for Smok X-Priv

steampunk vape mod steampunk mod vape

It is comfortable to hold and provides a solid grip even for people who may be a bit clumsy.

This is a high quality vape mod case that features high quality silicone with non-slip texture to enhance its grip. It is comfortable to hold and provides a solid grip even for people who may be a bit clumsy. The cover is precision cut to fit all buttons including vent holes and of course, the screen.

You do not need to take the silicone case off to charge the battery, thanks to convenient charging ports at the bottom of the case. In addition, the case has a USB slot on the front, for convenient direct charging.

  • Quality silicone material
  • Non-slip
  • Comfortable with excellent grip
  • Convenient charging slots
  • Not the most appealing design

2. DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG

steampunk vape box mod tesla nano 120w tc steampunk vape mod

Featuring a unique design, it is made of non-slip material and is surprisingly comfortable to hold in your hand.

This anti-slip silicone vape mod cover is designed to provide protection from knocks and scratches. It is available in many colors to cater to the varying tastes of us all. In addition, the case provides a snug fit with convenient charging ports and vent holes cut out.

The buttons and vent holes are precision cut to exact fit. It is made of non-slip material, making it comfortable to hold in your hand. In addition, the silicone base will prevent it from sliding around or falling over. The material is softer than rubber and feels great to hold.

  • High quality
  • Available in many colors
  • Precision cut buttons and vent holes
  • Non-slip material
  • None

The Best Steampunk Vape Mod Cover

Vape mods allow vaping enthusiasts to find the perfect vaping experience. Finding the right vape mod can be quite difficult because of the huge variety available on the market. Some units have excellent features while others have inferior build quality, poor build materials and have flawed firmware. Regardless of your vaping needs and experience, you are sure to find something that meets your requirements.

Our choice for the best vape mod cover is the DSC-Mart Texture Case for SMOK MAG. This vape mod offers excellent performance and exceptional value for money. It pushes vaping to the limits thanks to its advanced chipset that offers a full range of vaping modes.

tesla steampunk vape mod
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