The Best Steampunk Sunglasses

The Best Steampunk Sunglasses

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

steampunk sunglasses

Often overlooked in the World of Steampunk, a man’s sunglasses are another tool available to assert your station and breeding in a world of soot and flat-caps (source). So gothic, so beautiful Count Dracula had to find himself a pair (source).

Steampunk Sunglasses Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Dollger-Lennon Clumsiness
2. Rocknight Specificity
3. Moon Boat Summer travels
4. E72 Retro Glasses Versatility
5. Steampunk Fashion A collection

Top Choice: Dollger-Lennon

“To see into your future has never been easier, but do try and be brave, we have you covered.”

1. Dollger-Lennon
Best For


Our Rating
2. Rocknight
Best For


Our Rating
3. Moon Boat
Best For

Summer travels

Our Rating
4. E72 Retro Glasses
Best For


Our Rating
5. Steampunk Fashion
Best For

A collection

Our Rating

Retro Steampunk Sunglasses

Society may have come a long way in providing more and more people with the possibility of sight, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your right to look fabulous, whether out on a Summer’s day in need of an iced-cream, or jiving in a local club, bashing your knees off tables as you’re rendered almost blind by wearing your sunglasses in a darkened club.

It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and with the rise of gas prices now seems the time to double glaze them with a nifty pair of glasses. Stand apart. Stand together. Stand in loose mobs, with some of you stood really far away because of an argument. But whatever you do remember to wear the appropriate eyewear, especially when the sun’s out.

The World needs more clarity and vision. What it doesn’t need is lots of people in top-hats bumping in to each other because they underestimated the devastation of UV on an overcast day.

Steampunk Sunglasses Review

1. Moon Boat

metal frame sunglasses sunglasses steampunk

“Built to protect your eyes from a harsh a blinding world. Moon Boat will provide safe travels, no matter where you go.”

A little simple on the design and colours when compared to some of the other times here, Moon Boat has something that sets it apart from its less steamy rivals: Open lenses. Find that you don’t want to be rude by hiding the scorn from your eyes? Or perhaps the conversation has turned sour and you wish to convey your displeasure in the most fashionable way possible? With a flip of the lens you can go from strict attention to anyone’s guess and back again with these feats of engineering.

  • 192 reviews and a four-star rating
  • UV protection
  • Single colour and design

2. Rocknight

steampunk sunglasses with side shields steampunk sunglasses amazon

“Designed to fit you perfectly, so you never have to worry about looking the fool.”

Rocknight provides all the technical information for those of the geeky disposition amongst you, and I’m sure if you ask nicely they’ll point you in the direction of a humble shack up on the coast where Tim creates them out of pieces of metal fetched by his trained crows. Some say that the crows find these materials in old relics buried long before our ancestors crawled out of the primordial soup, others say that’s silly and make strange hang signals till you leave.

The truth of the matter is if you’re looking for specific shapes and sizes to fit your (or possibly your flesh golem’s) odd shaped head then these are the glasses for you. With a mirrored surface so no one can see you cry as India reclaims its territory, Rocknight is a welcome addition to any Punk’s arsenal.

  • Variety of colours
  • Twenty-Six asked and answered questions
  • Polarised lenses to help reduce glare
  • No UV protective glass

3. Steampunk Fashion

retro steampunk sunglasses steampunk sunglasses men

“For the individual looking for that unique design, over and over again.”

Sleek, simple, with more colours than a peacock suffering from a bad case of narcissism. It’s the sort eyewear you need a spot in the house, or possibly the time travelling privy, as you’re going to need more than one. The sheer variety of colours means you can ready yourself for any occasion: Height of summer? Put on the dark ones, Romantic date? Try the pink ones, accidentally paid into a vampire club? I hope you’ve brought your red ones.

Now, there may be those amongst you that worry about the simplicity and lack of diversity in the frame design but try and hold onto your magnetic moustaches. With so many different colours under one brand that you’d swear the CEO was an elderly dragon named Lionel, you and your posse don’t have to worry about upstaging each other (shots have been fired for less) and you can sit smugly knowing that your shade of yellow is better than everyone else’s.

  • UV 400 protection
  • Largest variety of colours
  • One size fits all

4. E72 Retro Glasses

round steampunk sunglasses vintage steampunk sunglasses

“Style for all the sexes and fits perfectly snug inside a lovely little box.”

When you’re out and about, importing psychotropic tea from China, or punching big game in the face because you’ve left your trusted rifle in the Veldt you’re going to want to be able to see. A gentlemen’s reputation is everything and clutching aimlessly at the uneven cobbles while the crystal apes break free from Queen Victoria’s secret zoo just isn’t going to do. Luckily E72 has you covered, and what’s more they’re happy to give it to you in a variety of designs and colours just in case you run into a gentleman suffering from a similar problem.

Here you have the chance to show your individuality by choosing something slightly different than your comrades and compatriots. No more skulking in the shadows, forced to wear modern frames like a savage. Finally, you’re allowed to be you, to show the World that, yes! You’re a chemical blue tint kind of guy.

  • UV 400 protection
  • Polarized lenses
  • Comes in a variety of designs
  • Three hundred and seven reviews and a four and half star rating
  • One size fits all

5. Dollger-Lennon

steampunk round sunglasses steampunk flip up sunglasses

“To see into your future has never been easier, but do try and be brave, we have you covered.”

Dollger-Lennon is here to provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime. No more wandering realm to realm like a well-dressed Velma thanks to a lifetime warranty. The popular UV protection ensures that if you ever actually do decide to go outside (possibly because an urchin has just stolen your lady’s purse) then you won’t be instantly blinded by the sun as it burns straight through the ozone layer.

The accompaniment of a protective case and box means that if you find yourself in need of defending your honour that you can put them away and (hopefully) put them back on after you’ve put the young duellist in the ground. For those wishing to go the extra mile, Dollger-Lennon provide cleaning fabric so you can wipe the blood off them should the rakish swine demand swords at dawn.

  • Five hundred and fifty reviews and a five-star rating
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Life time warranty
  • Single design

The Best Steampunk Sunglasses

In conclusion, the choice comes down to what you’re looking for. With the similarities between the types of eyewear your real question should be on the little things. Frames, colours, specific requirements to fit your slightly askew nose.

The Moon Boat’s are great if you’re planning to do your elephant impression thanks to the flappable lenses. Steampunk fashion’s are perfect if you’re the sort of person that likes to tweak your look with a few accessories here and there. The Rocknight’s are great for specificity, although this may result in an awkward conversation as you ask your significant other “What’s your nose width again?”

The choice, as always, is yours.

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