The 5 Best Steampunk Furniture

The 5 Best Steampunk Furniture

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

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My first apartment was a little hole above a Chinese restaurant that smelled of kung pow chicken and soy sauce. Despite the dizzying smells it was my own place, and being solely mine it was up to me to make it a home. Now, being fervent fan of the steampunk movement caged lamps and exposed pipes soon conquered the smelling flat. Being an admirer of the reimagined Victorian era, though, is not the only reason to adopt steampunk furniture in building your first home. Why should you buy them, then?

Steampunk Furniture For Sale Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Urbanindustrialcraft Booked Lamp Value
2. Brandonbuilt Industrial Bar Cart Functionality
3. Y-Nut Loft Style Lamp,the Professor Budget
4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Vennilux Coffee Table - Cocktail Height Steampunk Style
5. Diwhy Industrial Bookshelves Quality

Top Choice: Urbanindustrialcraft Booked Lamp

The UrbanIndustrialCraft novelty item is handmade and would make one of the best housewarming gifts for a your friends new mancave!

1. Urbanindustrialcraft Booked Lamp
Best For


Our Rating
2. Brandonbuilt Industrial Bar Cart
Best For


Our Rating
3. Y-Nut Loft Style Lamp,the Professor
Best For


Our Rating
5. Diwhy Industrial Bookshelves
Best For


Our Rating

Why Should You Buy Steampunk Furniture?

steampunk furniture for sale

The better question is what do steampunk furniture bring to the aesthetic of an interior space? Taking the prevalent components of the Victorian epoch, metal and wood, there is a striking resemblance with the raw, utilitarian aesthetic of the industrial decor. Exposed pipes, dominant wood surfaces, sophisticated designs. These pieces are heavy-duty, hard-working and fully-practical.

Even though the steampunk movement balances between fantasy and reality, there’s nothing pretentious about the exposed bones of a shelving complex protruding from a living room wall. In fact, shedding off excessivens for utility provides a more natural state of being inside your home. Although, going back to their heavy-duty attributes, I almost strained a back muscle in my attempt to satiate my unexplained need to rearrange my decor every month. Steampunk furniture are not forgiving in that regard.

steampunk tables

What to Consider Before Buying Steampunk Industrial Furniture

Speaking of their bulky bones, one of the first things to consider is the effect they will have on your floor. A carpeted floor can withstand the heavy blows. The same can’t be said for a wooden one. Something heavy, say a coffee table made out of hardwood and steel, will leave behind its marks of dissonance for being moved.

You should also consider how the piece that caught your eye fits with the rest of your decor. If you have an uber-minimalistic take on your living room with snow-white tinted walls then probably it won’t learn to coexist with the warmth of wood and metal. That shouldn’t deter you entirely, though. There’s always a choice for a small steampunk detail. A caged lamp, let’s say.

steampunk table

Top Features

Metal Components of Steampunk Style Furniture

By rote sturdy and heavy, metal has a lasting vitality (source). And, while the weight it carries will make you consider rearranging your decor more than twice, it might also deter a delinquent trespasser from appropriating your TV stand.

Steel is usually employed as a metal for the industrial aesthetic. It has the property of resisting the playful nails of a four-legged fur ball, or any other of scratches for that matter. It will only take in that which is stronger.

Wooden Components of Steampunk Style Furniture

That last part applies to wooden surfaces as well. The difference being, wood isn’t as strong as a material as metal. And, depending on the kind of wood, removing stains might test your patience. Hardwoods like cherry, oak and mahogany should bring a smile to your face as they appear on the specs of a particular steampunk piece.

They require rarely a polishing treatment, resist damage more than other common woods, and their strength and durability testify for their longevity (source). But beyond durability and maintenance, studies have shown that the natural feel of wooden furniture has positive affective psychological responses (source). Being happy in your own home surely upstages some maintenance, doesn’t it?

steampunk furniture diy

Inspiration for Steampunk Style Furniture

For some interior inspiration - have a look at this 'industrial chic' location. It is the result of one man's fascinating journey in creating what he now considers a steampunk-inspired home. Proof that with a little ingenuity and a dash of imagination, you can transform things that are old, yet interesting, into something refreshingly beautiful.

Former corporate businessman Rod Burns sought out to build a house with no real style at all, but was later on drawn to the idea of ‘steampunk’. After scouring junk shops, and custom making the furniture, the space stared taking on a life of its own. Just like the owner himself, the house reflects a less obvious way of doing things.

Steampunk Furniture Diy

For those of you interested in crafting your own steampunk furniture here is a little something for you:

Steampunk Furniture Review

1. Urbanindustrialcraft Booked Lamp

steampunk furniture ideas steampunk bedroom furniture

The UrbanIndustrialCraft novelty item is handmade and would make one of the best housewarming gifts for a your friends new mancave!

As for the lamp component, there is an 8 foot long cord that gives you options in where you will set this masterpiece. Also, the cord comes with an on/off clicker. A bit of a cheat, but like white lies, it doesn’t hurt anyone.

And all electrical components of the lamp are UL listed. That means a blackout isn’t something to be worried about (source).

  • A versatile piece that won’t take much space
  • Made out of hardwood and steel metal
  • Long cord that allows flexibility
  • There is a silver dimmer that allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp
  • A 40 watt lamp, Marconi style, is included in the package (nothing wrong with getting free stuff!)
  • If you are planning to use it as a bookstand, it only holds up to three books.

2. Y-Nut Loft Style Lamp,the Professor

steampunk style furniture steampunk furniture store

The Professor’s condensed demeanour, reaching 11 inches at the widest point, gives you enough leeway to find where it belongs in your decor

  • Malleable iron steel pipe, Bundor valve, solid wood for base. What else could a man ask?
  • The Professor has all its electrical components UL certified.
  • The loft style and diminutive nature of the lamp make it a better fit for an accessory than the a practical light source. The “thinker” will soon be tired under its soft glow.
  • Steel iron pipes and hardwood base make this lamp durable
  • It comes with a filament lamp
  • Small piece with only 6 inches width that can take place anywhere in your home
  • It comes with a dimmer and an on/off switch
  • While as an accessory the Professor is quintessentially steampunk, it still lacks the practicality that comes with an industrial aesthetic
  • The cord is a bit shorter than the UrbanIndustrialCraft booked lamp

3. Diwhy Industrial Bookshelves

steam punk furniture steampunk industrial furniture

The timber wood on this amazing mashup of industrial steampunk aesthetic and rusticity can take different tints with some help from DIWHY. You only need to ask.

  • The DIWHY sports a solid timber wood for shelves and high quality iron steel pipes.
  • The three tier shelves can hold an overall of 15 pounds. That might not fair well against the weighty tomes of Charles Dickens entire bibliography, but it will do for your James Patterson mystery novels.
  • The versatile nature of the steampunk furniture gives you options on where you will mount it. It can be installed in your bedroom, bathroom, hallway...secret lap.
  • High quality material, from wooden shelves to metal pipes, make it durable
  • You can ask the company to customize the wood’s tint
  • It can help with the organisation of a fairly small apartment
  • The shelves don’t sarficice holding capacity even though they are only 115 cm at their widest point
  • Users complaint it is a pain to put together. However, sometimes you got to break a sweat for something this splendiferous

4. Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Vennilux Coffee Table - Cocktail Height

steampunk office furniture nautical steampunk furniture

Ashley Furniture draws its inspiration from vintage factory carts to instill an authentic signature on the steampunk taste of its table

  • While the top surface of the Vennilux is made out of faux wood, its takes very little from the detailed craftsmanship of the coffee table.
  • The heavy-duty metal will keep at bay the claws and teeth of playful pets.
  • The casters are fully functional, however be careful not to introduce them to your toes! The consequences will be severe.
  • The functional charm of the steampunk furniture is furthered by the ample storage space it offers.
  • Sturdy materials that promise a long lifespan
  • Quintessential steampunk industrial style
  • Offers ample organisational options for your living room
  • Easy assembly, which won’t take more than 20 minutes
  • The faux wood isn’t easy to clean and some users mentioned it splinters after use
  • It is a heavyweight, weighting about 86 pounds

5. Brandonbuilt Industrial Bar Cart

diy steampunk furniture steampunk furniture by dennis slootweg

The slight inherent imperfections of the reclaimed wood on the BrandonBuilt cart add a bucolic dimension to its steampunk identity

  • There are steampunk style furniture, and then there’s the BrandonBuilt cart. Even though its description says its a rolling bar, its functions can shift from a kitchen island to...a mad scientist’s chemistry stand.
  • Made out of reclaimed wood that has finishes ranging from red mahogany to golden oak.
  • The metal is galvanized plumbing pipes. That’s everything a thoughtful buyer will need from his industrial piece.
  • Excellent material consolidate with a gorgeous design to add a classic steampunk element in your decor
  • Its versatility as a furniture will augment the storage options of a small apartment
  • BrandonBuilt offers customization options in the choice of wood and finishes
  • Unlike the Venillux, its assembly is described as a piece of cake by users
  • As the wood is reclaimed, some imperfections are to be expected


The top pick from our list goes to the booked steampunk lamp from UrbanIndustrialCraft. It suffices to say its materials are of prime quality that will ensure its longevity in your decor. If that hasn’t sealed the deal, then its deceptive simplicity that allows it to blend harmoniously in your existing decorative aesthetic should!

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