The Best Steampunk Guns for Sale

The Best Steampunk Guns for Sale

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

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Steampunk comes from vibrant literature that’s often packed with action. In all steampunk media we see a variety of iconic steampunk weapons, each emblazoned with copper, brass, gears and tubes. I’ve picked out my top 5 steampunk guns to complete your costume and get you ready and protected for the next steampunk convention.

Steampunk Guns For Sale Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Steampunk 1851 Colt Navy Revolver Authenticity
2. Fully-Automatic Steampunk Nerf Gun Versatility
3. Unique Steampunk Gun Eccentric Steampunkers
4. Steampunk Toy Theatre Prop Value For Money
5. Steampunk Nerf Gun Playtime

Top Choice: Steampunk 1851 Colt Navy Revolver

As a replica gun, it may not be wise to allow your children to take this to school or to brandish it in public. As a display piece, this is perfect. The price and weight are both pretty heavy, so you’d have to be careful taking it to a steampunk convention.

1. Steampunk 1851 Colt Navy Revolver
Best For


Our Rating
2. Fully-Automatic Steampunk Nerf Gun
Best For


Our Rating
3. Unique Steampunk Gun
Best For

Eccentric Steampunkers

Our Rating
4. Steampunk Toy Theatre Prop
Best For

Value For Money

Our Rating
5. Steampunk Nerf Gun
Best For


Our Rating

Why a Steampunk Gun?

steampunk gun

Steampunk is all about dignity in anarchy, it’s about having class in an insane universe. And nothing says class like a steampunk gun. Every gentleman and gentlewoman should be packing their own steampowered pistol or flintlock rifle, to uphold the standards that defines steampunk culture from any evil.

Every steampunk enthusiast needs something to complete their outfit. You can carry a cane, a parasol, a pocket watch, even a bird of prey, but nothing looks more powerful nor more badass than a tricked out gun.

What to Look for in a Steampunk Gun


Steampunk author Stephanie Kato explains that “Steampunk weapons are usually pistols, canons, rotary guns, crossbows, rifles, and other items from the 19th century”. So when you’re choosing a steampunk gun, an older weapon always appears more authentic. A brass plated AK-47 isn’t exactly steampunk.


Look for something lighter, as you won’t want to be lugging around a heavy, metallic toy gun all around a convention. Naturally, some of the more premium steampunk guns will be much heavier, due to a metallic construction, but some steampunk toy guns will be easier to carry. It really depends on whether you want it as an art piece, a costume accessory or a playable toy.


Be careful when buying your steampunk gun, as some states have quite strict controls on what can be regarded as a weapon. If buying this for a child, they might not be able to take it into school if it’s made from metal, and if it’s a blunt heavy object, you might not be able to take it on a plane.


Many of the top steampunk guns on the market are sold as collectible art pieces, sometimes modelled on literary descriptions, as such they often don’t come with lights and sounds or even the ability to fire something like water or a nerf dart. If you want a steampunk nerf gun that’s fun to play with, as well as cool for your costume, then you can try making your own. Check out one of these tutorials: Lathe Steampunk Guns Made From Scratch or Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Custom NERF Rifle

Steampunk Gun Review

1. Steampunk Toy Theatre Prop

steampunk weapons steampunk pistol

Whilst this toy might not turn any serious steampunkers heads at conventions and events, it’s a heap of fun for fancy dress and casual role playing.

Hand painted in an elegant steampunk color scheme, this toy gun is perfect for any steampunk costume. Lights flash when you pull the trigger and it comes with a large sound bank so doubles up nicely as a costume piece/prop and a functional toy. Steampunk conventions and festivals have never taken themselves too seriously, and neither does this gun.

This is the cheapest steampunk gun we looked at and definitely deserves a place in our top 5. The only issues I had, was the writing down the barrel of the gun. “Super Flash Gun” detracts from the overall aesthetic in my opinion. The plastic build is lightweight and the yellow tip ensures that this gun is immediately identified as a toy, allowing you to carry it in public without fear that the authorities are going to get upset.

Also, the sight is quite bulky and unable to be removed. If you are pretty handy with customizing your own props, you could always remove the sight and repaint the space with a bronze or copper acrylic. The barrel is also slightly shorter than I would have liked, but for such a low price, you can’t really go wrong.

All in all, this steampunk toy gun is the best bang for your buck.

  • Lightweight
  • Sounds and Lights included
  • Great value for money
  • Doesn’t fire
  • Plastic isn’t as durable

2. Steampunk Nerf Gun

steampunk nerf gun steampunk ray gun

It’s a fun, safe and fully working toy. You’ll definitely be turning heads at most steampunk conventions with this toy, especially if you place a Nerf dart between someone’s eyes. This is ideal for the standard steampunker with not a lot of time on their hands.

Beautifully painted, this Nerf gun made by HGBrasswell is the perfect addition to any steampunk costume. When combined with a handmade leather steampunk holster (available online), you’ll look like a true airship captain ready to take on the world.

Being an original Nerf gun, you simply need to load the gun up with 6 Nerf darts and fire away. The gun is easy to use and reliably fires every time. The original Nerf stamps have been carefully removed and painted over to make the gun look more authentic.

The size and shape of the gun make it easily identifiable as a toy, so you won’t incur any hassle when using in public or at conventions.

Unfortunately the plastic build does make this Nerf gun more prone to damage than some metallic steampunk guns. Although multiple layers of paint does make this steampunk gun more scratch-resistant.

If you’re pretty good at painting, you could quite easily paint a second-hand Nerf gun yourself and save yourself a vast amount of cash, but if you don’t have the time or the steady hand, then this gun is great.

I found this gun perfect if you’re looking for a fun toy that actually fires a projectile. It’s perfect for introducing children to steampunk role playing.

  • Fires Nerf darts
  • Beautifully painted
  • Two coats of paint
  • Easily re-producable for cheaper

3. Fully-Automatic Steampunk Nerf Gun

steampunk machine gun steampunk guns for sale

You’ll definitely feel moments of true serenity and oneness with the universe as your kids and neighbours run screaming from the steampunk bullet-storm you have unleashed.

This steampunk gun looks like something straight out of an Katsuhiro Otomo anime (if you aren’t familiar with his work, check him out). This gun represents everything that makes the steampunk aesthetic truly badass.

Fully-functional and automatic, this steampunk Nerf gun comes with an ammo belt that holds 30 Nerf darts. The tripod is fully removable and despite its size, this machine gun is surprisingly lightweight. The gun has two modes - Automatic and Single Shot, so you can decide on whether you want to unload a hailstorm of darts on your opponent, or single accurate shots.

I’ve seen other steampunk enthusiasts mount this gun onto art vehicles and use as a part of larger projects. Honestly, I think this is the most versatile steampunk gun, it has a wide range of features and you can include it in multiple different projects, or just use it for playing around.

  • Truly badass
  • Automatic fire
  • Comes with removable tripod
  • Heavy

4. Steampunk 1851 Colt Navy Revolver

Best Steampunk Colt Revolver

steampunk gun for sale steampunk nerf guns for sale

As a replica gun, it may not be wise to allow your children to take this to school or to brandish it in public. As a display piece, this is perfect. The price and weight are both pretty heavy, so you’d have to be careful taking it to a steampunk convention.

One of the most beautiful pieces we’ve reviewed. This 1851 Navy Colt revolver is a replica of the pistol genuinely used by both Confederate and Unionist forces in the American Civil War. How dapper is that? Modelled after a weapon that was genuinely used in the time period that inspires steampunk literature, this gun is as authentic as they come.

This steampunk gun replica is hand-made from a variety of materials, primarily using brass and copper, as well as real gears and springs to give it that steampunk edge. The design work is intricate and ornate.

  • Authentic replica
  • Beautifully ornate
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Looks too realistic
  • Expensive

5. Unique Steampunk Gun

steampunk toy gun steampunk ray gun for sale

Each piece produced is handmade and features some of the highest craftsmanship out there.

Each piece produced by KopfTraeume is handmade and one of kind, the picture above is only a sample of the incredible craftsmanship this steampunk workshop creates. Each piece is made from upcycled parts, and is handmade with a fantastic attention to detail.

Built primarily from wood and metal, these steampunk pistols are far heavier than the Nerf guns and also come at a higher price. The price is high, and these guns are unable to fire, so you’re paying for the intricate design and sheer beauty of the product.

I love the upcycled nature and the lack of any waste when producing this prop, but I don’t feel it warrants the price. Not when the 1851 Colt is more authentic, and the Nerf guns are more fun. Still, it deserves a place on this list for being the craziest steampunk gun, and a sure fire way of starting some interesting conversations at conventions.

  • Great packaging
  • The craftsmanship is of highest quality
  • Handmade
  • Heavier than nerf guns
  • Quite expensive

So Who Was the Winner?

At the end of the day, it depends on what you’re looking for in a steampunk gun. If you want something fun to play with and go on mad steampunk fantasy adventures with your little ones, then the fully automatic steampunk Nerf gun by Steampunk Laboratory is a no-brainer. It’s highly adaptable and perfect for introducing kids to the world of steampunk.

On the other hand, if you’re a serious cosplayer and want something authentic to take with you to conventions, and then mount on the mantelpiece at home, then the 1851 Navy Colt revolver is perfect in its elegance.

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