The Best Steampunk Phone Cases

The Best Steampunk Phone Cases

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

steampunk phone case

Steampunk phone cases are the perfect protective, style adding extra to accompany your smartphone. Whether it is your iPhone or Samsung phone, The Custom Case designed phone cases provide great protection while retaining the sleek profile of your phone. The many designs can be made to offer according to your specifications. The materials include hard plastic case, sublimation ink, iPhone case, and rubber insert. Only the best cases and inks are used, and this ensures a glossy finish. The designs on the case are waterproof, scratch, and fade resistant.

Steampunk Phone Case Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Personally Yours Cases Toughness
2. The Custom Case Value For Money
3. Sealed With a Case iPhone and Samsung
4. Da Vinci Case iPhones
5. Nu Age Products Samsungs

Top Choice: Personally Yours Cases

The personalized case is designed, imprinted and assembled according to your specific request. The cases are available in black or white.

1. Personally Yours Cases
Best For


Our Rating
2. The Custom Case
Best For

Value For Money

Our Rating
3. Sealed With a Case
Best For

iPhone and Samsung

Our Rating
4. Da Vinci Case
Best For


Our Rating
5. Nu Age Products
Best For


Our Rating

Steampunk Phone Case - the Custom Case

steampunk case

Did you know that you can order custom Steampunk phone cases? This means you can add a case for your iPhone and Samsung models according to your individual preference. Customize it in any way you want.

You spend hundreds of dollars on a new smartphone, why not spend a little more to ensure that it stays protected from dents and scratches? A wide range of phone cases are available and all that you need to do is make the choice. Let’s simplify the process of selecting a steampunk phone case by answering some common questions.

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a fashionable fusion of Victorian aesthetics and futuristic fictional imagination. The line between Victorian and fictional imagination is thin and this leaves it open to interpretation in interesting ways. Victorian era designs and images give the steampunk phone case a unique look and feel.

Why Do You Need Steampunk Phone Cases?

steampunk cell phone case

Steampunk phone cases do a couple of things. They protect the surface of your smartphone. A phone case protects from scratches and the occasional fall. If you are prone to dropping your phone every now and then, you definitely need a phone case.

Even though there are a ton of cases available, avoid buying anything cheap, as they will not protect your phone. Choose a case that is easy to fit and offers shock protection. You can find the biggest range of colors and styles and you can choose to customize any way you want.

A steampunk phone case is a must-have accessory. It can become the most important part of your wardrobe and speak volumes about your unique personality. Your phone is a status symbol that tells the world how important you are. The trend is not just about fashion, as the phone case is very much part of our visual world.

Inspiration for DIY Steampunk Phone Case

This exquisite phone case is made from the following materials: polished brass sheet, brass, bronze, copper, glass, brass rivets, brass mesh, brass and bronze pipes. It weighs in at around 100 grams so it is not going to drag you down and all the pieces are welded onto a high quality brass sheet.

If you are looking to craft your own steampunk phone cover or learn from the best, have a look at this designer and some of his great work for more inspiration:

Steampunk Phone Case Review

1. Personally Yours Cases

steampunk phone steampunk iphone case

The personalized case is designed, imprinted and assembled according to your specific request. The cases are available in black or white.

The Victorian Steampunk Phone Case on Etsy is a tough phone case for him and her. The flat aluminum insert is sturdy and imprinted with a special ink. The heat transfer process produces a permanent high-quality image.

The made to order Etsy Steampunk Phone Case is available in aluminum, rubber silicone and plastic. The slim and hard plastic case provides access to all buttons and ports. The case is an ideal choice if you desire a slim profile with minimum coverage. All that you need to do is to slide the phone into the case by aligning the camera lens and buttons.

  • Slim and hard plastic case
  • Rubber and plastic sides offer protection
  • Personalized case
  • Durable high-quality image
  • Hard drop may damage the phone

2. The Custom Case

steampunk iphone 6 case etsy steampunk phone case

If you want to turn your phone case into a fashion statement then this personalized case is an ideal choice.

The Steampunk Samsung Phone Case is a handmade item. The slim cases provide great protection and help retain the sleek profile of your phone. It’s printed with a heat activated 3D sublimation system. This creates vibrant and beautiful phone cases with wraparound graphics. All ports on the phone are easily accessible.

Only the best inks are used, and this gives it a glossy finish. The Steampunk Cell Phone Cases are available for your iPhone 5, 6, and 6 plus. A soft rubber inner liner provides additional protection. The tough rubber cases have textured side grip edges. The front and back of the phone are protected.

The front flap is made of fabric canvas. It is specially coated so that the designs can be printed in fade and scratch resistant color. The case holds the phone securely in place.

  • Provides great protection
  • Fade and scratch resistant and waterproof
  • Beautiful glossy finish
  • Easy access to all buttons and connectors
  • Drop may damage the case

3. Sealed With a Case

steampunk phone cases steampunk android phone case

The phone accessory is handmade and can instantly customize any iPhone and Samsung phones with its unique style and color.

The Steampunk Phone Cases are available for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and S5. The unique printing technique helps to embellish the original designs permanently on the back of the molded phone case.

The custom-made Steampunk Samsung Phone Case has ample openings for all buttons and camera lens. The cases are available in black, white or clear sides.

  • Custom made phone case
  • Lightweight case
  • Permanent imprint
  • Unique printing technique
  • Not sturdy

4. Da Vinci Case

steampunk smartphone diy steampunk phone case

The durable and highly detailed artwork is created using illustration techniques and digital photo collage.

The Steampunk I Phone Case fits Apple iPhone X. The handmade item provides advanced dual layer protection to the sides, back, and face. The hard-shell exterior is ideal for impact protection. The interior liner is made of silicone and this provides screen protection and extra shock absorption when face down.

The Steampunk Cell Phone Case allows access to all ports and controls. The detailed artwork wraps the sides and back of the phone case.

  • Advanced dual layer protection
  • Easy access to all controls and ports
  • Impact protection
  • Durable artwork
  • Slight variation in image placement

5. Nu Age Products

steampunk smartphone case steampunk mobile

The rubber sides of the phone case are not flimsy and don’t get stuck in your pocket.

The Steampunk Cell Phone Cases are handmade and available in aluminum, metal, and rubber. The hard rubber protects the device from any kind of damage. The image does not peel or fade off. The sides have non-slippery grip.

  • Durable metal back
  • Fits perfect around the device
  • Easy access
  • Detailed print
  • Buttons seem a little hard


If you are looking to buy a Steampunk Phone Case, you have many options available. As far as phone cases go, The Custom Case gets our vote for the best phone case. It is an ideal choice for all iPhone and Samsung phone models. It is well made and offers great protection for your expensive phones.

Our choice of best phone case goes to The Custom Case model. The well-designed case options provide a snug fit without compromising on easy access and durability of the product. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the best Steampunk Phone Case available in the market and flaunt them with style.

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