The Best Steampunk Gloves

The Best Steampunk Gloves

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 11, 2019

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Chic Steampunk gloves have a name inspired by the Steampunk fashion which draws most of its inspiration from the Victorian style. Gloves were often worn by both sexes as a style accessory in Victorian fashion wear. Of all glove styles available in the market this one has an interesting history that tells a tale not so common in the fashion industry.

Sewn by hand, gloves were a common fashion asset during the medieval era. It is said that Queen Elizabeth I often wore gloves which she used to attract attention her way, this she did because she was vain of her shapely hands. Her rival and cousin Mary Queen of Scotland had some innumerable pairs of gloves in her closet one of which rose to fame during her execution.

Both medieval queens reigned during the medieval era, wore gloves to complement their dressing and are now considered as historical figures in the fashion realm.

Steampunk Gloves Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Fioretto Fingerless Gloves Overall
2. Steampunk Cosplay Compass Gears Fingerless Real Leather Gloves Steampunk Look
3. Steampunk Gothic Mens Vintage Genuine Leather Fingerless Gloves Flexibility
4. Women's Floral Lace Gloves Costume Gothic Gloves Dress Ups
5. Italian Cashmere Lined Touchscreen Leather Gloves Durability

Top Choice: Fioretto Fingerless Gloves

100% Italian Goatskin Leather with a natural skin texture for comfortable & stylish-wrist closure with a side zipper for quick and easy fastening
1. Fioretto Fingerless Gloves
Best For


Our Rating
4. Women's Floral Lace Gloves Costume Gothic Gloves
Best For

Dress Ups

Our Rating
5. Italian Cashmere Lined Touchscreen Leather Gloves
Best For


Our Rating

The Role of Gloves in Steampunk Fashion

Does a glove have significant value in the millennial age? As a matter of fact, gloves are still worn as a style accessory in various dress codes and factions. Kings and queens wear gloves in their coronation and even so, Queen Elizabeth II still wears gloves as is seen in most of her pictures and portraits. Roman Catholic popes, bishops and cardinals also wear gloves while conducting the traditional sacrament masses to keep their hands clean (source).

A fashion trend with respect to history, Steampunk fashion combines an alluring aspect which borrows from both the medieval and millennial eras. Steampunk gloves are worn in various steampunk movies and perhaps you were like me, watching movies from a blind man's perspective.

If you look closely, you'll notice that film directors are not oblivious of steampunk fashion, they dress their characters in a symbolic way only understood by the fashion tamed fellow. Debuted in 17th July 2004 "steam boy" featured an 1860s boy inventor, with a steampunk touch, the movie was full of engines and gloves (source).

My all-time favorite, Van Helsing is another steampunk movie. The protagonist, Van Helsing is clad the steampunk way with Mens Steampunk Gloves as an accessory (source).

steampunk glove

Steampunk Womens Gloves

This category has a variety of glove designs for the fairer sex. From gothic fingerless gloves to lacey glovettes women can rock the steampunk fashion with flair. I particularly love how Steampunk Gloves from Etsy showcases a variety of these brands. Sunshine bridal shop has a unique collection of Steampunk Lace Gloves suitable for bridal wear.

In the history of gloves, leather gloves known as opera gloves became a necessary style accessory during the Napoleonic era. These leather gloves were long with a beyond elbow extension. During this period, these gloves were often known as "evening gloves" and to the aristocracy, it was considered ill manners for one to be seen not wearing them.

Today, opera gloves have a more Steampunk touch, in the Napoleonic era, they were made of leather however you can spot plenty of Steampunk Long Gloves made of different materials such as lace.

Fingerless Steampunk Gloves

Fingerless gloves have a place in history. Initially made to allow people carry out various tasks that required finger dexterity such as knitting, stitching and archery these gloves rose up the ranks in popularity and were soon adopted by the wealthy.

They were a fashion statement treasured by the aristocratic who wore them to display the luridness of their rings. Fingerless Steampunk Fashion Gloves are made of velvet, lace, silk or fine leather and are available in different styles and lengths.

Synthetic materials are used to make Steampunk Gloves however, I can't dispute the fact that leather is a very popular material which dates way back in the history of glove making.

Leather remains a tough opponent and a sturdy sweetheart at protecting the hands. Unlike other materials it doesn’t tear easily, can be worn with ease and maintaining it is even easier.

Steampunk Glove Review

1. Fioretto Fingerless Gloves

steampunk gloves men steampunk fingerless gloves

100% Italian Goatskin Leather with a natural skin texture for comfortable & stylish-wrist closure with a side zipper for quick and easy fastening

My all-time brand, Fioretto has me hooked to these gloves. Being that driving is one hobby of mine, I love to be in the best control of the steering wheel and what better way to do it than with gloves.

These Fioretto Mens Fingerless Gloves sport a complete Steampunk classic look thanks to their design and somber details. They are extremely well put together and are surprisingly comfortable.

  • The natural skin textured goatskin leather used to make them is 100% Italian
  • Wrist closure is both stylish and comfortable
  • Side zipper for quick and easy fastening
  • The needle stitches are delicately done, making these gloves feel softer on the skin
  • The glove inside is unlined to keep the hands dry and cool during hot weather while the leather keeps them warm during cold chilly weather
  • Available in color variations of black, green, brown, blue-black, grey and dark blue
  • To the budget minded, these gloves may come as pricey

2. Steampunk Cosplay Compass Gears Fingerless Real Leather Gloves

Best Steampunk Fingerless Gloves

steampunk gloves diy steampunk leather gloves

Steampunk cosplay compass gears feature superb quality and the perfect steampunk look.

Looking at these gloves, I must say they have a unique eye catchy design. Other than the mitten design, this one of a kind with 3 finger extensions. The gloves are made of second skin material which is super stretchy and comfortable. For use in the pool world, they are equally lightweight and thin.

  • Great quality
  • Gloves have a unique design of individually crafted variations
  • Gloves are designed to favor use in the gaming world

3. Steampunk Gothic Mens Vintage Genuine Leather Fingerless Gloves

mens steampunk gloves steampunk gloves women

The perfect fingerless steampunk gloves for almost any dress up party

These steampunk gloves are a bonus addition to any vintage collection. Their design is superbly crafted to suit a fashionable steampunk look as well as doing handy jobs such as driving, cycling, racing and motor riding. Real sheepskin is used to make them while they have cool gothic details line the back of the hands.

  • Very comfy feel
  • Effective fastening on the wrist
  • Only one-color selection

4. Women's Floral Lace Gloves Costume Gothic Gloves

steampunk claw gloves steampunk gloves for sale

These black lace gloves are lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear and will fit tightly to your hands.

Ideal for many party occasions, these black steampunk gloves are made of lace which is soft on the skin, comfy when worn, lightweight and breathable. Sold in pairs of 3, you can change them alternately without worry.

  • Nice fingerless glove design
  • Comes in 3 pairs at a very affordable price
  • The fact that they come in 3 pairs, it would be wise to have the remaining 2 pairs in different colors

5. Italian Cashmere Lined Touchscreen Leather Gloves

steampunk lace gloves steampunk power glove

Feel the difference of true Italian craftsmanship and flawless Italian style with these pair of handmade leather gloves by Fratelli Orsini

The list is never complete without Steampunk gloves designed for today's tech needs. These leather gloves are made of Italy's finest lambskin leather and have a cashmere lining fully enabled for touchscreen purposes. The stitches are pique while each side of the gloves has a center vent on the palm side.

  • Gloves available in 3 colors: black, hunter green and brown
  • Made of quality and durable leather
  • Center vent makes them very breathable so no more sweaty palms
  • Gloves are quite pricey

The Best Steampunk Glove

As an accessory, good gloves are one of a kind and hard to come by. There are many brands, some made through machines and others hand made. My personal favorite has to be the Fioretto Fingerless Gloves because of their superior quality and ability to work well in almost any setting.

leather steampunk gloves
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