Steampunk Goggles (2018 Reviews)

Steampunk Goggles (2018 Reviews)

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Sep 07, 2018

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This year alone there are 29 conventions set to express our need for the aesthetic reimagination of a bygone era (source).

Steampunk is a movement that has embraced an alternative world of a Victorian time with steam powered gadgets. Perhaps, one can track this blooming nostalgia in our need to find something simple in a world that intertwines in an unnecessary complexity.

This sentiment is reinforced by the fact steampunk was added in the Oxford Dictionary as late as 2010 (source). Unjustly, though, it is only defined as a genre of fiction that prefers steam propelled machinery to modern technology. For, steampunk is more than a genre.

The plethora of conventions show it is an attitude of life. And the notoriety of steampunk goggles has become, without a doubt, the flag-bearer for the widespread adoption of this alternative reality.

Steampunk Goggles Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Classic Steampunk Goggles Overall
2. Tanqiang Steampunk Goggles and Gas Mask Design
3. Lelinta Spiked Goggles Versatility
4. Elope Gold Steampunk Monocle Uniqueness
5. Leegoal Steampunk Goggles Price
6. Lelinta Kaleidoscope Rave Rainbow Steampunk Goggles Style

Top Choice: Classic Steampunk Goggles

Umbrella Laboratory clipped the double ocular loupe with a metallic ring that can easily change sides.

1. Classic Steampunk Goggles
Best For


Our Rating
2. Tanqiang Steampunk Goggles and Gas Mask
Best For


Our Rating
3. Lelinta Spiked Goggles
Best For


Our Rating
4. Elope Gold Steampunk Monocle
Best For


Our Rating
5. Leegoal Steampunk Goggles
Best For


Our Rating

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Why You Need to Go With Steampunk Goggles

The momentum of the steampunk subculture, as it shape-shifted between two realities, has given birth to extravagant designs, from protorobotics to steam locomotives. The inventive artifacts of a fantasy world predominantly make their appearance in conventions. The detail that goes into crafting a costume borders perfection. And if you are going Victorian-style, the steampunk goggles must be included.

I couldn’t have pulled off the steampunk version of Ironman without that menacing headset when I dabbled into my own nostalgia. They didn’t just accessorize the flaming tints of a metallic attire. They facilitated them. And, given the fact they barely cost me a taxi ride, it seemed like a moot decision to purchase them.

But, wearing the shoes (and goggles) of the character who inspires you is not the only way to go steampunk. The rave culture at the summit of the second decade in the 21st century has adopted steampunk goggles as their go-to headwear. And there’s a good reason for that. While any other use beyond aesthetic is strictly prohibited, these goggles can keep your eyes safe from dust.

Stomping the desert at Burning Man at the beat of EDM might turn into vexation as dust particles gnaw your eyeballs. And for those who seek an alternative take, certain goggles come with kaleidoscopic lenses, which from experience can be said to augment the sweaty fun of an electronic festival.

Of course, steampunk might be your chosen daily way of life. And since having a mechanical arm that runs on fumes might become a hindrance, steampunk goggles tend to be subtle. Most likely, they will just melt with the other cultural phenomena of your cities.

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Considerations to Make Before Buying Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Goggles Are Not Heavy-Duty Tools

It is important to remember steampunk goggles are not heavy-duty tools. Unlike their marketing appeal as welding goggles of a bygone era, their plastic contour will most likely leave you with a burning itch to call your doctor. Their lenses, also, are not given the same treatment as modern sunglasses and are unsuited to reflect or hinder UV radiation from damaging your retinas. Some lenses might even alter depth perception. It is a hard no, then, to steampunk and drive.

Different Strokes

Having gone through our due diligence, one of the first considerations that should inform your choice will be how they will decor your outfit. Some of them are designed with spikes. Others have a simplistic outlook that will be best suited to fit a tall hat. Consider the design of the character you want to bring into life and choose accordingly.

Visibility Considerations

You also need to consider the matter of visibility. There are steampunk goggles with permanent black lenses which will make walking a strenuous affair. If you intend to have them on at all hours, then be swayed by a pair that offers clear lenses.

Top Features


A weekend long convention, or a 7-day marathon of an EDM festival will most likely demand some modifications in your Victorian attire. Having removable lenses on your steampunk goggles will add that extra bit of flair. The comcominant of being able to change lenses is the addition of a clear set that will enhance visibility.

There are, as well, lenses treated with anti-fog agents. These treatments can be chemicals or films, with the sole purpose of minimising the fog-like tension created by amassed water (source). And, given the ounces you will sweat on the dance floor will be vaporized by the heat emitting from your body, having something to block the fog effect will be the difference between a good-night out and a bad choice.


Steampunk goggles(or at least the good ones) come with an adjustable strap. It makes them versatile on the age range they can accommodate. The strap, also, helps when the function of the goggles is to complement an accessory. You can easily fit them on your hat, hand, harness. There is one small disadvantage that comes with the strap. Given that the hard plastic of the goggles around the lenses does not include a rubberized ring, the tighter your pull the strap the more annoying they will feel on your face.

Dust Proof

While their usage falls on the aesthetic side, they can still protect your eyes from dust. Especially if you are at a festival predominately paved with the dirt, stirred by the thousand feet jumping up and down to the monotone sound of electronic music.

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Steampunk Sunglasses & Aviator Goggles Review

Tanqiang Steampunk Goggles and Gas Mask

where to buy steampunk goggles mens steampunk goggles

The usual resin-by products are employed, while three metallic spikes on either side add the punk element in the attire.

The price of the TanQiang extravaganza is default-proof of their unparalleled craftsmanship. The lenses of the goggles is treated with anti-fogging agents, making them hydrophobic to your sweat. While ravers will fall in-love with the utility of this feature, given their price these goggles might be better for a performance.

The quality of the lenses translates to their fixed position on the goggles. The obligatory adjustable strap is featured, much like its counterparts. And, there is an added bonus that comes with the headset. You get a cool gas mask, which we highly don’t recommend to test for anything other than your imminent gig.

  • High quality lenses that don’t fog
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Highly durable
  • Good visibility
  • Dust proof
  • They fall on the expensive side of steampunk goggles
  • You can’t remove the lenses

Lelinta Spiked Goggles

steampunk goggles for women steampunk accessories

Unlike their competition, Lelinta was kind enough to offer 7 different color tints for their lenses to accommodate any mood and style you adopt.

The aesthetic of the spikes is a testament of the authenticity this goggles entail. The battle-worn skeleton also adds another dimension of rusticity so amply found in the steampunk generation. As these goggles have found a home in younger ages, influenced by the anime infiltration to the west world, Lelinta was sensible to mold the spikes out of plastic and make them removable (although, I wouldn’t remove them).

The adjustable elastic headband makes them a perfect fit for the little adventurers of another world, enamoured by the thought of a crossover between Detective Gadget and Fullmetal Alchemist.

  • Adjustable headband for an easier fit
  • Removable spikes
  • 7 different colours of lenses, including a clear set for better visibility
  • Dust proof
  • Users have commented the lenses are susceptible to shutter if tighten enough.

Elope Gold Steampunk Monocle

red and black steampunk goggles old aviator steampunk goggles

Elope, which means everybody laughs on planet earth, designed the monocle to be fitted on either eye with the same ease.

The steampunk movement has enough room to accomodate for monocles (thankfully!). Beyond my own biases concerning the cool nature of the awesome eye patches, a mixture of childhood curiosity and obstinate manhood, this golden goggle will be adored by anyone. The adjustable elastic band is designed to run over your eye so as to tightly fit the monocle on your head.

The steampunk wearable is a one-piece polycarbonate plastic, which implies you are stuck with the lense you got. Although, that wouldn’t be much of a problem in terms of visibility since the benefit of a monocle resides in its name.

  • Can fit both eyes
  • You have one eye free for better visibility
  • It doesn’t fog
  • An elastic strap allows for a tight fit
  • You can’t remove the lense
  • Its function as dust proof is cut in half

Leegoal Steampunk Goggles

steampunk aviator goggles multi lensed steampunk goggles

While Leegoal’s goggles don’t exceed the 5 dollar mark, their economy testifies against their durability.

The cheapest on this list, Leegoal’s steampunk goggles are not made to demand attention. Their simplicity defines their identity as a complimentary to your costume. We might dare to say, you can pull these goggle off in broad daylight without wondering eyes peering judgmentally to your direction.

The rustic circumference is upheld once more for the vintage appeal. While the lenses come only in a shaded tint, they don’t bring visibility to a zero. It will be a rather sepia experience.

  • They are cheap, at around 5 dollars
  • Come with an elastic strap to fit all head sizes
  • Fairly good visibility
  • Dust Proof
  • Users commented they are not very durable
  • The lenses are not removable

Lelinta Kaleidoscope Rave Rainbow Steampunk Goggles

steampunk prescription glasses cheap steampunk goggles

While there are no spare lenses for this product by Lelinta, you can still remove them and simply wear the goggles lense-free.

The comparison between this product and its spiked poly-lensed sibling stops at the junction of functions. The kaleidoscope appeal seduces the regular raver with a palate for an intoxicated fun, more than the casual cosplayer and young steampunk. The EDM appropriate wear is fitted with the necessary strap to keep them attached while you jump up and down.

Their agreeability with the rave culture replaces the rustic tints of the Victorian era with the polishness of chrome. In hindsight, the choice in colors seems more appropriate with their basic function. Look shiny while you party. But, you need to be on guard as the built up moisture will fog the rainbow extravaganza of interchanging shapes and colors.

  • Adjustable headband for a better fit
  • Kaleidoscope view makes them a fun accessory
  • Lenses can be removed
  • Dust Proof
  • Visibility is significantly limited

Classic Steampunk Goggles

mens steampunk clothing steampunk goggles for sale

Umbrella Laboratory clipped the double ocular loupe with a metallic ring that can easily change sides.

What is special about the Umbrella Laboratory steampunk creation is the extra touch of the magnifying eye loupes above the lenses. The meticulous cosplayer who dabbles into precise representation of their favorite character (I see you, Jules Verne) will adore this extravagant headset.

The detail it has gone into these goggles is further explored by the shining bronze compass carved on either side of the plastic skeleton. Although stunning, the azure lenses will only be removed if you had a tantrum because your boss didn’t allow you to wear them at work and you hurled the goggles on a nearby wall. There is also an adjustable head strap to accommodate any age that wishes to express its desire to slip into a simpler era.

  • Awesome details, from eye loupes to compass
  • Adjustable headband
  • Dust proof
  • Good visibility
  • The lenses can’t be removed

Our Favorite Steampunk Goggles

Choosing the best steampunk goggles out of the bunch required some mental gymnastics, trying to balance price, functionality, use and biases. While the magnificent monocle by Elope warms my heart, the top pick goes to the detailed designed behind Umbrella Laboratory’s headwear. It fully embraces the nuances of the steampunk vision with the extra additions of ocular loupes and compasses. Its attention to the minute elevates the product’s multifunctionality for the cosplay world. And, the asking price of around 20 dollars seems like a fair exchange for a touch of an alternative reality.

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