Steampunk Pocket Watches

Steampunk Pocket Watches

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

steampunk pocket watch

So, you've decided to throw off the shackles of convention and decided to build a time just for you. Welcome to the world of Steampunk. I am Ben Francis, and I'm here to help you find that most essential of tools in the Steampunk's arsenal: The pocket watch.

For those of you new to this allow me to go over the rules: Moustaches must be properly waxed, mechanised pets must be leashed, dimensional entities must carry the correct paperwork in case of an accident, ladies ankles must be covered at all times, and all adventurers must travel with ample supply of good quality tea or shouldn’t bother at all.

Steampunk Pocket Watches For Sale Quick Review

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What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is one of those oddities that gained momentum relatively recently yet can be found lurking across Science Fiction. HG Wells 1895 novella: The Time Machine was one of the earliest to play around with ideas that would eventually become Steampunk (source). Mary Shelley's: Frankenstein, Jules Verne's: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea were to become the new horizons for those who believe genre is less something to be followed but to be wined and dined and danced with until the early hours of the next day.

Steampunk is a club for individuals, from brass Darth Vader, to the gentleman and lady who would like to spend their evenings pedaling along on their penny farthing. Corsets to kazoos, there doesn't seem a right look when it comes to Steampunk, but there is in how you act.

Try to be respectful when seeing a style that isn't quite you because you might just find yourself the but of a joke when someone points out that you're obviously un-cultured when it comes to the art of the golden accordion.

Steampunk is a rebellion in the politest way possible. Steampunk is to take all the memorable moments of history and turn them on their head. It’s respectful. It's eccentric. And It’s quite mad.

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Where Should I Look for Influences?

Characters such as Dr. Arliss Loveless in Wild Wild West who is happy to shout that the South will rise again on the back of a steam-powered tarantula, showing that there really isn’t such a thing as too much when it comes to Steampunk (source).

Doctor Who's: The Girl In The Fireplace is set in the renaissance and has some beautiful clockwork robots to draw inspiration from. Steampunk is usually associated with Victorian influences, but The Girl In The Fireplace shows that you can play with any period and still come out looking cool.

Alan Moore's: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen both the comic series and the motion picture carry that alternate timelines can get those creative juices flowing. The fact you can see Steampunk's nuances in each of the characters creates an impression that it is as much about being an individual as it is about finding your group of steam-powered misfits.

Robert Rankin's: Meta-Victorian series positively drips Steampunk not to mention so does Robert Rankin. A man who isn't afraid to flash a waistcoat and a twiddly moustache, here is the founder of far-fetched-fiction.

Chap Hop is essentially 8 Mile but more polite. Emcees such as Professor Elemental and Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer travel across time and space proving that you can be pasty and nerdy, while carrying a solid beat.

Alternatively have you tried putting cogs on things? It's very easy to play around with a genre that has roots in literature, music, and fashion. You'll find that there's no limit to the possibilities.

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What Do I Need to Be Steampunk?

Imagination is the constant across all Steampunk sub-genres. You have to remember that this is a style that comes down to interests and a little history. It isn't wrong to want to turn a Jacobean ruff into a brass neck cog. Medieval knight jet pack? Steampunk's got you covered. The important thing is to have fun and play around with ideas. Think of it as dystopia meets a lavish ball with plenty of cogs and pipes.

For those of you who want a little help in starting off I'd suggest a pair of goggles, a nice Victorian hat (The taller the better), and a pocket watch. Pocket watches in particular fit the time travelling / alternate history theme. Early Renaissance matched with white face paint and powdered wig? Why not add a pocket watch to ensure that you're not going to be late for cricket at the end of the Universe.

Pocket watches require care and attention, and they’re are a great at starting conversations. Something in the winding and memories of a yesteryear echoes through the heart and mind of all that is Steampunk, so why don't I do my best to point you in the right direction? And who knows? We may make history.

Steampunk Pocket Watches Review

1. Personalised Engraved Silver Pocket Watch in Satin Lined Gift Box

Steampunk Pocket Watches for Men

steampunk pocket watches for mens steampunk pocket watch for men

The Charles Hendon Silver is a classic in the world of Pocket watches and comes with a personalised engraving service to share a little bit of you with the World.

Now, I'd like to say that people aren't swayed by such personable touches but who am I kidding? This is steampunk we're talking about. Have the name of a loved one (Yes pets do count if you write them into your Doctor Who fan-fiction), the date you decided to throw down the baggage of your old life and take a trip to Queen Victoria's secret London (The one with the marbled cobbles and brass apes), or the name of your favourite gin house. The Charles Hendon allows you to write up to fifty letters in a variety of styles of whatever you want so have fun with it.

The Charles Hendon is cheap and with 172 reviewers giving it five stars, it’s reliable. You don’t have to worry about running into someone with the exact same watch as the engraving option allows you to express your individually in a way that isn’t going to break the bank.

  • Engraved with a message and font of your choice
  • Comes with chain so you won’t lose it
  • Dispatched to you early thanks to First Class Post
  • Relatively simple for the eclectic Steampunk
  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • Its glass dial cover is prone to damage if dropped

2. Antique Hunter Quartz Roman Numerals Pocket Watch for Men With Chain Silver

steampunk pocket watch amazon pocket watches steampunk

The Antique Hunter is here to draw you back to the present moment in style.

For those of you that have a flair for dramatics and find yourself drawn to all things brass and shiny then the Antique Hunter may be the one for you. Just look at all the skeletal cover and the Roman numerals on the minute hand; this is a great addition to any HG Wells enthusiasts who find themselves in need of a god leg stretch and a cream-tea whenever travelling through time in the pursuit of giving the Morlocks a damned good thrashing.

You won't be alone as you try and understand the paradox of creating time travel with the aim of altering it.

It's Quartz Movement which means It possesses a higher degree of accuracy over mechanical timepieces, and it may be that new dance all they're all doing in the Robotic Renaissance; the Quartz Movement is similar to the Time Warp only with more coal-powered lasers.

  • Easy time setting
  • Skeletal dial for the curious Steampunk who wants to watch the cogs move
  • Comes with a gift box
  • Cannot be personalized with compromising the detail of the watch

3. Manchda Double Cover Roman Numerals Dial Skeleton Mens Women Pocket Watch Gift

Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch

mens steampunk pocket watch steampunk style pocket watch

Somewhere between the Charles Hendon and Louis the XVI the ManChDa is a must for those who believe the watch makes the punk.

Next we have the ManChDa which I think we can agree is a work of art. It's the sort of thing kings in powdered wigs would fight over.

113 customer reviews, and a rating of four stars would suggest that the ManChDa is less popular than some of the others mentioned in this list but that is likely to do with price and the design of the watch itself (Some people prefer bronze).

  • Hand wound so doesn’t need batteries
  • Beautiful golden casing
  • Acrylic front face for safety
  • It must be hand wound which isn’t good if you’re lazy or there isn’t a clock nearby
  • It’s more expensive than the others

4. Jewelrywe Retro Wheel Roman Numeral Steampunk Quartz Pocket Watch Pendant Long Sweater Necklace 30

Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace

pocket watch necklace pocket watches steampunk

JewelryWe is the cherry on the top for any Lewis Carroll fan who finds themselves late for a very important date.

Have you ever wondered what Lewis Carroll's Mad Hatter would be like if he were to open a rift in the space time continuum, go golfing with Leonardo da vinci, and defend the World from squidgy alien invaders from the planet Hrudd? (Me neither) but if he did I imagine he'd have a timepiece like this.

30 reviews, and a four and a half star rating suggests that the world of Steampunk need not be all brass and golds but can contain colour, class, and culture. What better way to strike a conversation than someone asking you not only "Is that a pocket watch?" but "Is that an Alice In Wonderland pocket watch?" and you just point to your enormous velvet top hat and smile.

The only problem I can see is that it was suggest as a "Gift for Mom". Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy your mother a fob watch, especially if she does decide to pop along and see if these "Steam Goths you've been hanging around with are really suitable for her precious angel, because you shouldn’t (She need to keep an eye on when to take the roast out). Don't let this “Gift for Mom” put off any of you Y chromosome types. Hold your top hat covered head high, and never be afraid of what people may think.

  • It comes with a long 78cm chain so you can really show it off
  • Comes with its very own velvet bag
  • The cherry on the top of any fantasy-based Steampunk
  • It has a glass dial cover which can break if dropped
  • May take a week to deliver

5. Lymfhch Steampunk Pocket Watch

Steampunk Mechanical Pocket Watch

steampunk octopus pocket watch steampunk skeleton pocket watch

Sophisticated. Subtle. This watch draws attention to a myriad of designs that will strike a chord for those with an eye for detail.

Here we have a watch that wouldn’t be out of place in a Doctor Who episode, the LYMFHCH is a beautiful time piece.

The front face of the watch comes covered in cogs freeing you up to search for local tea shops. The LYMFHCH pocket watch is well detailed and possesses a certain late night cool quality that’s bound to attract attention wherever you go.

Roman Numerals in a dark chromatic blue that suggests the beginning of a Science Fiction adventure. Its unusual colour could spark the Steampunk to experiment with new ideas to share their inner artist with the World.

It doesn’t state that the watch runs on Quartz movement which means that isn’t in any way associated with the autobiography of the sentient geode that went on to help the galaxy’s needy rock formations, and a lacking of Quartz movement may make it less accurate when compared to the other watches mentioned here.

97 reviews and an average of four stars means the LYMFHCH is more than a pretty object, here we have something you can depend on too.

mechanical pocket watch
  • Comes with specifications and how-to for all your questions
  • Luminescent hands to tell the time in low light conditions
  • Its colour makes it hard to show off in dim light
  • Glass faces are prone to damage if dropped


The best pocket watch really depends on the type of Steampunk you are. The Personalized Charles Hendon will provide you with style and for such a bargain price you could customize it with a few cogs bought from EBAY.

For those looking to go the extra mile, and don't mind the cost then the ManChDa will not fail to make an impression. Nothing says extravagantly timeless quite like a Steampunk with a golden fob watch.

mechanical pocket watches

In the end like all things Steampunk, it comes down to a matter of taste. Start cheap. Find your bearings. And remember that you can never have too many pocket watches.

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