The Best Steampunk Gauges for Sale

The Best Steampunk Gauges for Sale

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

steampunk gauges for sale

Pressure gauges are inevitable equipment for checking the pressure of steam. They are mounted on the front top of steam drums. The most authentic gauges could be difficult to find and at the same time pricey, once found. Despite the numerous websites that display equipment, only a few offer high quality and industrial Steampunk Gauges for sale.

While the pointers of old pressure gauges are very plain, good and, new ones come with ornate pointers. Gauges with ornate pointers, however, are cost-effective and do not make their perceived values diminish. Pressure gauges are always classified in relations to their level of precision.

Steampunk Gauges For Sale Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Steampunk Voltage Meter Lamp Accuracy
2. Steampunk Gauge, Temperature Alarm Gauge, Large Gauge Mobility
3. 25mm Vintage Steampunk Gauge Accessory All-purpose
4. Steampunk Gauge Face - Antique Brass Finish Elegance
5. Steampunk Gauges Printable Digital Collage Sheet High quality JPG images

Top Choice: Steampunk Voltage Meter Lamp

It affords the best accuracy in measurement.

1. Steampunk Voltage Meter Lamp
Best For


Our Rating
3. 25mm Vintage Steampunk Gauge Accessory
Best For


Our Rating
4. Steampunk Gauge Face - Antique Brass Finish
Best For


Our Rating
5. Steampunk Gauges Printable Digital Collage Sheet
Best For

High quality JPG images

Our Rating

Steampunk Pressure Gauges

Mechanical pressure gauges have been the mainstays in the process industry. The challenges that accrue to it require a basic and economical gadget with a neighborhood show. Gauges utilize fragile mechanisms with springs and gears, which make them susceptible to damages. Click here to learn more.

DIY Steampunk Gauges

If you want to build steampunk props for cosplay, gauges are then inevitable. DIY Steampunk gauges are built using ICE Resin. This is because ICE Resins are easy to work with and harden well. Learn how to make DIY steampunk pressure gauges here.

How to Make Steampunk Gauges

Building a high-quality Steampunk gauge would be determined by a lot of factors: purpose, cost-effectiveness, pressure and temperature range, environmental conditions, reliability, required accuracy, among others.

Learn how to make Steampunk gauges by watching the video here.

How to Identify Fake Steampunk Pressure Gauges

The variety of conventional checks keeps on being massive, and key contemplations require some examination.

Case Venting:

AMETEK fluid filled measures have an elastomeric vent/fill plug tip which can be effectively cut (after establishment) to allow case venting. This is suggested for all fluid-filled checks, particularly those with most extreme weight evaluations of 100 psi and under. This will make up for climatic changes that could impact the alignment of the filled measure.

Pressure Range:

The working weight ought to dependably be constrained to 75% of the gauge range for utmost accuracy, security, and extended gauge life.

Pressure Fluid Temperature:

Steam and other hot media may raise the temperature of the measure segments above safe working cutoff points of the fixed joints. In these cases, it is prescribed that a siphon or a compound stomach seal be utilized as a part of conjunction with the weight check. Substance stomach seals and remote, reinforced, slim tubing can likewise be considered for use with measures that are subjected to low or high encompassing temperatures.

Method of Mounting:

For applications where the measure is mounted sideways, evenly, or topsy-turvy, the check ought to be recalibrated in the situation in which it will, at last, be utilized.

Click here to learn about other factors.

steampunk gauges for sale

Steampunk Gauge Review

1. 25mm Vintage Steampunk Gauge Accessory

steampunk gauges for sale steampunk gauges

It comes with an outstanding beauty despite its old looking bronze.

Awesome impersonation vintage measure pictures set in old-fashioned bronze and glass with staggering practical detail.

Estimating roughly 27mm crosswise over once set in the metal level back base you can utilize this thing for a multitude of embellishing purposes including nerf weapon mods/stream pack detail and making your adornments.

They are produced using improved vintage pictures that are printed out on fantastic paper at that point clung to premium Birchwood and cut out with a Laser.

Craftsmanship Parts, Embellishments for Jewelry Making, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking, Paper Crafting, Party Decorations, Art Projects, Doll House Miniatures, Dioramas and more.

The vintage gauge is available in different sizes: 57mm, 50mm, 25mm, 20mm and 14mm which could be used to measure altitude, temperature, etc. They are applicable to readings such as feet/ meters, degrees Fahrenheit/centigrade, etc.

  • Multipurpose embellishments
  • Available in various sizes
  • Old-fashioned bronze

2. Steampunk Gauge Face - Antique Brass Finish

steampunk pressure gauge printable steampunk gauges

It is made of a thick metal alloy which affords you longevity.

Do you need to add a little spunk to your next creation? Our Steampunk Industrial Gauge is essentially magnificent. You won't discover this anyplace else. Made for the individual who essentially needs the most flawlessly awesome and wouldn't like to mess around attempting to discover a bundle of "utilized" checks.

These are not shabby plastic, paper, tin, or magnets. They are 1/4" thick amalgam elegantly intended to take your steampunk task to the following level.

  • Made of Metal Alloy
  • General Diameter: 2-1/2"
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Side Mounting Holes: 1/8" Diameter (openings acknowledge 5-40 screws and fasteners)
  • Break in back: 1-7/8" Diameter
  • Lower Center Hole: 11/16" Diameter

Three completions to browse: Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Antique Nickel

It is a non-working check made for the individual who just needs the most perfect and wouldn't like to mess around attempting to discover a pack of "utilized" measures. (The needle and the measure confront are imprinted on reflexive paper stock and embedded into the back break).

  • Side mounting poles
  • Looks great
  • Authentic steampunk style
  • Not cheap

3. Steampunk Voltage Meter Lamp

diy steampunk gauge steampunk pressure gauges

It affords the best accuracy in measurement.

This Avolite highlights a vintage Mk4 Avometer from the 50/60's. This was initially a mechanical review accuracy instrument, hermetically fixed, making it relatively indestructible. Its retro style case is made out of bakelite.

Avolites highlight adaptable knuckle joint arms that enable you to point the light wherever you need. It can be an uplighter; it can be a perusing light.

Super retro tech style, perfect for bookshelves and different surfaces more than 6" wide.

  • Hand made item
  • All lit meter board
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Optional USB charging port (costs additional)

4. Steampunk Gauge, Temperature Alarm Gauge, Large Gauge

how to make steampunk gauges diy steampunk gauges

It comes with an old and grungy but a brilliant outlook with a movable needle.

Here is a brilliant looking mechanical measure made by Standard Thermometer Inc. Boston, Mass.

It has a plastic face, but you will think it appears old. It is a consummate grungy metal edge and awesome orange needle that you can move physically. This is outstanding amongst other looking measures. It is ideal for that steampunk venture!

  • Well made hanger
  • Mobile needle
  • It appears old

5. Steampunk Gauges Printable Digital Collage Sheet

steampunk voltage gauges vintage steampunk gauges

You have the choice of picking from the different sizes to suit your printing needs.

Antique mechanical Gauges Circle Printable Images for Jewelry Making, Glass Photo Pendants, Cabochons, Bezels, Scrapbooking.

Circle Images in 1 inch, 25 mm, 30 mm, 1.313 inch and 1.5 inch, each size on a different advanced collection sheet (5 sheets altogether).

Digital Collage Sheet estimate 8.5"x11" - A4 High Quality 300 dpi JPG

Same pictures in 12mm 14mm 15mm and 20mm here

These arrangement sheets are prepared for printing; you can print them the same number of times as you require.

In the wake of acquiring a computerized record, you'll see a "View your documents" connect which goes to the Downloads page. Here, you can download your purchased item(s).

Downloads are accessible once your installment is affirmed.

After you buy the item(s), you will likewise get an email from Etsy with a download connect (dependably check your spam folder).

  • Handmade Supply
  • Craft type: Collage, Jewelry making, Scrapbooking with digital collage sheet, cabochon images
  • Instant Digital Download: 5 JPG included
  • It appears old

The Best Steampunk Gauge for Sale

If you are looking for equipment that offers great accuracy in measurement, despite its old looking face, these products offer such reliability. Steampunk Voltage Meter Lamp remains our best vote, owing to its outstanding increased accuracy, and fantastic build quality.

These are products that are not too expensive when regarded as a long-term relationship. Its effectiveness out weights its costs when compared to other products in some other markets. These products are sure to meet your gauge equipment needs. As always, the choice is yours.

fake steampunk pressure gauges
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