The Best Steampunk Jewelry

The Best Steampunk Jewelry

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

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The importance of jewellery is something perhaps everyone understands. Its role as a purely decorative and delightfully non-functional accent on the female form – and, to a far lesser extent, on the male – cannot be overstated. The history of jewelry goes back further than that of clothing for a good reason (source). Today, jewelry no longer strictly follows trends in accordance with the time, and almost nothing is off limits (source). However, in an age of androgyny and a time where women wear pants just as often as men do, it can be nice to give a nod to a period in history when skirts were 'de rigueur' for the female population. Such as in the Victorian era.

Steampunk Jewelry For Sale Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Steampunk Cogs and Gears Ring Daily Wear
2. Victorian Steampunk Necklace Specificity and Versatility
3. Best Wing Antique Gear Earrings Refined Detail
4. Rizilia Lace Collar Necklace Formal Affairs
5. Q&Q Gear Necklace Value For Money

Top Choice: Steampunk Cogs and Gears Ring

This ring, a pretty little all-rounder, makes a fantastic gift that you can’t go wrong with.

1. Steampunk Cogs and Gears Ring
Best For

Daily Wear

Our Rating
2. Victorian Steampunk Necklace
Best For

Specificity and Versatility

Our Rating
3. Best Wing Antique Gear Earrings
Best For

Refined Detail

Our Rating
4. Rizilia Lace Collar Necklace
Best For

Formal Affairs

Our Rating
5. Q&Q Gear Necklace
Best For

Value For Money

Our Rating

What Makes Jewelry Steampunk?

Now, how can you convincingly pull off something reminiscent of that time in today’s world? Easy: all you need to do is take a tip from the Steampunk playbook and add a modern twist.

Sure, women in Victorian times did not wear jewelry featuring gears, cogs or screws. But there is something that ties these things to the era without seeming dated like a hoop skirt would, and since women no longer have to act the part of the damsel in distress, screws and mechanical details are a welcome departure.

The world of steampunk jewelry is one of endless variation, with pieces falling on either end of the spectrum and anywhere in between. All you need to do is decide how far you want to go, and what kind of piece suits your style. To help you do that, we’ve gathered some of our favorites.

steampunk jewelry for sale

Steampunk Jewelry Review

1. Best Wing Antique Gear Earrings

steampunk jewelry box steampunk jewelry supplies

Versatile and dignified, these earrings go with virtually anything.

The first three items on this list, starting with this one, go very well together if you’re looking to go all-out gears, gears, gears. We’re not saying that one of these isn’t statement enough, but if you’re looking for a set, you can easily combine these dangly, chiming alloy earrings with one or both of the items below.

Perfect if you are looking for something not at all ostentatious but still noticeably steampunk, even if you’re not working the full Victorian look. The only drawback here is the fact that these earrings are not nickel free, though this may not be an issue if you’re not looking to wear them daily (source).

  • Sophisticated and funky
  • People with no allergy to nickel can wear these every day
  • May be too subtle
  • Material not great for sensitive ears

2. Steampunk Cogs and Gears Ring

steampunk jewelry ideas mens steampunk jewelry

This ring, a pretty little all-rounder, makes a fantastic gift that you can’t go wrong with.

This gorgeous bronze and silver ring comes in two metal hues so it can be flattering for both cool and warm skin tones. We’re not saying you can skip the gemstone in the engagement ring for these, but apart from that single occasion, this ring makes a wonderful gift for any lady in your life, not just the one.

Your mom, for instance, who may be entirely oblivious to steampunk as a subculture, will just see it as an elegant piece of jewelry that has something classic about it.

Another reason this ring is an ideal gift is the adjustable band, so you don’t have to worry about figuring out ring size, which is an ordeal even if it’s for your own finger, let alone someone else’s (source). Note that due to its delicate nature, this ring goes best with tidy, manicured nails.

  • Will dress up any look
  • Small and intricate
  • May not be all that comfortable due to the gears

3. Q&Q Gear Necklace

steampunk jewelry diy steampunk jewelry wholesale

This quirky number is nickel free and very steampunk, without having to shout it from the rooftop.

Dainty little gears cling together in a charmingly useless fashion on this necklace that goes extremely well with all items on this list that aren’t worn around the neck. It can be the ideal choice for a costume event, a dinner or even the office without seeming out of place, and is guaranteed to get the person wearing it noticed.

One of the gears even has little hands on it like a clock, which is an adorably silly detail. Nickel free means there isn’t much to worry about in terms of allergies, unless you or the person set to receive it has a sensitivity to metal, in which case jewelry might not be the best way to go, and it’s back to the drawing board. Or to the last item on this list, which contains close to no metal.

  • Intricate piece you can wear with everything
  • This silver-plated necklace is an absolute steal
  • The design makes for the gears to flip around

4. Victorian Steampunk Necklace

steampunk jewelry findings steampunk owl jewelry

A piece of fine jewelry that makes a fantastic gift for any occasion and looks a lot costlier than it is.

Containing an actual watch mechanism, this beautiful piece has a lot of thought and work behind it, and for the price, it seems almost too good to be true. But it isn’t. This necklace will look especially great on ladies with cool skin and blue eyes, though that isn’t a prerequisite.

Parts of it are sterling silver, and parts only plated, but what is certain is that this necklace looks like something you’d keep in a velvet-lined box, only to get out when the occasion demands it. But with a price like that, you can easily wear it every day without worrying.

Now, whether it is a bit much for daily wear is entirely up to you, because one person’s too much is another’s barely there. This piece is of course handmade, something that is entirely obvious from looking at it. If you are really looking to make a lady happy, be that yourself or someone else, go for this one.

  • Intricate and particular but not overly showy
  • Fantastic material
  • Quite specific and quirky
  • Versatile and great value for money
  • The blue in the faux gemstones may clash with certain outfits

5. Rizilia Lace Collar Necklace

wholesale steampunk jewelry steampunk jewelry ring

Go all out with this lady-of-the-saloon lace number. Yes, everyone will notice you.

Here’s something a little different, in that you really can’t wear it to jeans, or even to most formal occasions. This piece requires a steampunk costume party. Or maybe whatever kind of event it is that goths attend, which is closer to steampunk than it isn’t, if we’re being honest.

The massive necklace with the enormous faux ruby-red gemstones will look ravishing on anyone brave enough to pull it off. Please note that you will have to keep answering questions about where you got it from whenever you decide to take this gorgeous piece to an outing.

There are some chains, sure, but the main event here is the lace, austere but still sensuous, with a pronounced Victorian English accent, or, as the case would have it, a wild wild west drawl, depending on the wearer.

Life is fleeting and not nearly long enough to pass up an opportunity to wear this incredible piece.

  • Unique
  • Striking
  • Best to make an impression at formal affairs
  • Really needs a full look to work

The Best Steampunk Jewelry

All of these pieces have something going for them, and most are rather easy to wear for anyone, not just die-hard steampunks. But our personal favorite is the Victorian Steampunk Necklace (fourth item on this list), a necklace handmade with care and fine craftsmanship the gifting of which could get anyone out of the doghouse.

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