The Best Steampunk T Shirts (2018 Review)

The Best Steampunk T Shirts (2018 Review)

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Nov 05, 2018

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In science fiction, the Steampunk movement came about in the 1800’s and is now recognized as a sub-culture. It blends the era’s romantic outlook on science and literature, most importantly; it encapsulates the European Industrial Revolution’s most defining moments.

A post-apocalyptic era has never looked this good and with that in mind, its time to dive into an ocean of Steampunk t-shirts and find the ones that deserves a standing ovation, or you know, just a good reason to be worn.

Steampunk T-Shirt Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Steampunk Ostrich T-Shirt for Men Good Design & Fabric
2. Ladies Steampunk Pin-Up T-Shirt Unisex Options
3. Mens Vintage Steampunk T-Shirt Casual Wear, Spring
4. Ladies Turtle Clockwork Steampunk T-Shirt Value For Money
5. Mens/Ladies Steampunk Vintage Clockwork Cat T-Shirt Trendy Outfit Option

Top Choice: Steampunk Ostrich T-Shirt for Men

A regular fit, 100% cotton tee with a superb, individually silkscreen printed design. A total boyfriend gift and a very good quality one at that!

1. Steampunk Ostrich T-Shirt for Men
Best For

Good Design & Fabric

Our Rating
2. Ladies Steampunk Pin-Up T-Shirt
Best For

Unisex Options

Our Rating
3. Mens Vintage Steampunk T-Shirt
Best For

Casual Wear, Spring

Our Rating
4. Ladies Turtle Clockwork Steampunk T-Shirt
Best For

Value For Money

Our Rating
5. Mens/Ladies Steampunk Vintage Clockwork Cat T-Shirt
Best For

Trendy Outfit Option

Our Rating

What Makes a Steampunk T-Shirt Different Than a Regular One?

A T-shirt for some is just a means to an end or even a garment that makes summer bearable. Steampunk tees are no different in the way that they are produced, but it has in recent years, enjoyed a particular niche-following and production process that includes anything from handmade, recycled and mass-made options in different blends of fabrics and designs that depicts this gloriously progressive sub-genre’s vision and way of life.

Because of the D.I.Y element involved in styling, Steampunks are swarming e-commerce sites like Etsy where designers meet the requirements of this growing community. It has totally hit pop culture and enjoyed its moments on television and films like Sherlock Holmes, but Steampunk hasn’t quite reached the point where its mainstream just yet, but when looking at the designs found on these t-shirts, you’ll see lots of underlying nuances. In other words, this is no ordinary piece of clothing.

It’s a statement.

steampunk t-shirts

What Statement am I Making by Wearing a Steampunk T-Shirt?

Definitely not a rebellious one, but you will surely be on the forefront of appreciating an aesthetic of alternate history. The designs found on Steampunk t-shirts varies in so many aspects - from ray guns and vintage goggles to giant mechanical creations that pays homage to H.G Well’s pseudo-science novel The League Of Extraordinary Men

It’s really a matter of picking out a t-shirt from thousands of options that speaks to you and perhaps even, your inner Steampunk.

Can I Tell Steampunk T-Shirts Apart?

Choosing clothes is obviously a very personal thing when one considers style, body types and of course, the need for a specific garment. Many times we find ourselves picking up a t-shirt and buying it simply because we like how it looks and how it fits, but how much thought should go into this selection process? Do you really know what the designs interpret and what they mean?

In this article, we will be looking at t-shirts that stand out from the already massive collection that is available online. We’ll observe the fit, the design and/or patterns and what they could potentially convey. Okay, I know this is quite elaborate even for just a simple t-shirt. But when someone asks you about your tee it’s more than likely that they appreciate your interest in Steampunk culture, or maybe you just really look good in your t-shirt.

So, with that said, lets get this Steampunk show on the road by taking you on a journey through the best of the best in the world of awesome t-shirts.

Steampunk T-Shirt Review

Mens/Ladies Steampunk Vintage Clockwork Cat T-Shirt

steampunk t shirts steampunk tshirt

A classic cut, thin-collared t-shirt constructed with light, breathable fabric. The intricate design is what makes this t-shirt stand out. Good value for money, when considering the print. Great for a night out at the bar, paired with a black pair of slim-fit jeans and a bomber jacket for cooler temperatures.

We kick off with the most basic of this wide spectrum that is available online. Picking this one up, I didn’t notice the cat that was worked into the clockwork design and I think it’s quite the hat trick. From what I understand, cats are quite symbolic in Steampunk culture and to have this embedded within the design is pretty awesome.

This t-shirt only comes in black and is quite easy to wear. The double-needle sleeves are not too short (or long) and its lightweight fabric has a classic fit that falls right below the hip. I would take special precautions when washing this garment because of the print. A machine wash with cold water with darker colors and if you opt for tumble-drying, make sure it’s on low heat.

  • Good, classic fit
  • Quality print
  • Free returns on some sizes (subject to availability)
  • International shipping
  • Only one color option

Mens Vintage Steampunk T-Shirt

steampunk tshirts steampunk t-shirt

This Steampunk-inspired t-shirt is perfect for a father’s day gift or even for your kids. The durable high quality 100 % preshrunk cotton is perfect for regular inside-out washes on cold or eco-warm cycles to maintain its color and shape.

Brainwave t-shirts are doing things the way it’s supposed to be done. Made-to-order pieces are available in different colors and they go as far as including a personalized gift message on request.

The design itself is not quite on point with the sub-genre, but more commercial in a sense, but still incorporates Steampunk culture into the look with a vintage pistol and clockwork elements. This option is perhaps better suited for kids/teenagers since it doesn’t have quite such a ‘Gothic’ feel to it, but because of the good handmade quality, this is a t-shirt that could easily become a dad-and-son purchase.

  • Tailor-made
  • Fabric selection
  • Personalized gift message
  • Heavier weaves might be too warm for summers in certain locations.
  • The Steampunk design is only available for gentlemen

Ladies Turtle Clockwork Steampunk T-Shirt

steampunk tee shirt steampunk tee shirts

A slim-fit, figure-hugging t-shirt that features a clockwork-tattooed turtle: Perfect for those who enjoy a crisp, clean look with subtle features.

MunchkinsNPumpkinsUK gives us marine life with a twist: A turtle that tells clockwork tales. It’s quite poetic, right? Well, sort of. These t-shirts are constructed of 100% Polyester Jersey Knit and the prints were done with sublimation ink that certainly gives the imagery more longevity.

It’s advisable to wash this particular Steampunk tee inside out, at 40-degrees Celsius. Tumble-drying is a definite no-no and to ensure that you don’t melt the print, iron on the inside out as well.

This is essentially a summer staple, but it could very well be worn under a hoodie, teamed up with a great pair of skinny jeans. Because of the very delicate Steampunk references, it might seem like its fashioned with a detailed turtle working its way up your neck, but upon closer inspection, the details are simply awesome and its this exactly this subtlety that makes it so alluring.

  • Substantial size selection
  • Personalized gift message
  • International shipping
  • Great online customer service
  • True to size
  • Only two color options: grey & white

Ladies Steampunk Pin-Up T-Shirt

steampunk shirts steampunk shirt mens

Available in more than 5 different colours, and features vivid, super-detailed prints that are just mind-blowing.

MedusaDollMakerTees are behind these vivid, super-detailed prints that are just mind-blowing. The digital printing is Direct To Garment and does require very special care, but heck…it’s worth it.

Even though the product description says ‘ladies’ there are additional options in sizes and fibers. It ranges from Heavyweight to Premium Ring-spun and the best part is that they are available in more than 5 colors. It’s refreshing, because with Steampunk t-shirts, the dominating colors on the market are black, grey and white.

They ship from the U.S and they accept Etsy Gift Cards. Should you be dissatisfied with your purchase, the store will check into the details and should there be an issue, they’ll ship one free of charge. However, upon further inspection, I found that the ladies t-shirt lacks very little and that it happens to sell quite well. Better jump on that bandwagon before the trend goes viral.

  • Substantial size and color selection
  • Personalized gift message
  • International shipping
  • True to size
  • Accepts Etsy Gift Cards
  • Care instructions need to be followed, as the print is quite delicate.

Steampunk Ostrich T-Shirt for Men

steampunk shirt women steampunk shirt womens

A regular fit, 100% cotton tee with a superb, individually silkscreen printed design. A total boyfriend gift and a very good quality one at that!

Not really sure I would ever have placed Steampunk and an ostrich together, but this is exactly why it works. It’s a very unique design and it might be the priciest of the entire range, but you can bet on super fabric quality that will last.

The t-shirt has a relaxed fit, but it’s not too boxy. The neck is nice and snug, so that is a huge plus. It doesn’t have that ‘stretchy’ appearance and the sleeves fall at 1/4, which is another plus when looking at the balance with a regular fit. This specific collection is a formed partnership between Plazmalab and Street Habit, so there you go... Good quality urban garments right at your doorstep.

  • Great print
  • Good fit and quality fabric
  • Personalized gift message
  • International shipping
  • Only one color option

Our Favorite Steampunk Tee

It is not an easy feat to find the perfect t-shirt online – let alone something that truly represents Steampunk. When looking at quality and design, I would have to vouch for the Ostrich Steampunk Tee. The quality is insane and the design really captures the essence of this sub-culture without being too tacky.

The fact that it comes in only grey, shouldn’t be an issue – Steampunk is not really about bright colors, but I do find this shade to be very versatile and the tee is 100% True To Fit. On a service level, the store does well with customer care and they are invested from the get-go.

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