The Best Steampunk Lighting for Sale (2018 Review)

The Best Steampunk Lighting for Sale (2018 Review)

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Sep 07, 2018

steampunk lighting for sale

Don’t believe the hogwash when those Yanks try and pull the wool over your eyes as to who makes the superior bulb. Yes, technically it was an American (and Vegas street performer) (source) who had patented his ownership across most known realities (Realm of Hamster gods here I come), but who invented light in the first place? Eh? That’s right, God, and he was British (On his mother’s side).

Steampunk Lighting for Sale Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Sail-Lantern Price
2. Paraffin Lamp Collectors
3. Street-Lamp Renovators
4. LIGHT Globe Gifts
5. The Magic Lantern Fun

Top Choice: Sail-Lantern

Journey far and wide to still come back time and time again to the real thing.

1. Sail-Lantern
Best For


Our Rating
2. Paraffin Lamp
Best For


Our Rating
3. Street-Lamp
Best For


Our Rating
4. LIGHT Globe
Best For


Our Rating
5. The Magic Lantern
Best For


Our Rating

Steampunk Lighting

This piece will be solely dedicated to the advents and thematically thieved workings of the honest hard-working Brit. Queen Victoria didn’t drink from the skulls of her enemies just so some prat from “We-don’t-want-to-be-civil-land” can scream “Steampunk lighting for sale!” without suddenly being shamed into the nearest grave by any passing Brit doing their part as they inquire whether you really mean to use a soup spoon for dessert? Or passing a comment about the sheer ridiculousness of your recent haircut.

Steampunk Lighting Review

The Magic Lantern

steampunk lighting fixtures steampunk industrial lighting

All one needs is a little light to see such beauty.

So, what better way to start than a piece of history from the late nineteenth century than this magic lantern. Now, I’m obligated to point out that it is neither magic nor technically a working lantern.

It’s not the sort of thing you would find in the possession of the would-be-hero of Poesive (source) tale as it would destroy any tension if as he dug through the freshly built cellar wall he stopped occasionally and held up his magic lantern to see the little man banging a drum.

The lack of magic lanterns in his tales may be one of the reasons to why Poe never made it as a successful comedian (the other was that he had been caught in a compromising position with a delegate from the realm of sensual slugs).

So, in his own way Poe is showing just how significant the magic lantern is. By not mentioning them in his works, Poe’s ultimate horror is not in a creature found within those pages but in their absence. That cosmic crystalline cry for a World without magic lanterns.

  • Truly one of a kind art work
  • A piece of history from a bygone era
  • One of a kind, and we’re not talking until they make a new one
  • Its price reflects not only the quality but the significance of its value in history

Paraffin Lamp

steampunk track lighting steampunk ceiling lighting

Is this a dagger I see before me? Wait, let me put on my glasses.

A bit of rhyming cockney slang for those with a need to know, for those who have no idea what I’m talking about: well done! Your soul isn’t corrupted by that foul of fetters - the working class.

Why, the only thing worse than an ill-mannered Yank jumping up and down and shouting “We invented the lightbulb!” and rubbing their moustache on our furniture is the working-class Brit, and possibly a working-class Yank, although thankfully that doesn’t exist outside of the realms of fiction.

Here is an item from the nineteenth century and is the sort of thing you could happily swing about like you’re in a Poe story until you’re positively gay or burn your house down with flammable liquid (whichever comes first).

Looking for that special something to help you stand out at your next visit to Prospero palace? (source) Well, I think you’ve just found it.

  • Truly one of a kind art work
  • A piece of history from a bygone era
  • Not going to be able to replace it if you break it
  • May be difficult to find appropriate ingredients to light it
  • One of a kind, and we’re not talking until they make a new one


industrial steampunk lighting steampunk style lighting

Now you need never be lost as you find your way to my heart.

Now, let’s see the Yanks claim this as their own. Light (aha), delicate and respectful enough to not draw a scene until you fit that strobe light. Genuine Victorian, and therefore considered a superior product by all those sensibly concerned (May Victoria live eternally in the nightmares of her enemies).

A piece of art, hand-crafted by Victorian children (when they’re not shining shoes or living in their own time). Here we have something that can illuminate us to a great many things the others cannot.

The intentions of one we have not previously realized. Don’t be put off by the phallic patterns along its centre (the Victorian’s had a lot of stuff to figure out).

  • Simple style (perfect for the understated Steampunk)
  • Refined and elegant
  • Perfect for a special occasion, such as you laughing at their new haircut
  • There’s only one left which means once it’s gone it’s gone, so keep an eye on the page
  • Fairly expensive
  • Up to five-day delivery


industrial style steampunk lighting diy steampunk lighting

Shadow in blue and indigo dreams, hoping to take you away. Come close to see and feel the night slip into day - thanks to this streetlamp.

Now we’ve gotten to know each a little bit I can tell you’re the kind of soul who finds the current design of streetlamps a little tacky and disheartening. Long gone are the days of filling the oceans with Whale blood so you can keep the lights of Great Britain glowing. It’s a damn shame…Or is it? Thanks to good work down at shopwithvintage you can fill the whole in your heart with a little light.

Unfortunately, this item isn’t technically Victorian, but it’s the thought that counts, and with people of this current era designating their time to it and other similar constructions then you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice as you start to switch all the current lamps along your street for these bits of history.

  • As it’s not technically Victorian it means you can wait and buy another
  • In an ideal capitalistic world, the price of an item reflects its quality
  • Ready to ship in three days
  • Quite a price if you’re just in the market for cheap thrills
  • You risk not being the only one with one
  • Prone to criticism for OG Steampunks who collect the real deal


steampunk bathroom lighting steampunk wall lighting

Journey far and wide to still come back time and time again to the real thing.

Finally, we finish with a sailor lantern all the way from…Hong Kong? That’s not right! I don’t know how it got on this list. Oh, wait, we owned Hong Kong as this point, so it’s fine (take that, Lin Zexu!) (source), which is obvious in its stunning shape and design. A real must for those wanting to do a little more than bright a little light to a subject.

HeritageTreasuresArt is happy to connect you to this and other bric-a-brac ranging from the wonderful down to the outright weird. Be sure to check them out if you’re interested in becoming First Mate in your mental breakdown as you take to the seas of the streets bare-arsed and beautiful as Britain itself.

  • Truly one of a kind art work
  • A piece of history
  • Ready to ship in three days
  • One of a kind, and we’re not talking until they make a new one
  • Its associated with a sensitive part of history and the decline of an empire (Can you handle that?)

Our Favorite Steampunk Lighting

In conclusion, we call all agree that if you’re dealing with Steampunk lighting then it should be Victorian. I don’t want to hear you point to facts or the issues surrounding the sustainability of Victorian lighting options.

When it comes to style and flair you have to concede that the Sail-Lantern and the Paraffin Lamp are bound to make the goo kind of a scene. The Street-Lamp is the sort of thing you can invest in if you’re building a set or decorating your home in a Steam-inspired Brother’s Quay style.

In the end it comes down to a matter of choice which - as always - is yours.

steampunk lighting

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