The Ultimate Guide to Steampunk Gears

The Ultimate Guide to Steampunk Gears

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

steampunk gears

The best steampunk gears allow you to unleash your inner mechanical mastermind. Steampunk is a relatively new style that uses old anachronisms and technology on various items.

For example, a steampunk necklace is one that features brass parts or other items that are typical or the Victorian or Industrial era. One of the best things about steampunk gears is that they are not expensive. This means that you can steampunk on a budget.

Steampunk Gears Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Bronze Steampunk Gears Costume Decorations
2. Steampunk Gears and Cogs Scrapbooking
3. Antiqued Charm Lot Jewelry Making
4. Assorted Antique Steampunk Gears Cosplay Costumes
5. Mix Style Antique Charms Necklaces

Top Choice: Bronze Steampunk Gears

These charms are perfect for scrapbooking projects, jewelry making and costume decorations.

1. Bronze Steampunk Gears
Best For

Costume Decorations

Our Rating
2. Steampunk Gears and Cogs
Best For


Our Rating
3. Antiqued Charm Lot
Best For

Jewelry Making

Our Rating
4. Assorted Antique Steampunk Gears
Best For

Cosplay Costumes

Our Rating
5. Mix Style Antique Charms
Best For


Our Rating

Steampunking On a Budget

One of the best places to find steampunk gears is a thrift store. However, it is important to use the right techniques when shopping for steampunk gears in thrift stores. Shopping for steampunk gears in thrift stores is an art form on its own and there are definitely right and wrong ways of doing it.

First, do not let anything you intend to purchase out of sight and reach. Personally, I have witnessed fights in thrift stores over items that someone walked away from. The world of thrift shopping can at times be a bit brutal.

Secondly, most thrift stores have days of the week when certain items are half-off; take advantage of such offers. Thrift stores are cheap, but it can feel awesome to walk away from a thrift store with a huge bundle of items at a fraction of the cost. In addition, if things are that cheap, you probably won’t mind if one or more items do not work out.

An important tip for finding the right steampunk gears in thrift stores is to shop often. Finding the item you want in a thrift store is basically determined by luck; there is no guarantee that you will find the item you need.

DIY Vintage Embellishments - Steampunk Gears and Cogs

Flexible Metal Faucet Connectors

These items can look really cool especially when used to create various steampunk accessories. However, dealing with flexible metal faucet connectors can be quite rough because they often kink easily.

Plastic Pipe Lengths

While some pipes may not be as versatile as plain PVC pipes, they may have features such as expanded openings, ridges and threads that may inspire your creative vision.


These are items that are often screwed onto water pipes to make them quieter. They work by providing pressure sinks that reduce sudden changes in pressure. However, many people avoid incorporating resters into props because they are often quite expensive.

Wooden Dowels

This item comes in handy especially when you do not have the required tools for woodworking but still want wooden parts in your steampunk ensemble. They are quite versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Steampunk Gears Review

1. Steampunk Gears and Cogs

steampunk gears for sale steampunk gears and cogs

These are nice and sturdy gears suitable for a wide range of crafts and scrapbooking projects.

This comprises of a wide range of antique steampunk gear materials in various sizes. They are perfect for making steampunk jewelry, crafts, costumes and scrapbooking projects. Nice and sturdy, these gears provide great components for hats, crafts, and costumes of various sizes.

In addition, they come in a wide range of colors including bronze and copper. You can use these gears to make zipper pulls, key chains, key rings, design homework, necklace bracelets and anklets.

  • Durable
  • Wide range of sizes and shapes
  • Wide range of colors
  • Antique look
  • Smaller parts not suitable for children

2. Antiqued Charm Lot

gears steampunk steampunk cogs and gears

This is a great assortment for the clock lover in your home. They are quality gears that have passed rigorous quality control measures before packaging.

This a 15-piece gear collection that will meet all your craft and jewelry making needs. This collection consists of gears that are made of zinc alloy. The gears are free of nickel or lead. In addition, they come in a bubble packing to ensure they remain in the best condition possible.

The gears are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes; perfect for scrapbooking projects and jewelry making. You can use these gears in vintage wedding decor scrapbooking, steampunk theme crafts and necklace pendants.

  • Genuine antique bronze tone
  • Wide range of sizes, shapes and colors
  • Nickel and lead free
  • Bubble packing to ensure quality
  • May not be suitable for making sizable items

3. Assorted Antique Steampunk Gears

large steampunk gears steampunk gears gadgets and gizmos

These charms have undergone plating treatment to ensure they maintain their quality.

These gears are made of zinc alloy and are free of lead or cadmium. In addition, they come in a wide range of colors including silver, bronze, copper and golden.

These gears are perfect for making zipper pulls, necklaces, and handmade handcrafts. They make great DIY gifts for friends or lovers. You can also use them to create unique lucky charms and punk or cosplay style costumes.

Made of metal alloy, these gears are perfect for scrapbooking projects, pendant drops and jewelry making accessories. They consist of different style gear charms for varying décor requirements.

In addition, the gears are lead and cadmium free with beautiful electroplating finishing making the tough and durable. They are perfect for DIY crafts, jewelry making, scrapbooking projects and costume decorations.

  • Durable zinc alloy plating
  • Cadmium and lead free
  • Wide range of gear charms
  • Great color options
  • Pieces are generally small

4. Mix Style Antique Charms

steampunk clockwork gears large steampunk gears for sale

They come in antique bronze tone for that authentic steampunk look.

These gears are made of zinc alloy and are free of nickel or other forms of harmful metals. In addition, they are available in various shapes and sizes for different projects. These charms can be used for jewelry making and arts and crafts projects.

The charms come in bubble packing to ensure you get them in the exact condition you purchased. They are perfect for scrapbooking projects, necklaces, and vintage wedding décor. The charms are available in a wide range of colors including bronze, black, rose gold and silver.

  • Antique bronze
  • Various color options
  • Strong and durable
  • Bubble packing for safe storage
  • Not watch size

5. Bronze Steampunk Gears

steampunk gears bulk clock gears steampunk

These charms are perfect for scrapbooking projects, jewelry making and costume decorations.

These antique bronze steampunk gear charms are available in various styles and sizes to fit the varying needs of steampunk craft projects. They are free of lead and cadmium and feature exquisite electroplating finish making them tough and durable.

The charms are also available in a wide range of colors including red copper, bronze, silver and antique gold. In addition, they come in a wide range of sizes and shapes; a great mix for any collection.

  • Lead and cadmium free
  • Wide range of colors
  • Excellent electroplating finish
  • Genuine antique look
  • None

Our Favorite Steampunk Gears

Steampunk gears allow you to create various steampunk items using everyday components, cogs and parts. You can find steampunk gears from various places including flea markets, thrift stores, construction sites and bike shops.

Our choice for best steampunk gear set has to be the Bronze Steampunk Gears. These gears feature a unique antique look. In addition, they are lead and cadmium free for your safety. These gears are also durable and available in wide range of colors, shapes and sizes.

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