The Best Steampunk Longcoat

The Best Steampunk Longcoat

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

steampunk long coat

How do you define the Steampunk Longcoat when the very definition of Steampunk fashion is a subject for discussion? Sure, there are sub-sub-genres of Steampunk such as SilkPunk (source) set in Eastern Asia, and Westpunk (source) set in the Wild West but then you could easily say stories set in alternate Victorian society is Victorian-Steampunk and all three are a part of Steampunk but divided by geography.

Steampunk Long Coat Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Cloudstyle Breaking the mould
2. Canvas Duster Change
3. Velvet Goth House parties
4. Darcchic Sergeant Pepper’s reunions
5. Gothic Tailcoat Flair

Top Choice: Cloudstyle

“To remain open and interpretation, defined by creativity, it’s in the Cloudstyle.”

1. Cloudstyle
Best For

Breaking the mould

Our Rating
2. Canvas Duster
Best For


Our Rating
3. Velvet Goth
Best For

House parties

Our Rating
4. Darcchic
Best For

Sergeant Pepper’s reunions

Our Rating
5. Gothic Tailcoat
Best For


Our Rating

Steampunk Long Coats

That in mind, when looking at Men’s Steampunk Longcoat it isn’t wrong to think Frock Coat (source), Duster (source), or Kurta (source). Steampunk provides a safe place for a mixture of ideas and cultures both in its literature and its fashion, both inexorably linked by a mindset intent on finding answers.

So, turn on your interdimensional radio, sit back and relax to the chants of Yammy the goat god while we try and find the right style for you. Treat your enemies with a kind smile and a spot of cake while you continue to delve deep in the World of Steampunk.

j peterman steampunk long coat

Steampunk Long Coat Review

1. Darcchic

long steampunk coat long black steampunk coat

“DarcChic is just a guy talking to a girl, a girl with kaleidoscope eyes.”

Arguably more Silk than Steam, the DarcChic is the gateway coat that broadens the perceptions from Victorian Britain to Global Steampunk. DarcChic isn’t afraid to take the past and make it beautiful which is the core essence of Steampunk. Not quite India. Not quite drummer boy. Not quite Victorian Britain. DarcChic throws its velveteen hat into the ring and the odds are good.

DarcChic is a prime example of how something can be independently stylish and a great addition to a Steampunk wardrobe. Pushing the boundaries that surround a genre dedicated to breaking the status quo. DarChic would be a great conversation starter at any Steampunk gathering.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Variation of colours
  • Over two hundred reviews and a four-star rating
  • Polyester

2. Gothic Tailcoat

steampunk long coat men mens steampunk long coat

“Something’s happening that can’t be explained, something that defies the logic of style that speaks in a soft voice.”

Let’s be honest for a moment, we all secretly want to be a magician (not so secretly), and thanks to the Gothic Tailcoat now we can. Steampunk is about flair and theatrics with the occasional cog to keep things interesting. The Gothic Tailcoat retains style and sophistication with enough silliness to draw the attention of anyone who doesn’t quite get it.

Equal parts grandiloquent and strange, the Gothic Tailcoat is needed for anyone possessed by the gas-powered soul of P.T. Barnum (source). Whether taming lions, filling the World with smoke and mirrors, or breaking through to the other side, the Gothic Tailcoat will allow you to do so in a way that turns the head of class and clown.

  • Ninety seven percent cotton
  • Over two hundred reviews and a four-star rating
  • Limited variation in colour

3. Cloudstyle

steampunk mens grim long coat steampunk leather long coat

“To remain open and interpretation, defined by creativity, it’s in the Cloudstyle.”

Silkpunk, the brighter neighbour of Steampunk, set in the lands of India, China, and up and down the Silk Road. The Cloudstyle may on the surface look like the antithesis of all that is brass and brown Steampunk but like most prejudice it only goes skin deep. Cloudstyle represents a side of the Steampunk world that remains relatively unknown, its beauty, its vibrancy, and what’s more it’s machine washable.

Thanks to technology we’re seeing an increase in more quality conversations and ideas and as a result stereotypic idea surrounding the East are changing. This has been seen in the rise of alternate Eastern history known as Silkpunk. Cloudstyle provides that conversation to leak into fashion, specifically Steampunk, a community known for addressing history with a modern eye. The great thing about Cloudstyle is it works separately from Steampunk making it a great item for specific conventions as well as more traditional dinners.

  • Three-piece outfit
  • Variations in sizes
  • Variation in colour
  • Only eighty reviews and a three and a half rating

4. Velvet Goth

steampunk long coat women long pleated steampunk coat

“Soft as a shadow, sweet as sin. The Velvet Goth will haunt the dreams of all who see it.”

Velvet, the wingman of any sultry Victorian gentlemen, often accompanied by a large cognac and a snuff box. A feel without peer. A taste without age. The Velvet Goth takes elements of drummer boy and the magician and synthesises them in such a way that you’ll be upset when someone doesn’t come in and paint your portrait.

The velvet Goth is a classic. A must for any laudanum sipping, healing draught supping, wall building Victorian(source). Fill the room with dread as you stand menacingly in the corner, pleading for the return of your beloved Lenore from darkened realm on the Plutonian shore (source).

  • 192 reviews and a four-star rating
  • Different designs
  • Only fifty reviews
  • Polyester

5. Canvas Duster

men steampunk long coat mens long steampunk coat

“At the bar or in the saddle the Canvas Duster has your back.”

For the steampunk intent on conquering fame and fortune on the Western frontier (just look out for mechanical tarantulas). Not the first choice in the conventional Steampunk’s wardrobe, which is why it’s important to never overlook. The Wild West was synonymous with opportunity in a time when society was on the up thanks to industry.

Whether in search of Eldorado or fighting for rights for robots, the Canvas Duster will not only get you there, but will do so in style. A great starter piece for someone wanting to redefine the borders of Steampunk with a cog here, a six-chambered laser shooter there. Don’t make a mistake in overlooking a plain canvas in a world of rich potential.

  • One hundred percent cotton
  • Variety of sizes
  • Variety of designs
  • Only forty-four reviews

Our Favorite Steampunk Long Coats

In conclusion the opportunities far exceed the items mentioned here. If you’re planning for a Victorian England Steampunk the DarcChic and the Gothic Tailcoat are excellent choices. For Silkpunk leaning fans then the Cloudstyle is a perfect place to start, especially as the style is still relatively unknown and could always be improved with a few cogs. The Canvas Duster is the cape of the Western world, a realm of tribalism, rights, and outlaws.

If you’re looking for variety then the Velvet Goth isn’t going to be ideal, nor is it good if you’re planning on going anywhere that isn’t dry as velvet will be ruined by moisture. The Gothic Tailcoat isn’t great if you want a plethora of colours.

There’s a lot of ambiguity when it comes to the clear definitions of Steampunk fashion and as the genre slowly becomes global it means that there’s a chance to mix fashions that haven’t had the chance before, so why not find your way through Steampunk?

Things aren’t always easy, especially when it comes to expression: Ideas, art, fashion are all ways in which you can do this so take you time to find what works for you.

The choice, as always, is yours.

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