The Best Steampunk Boots (2018 Review)

The Best Steampunk Boots (2018 Review)

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 27, 2018

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When it comes to steampunk clothes, it’s leather, leather and more leather. The Victorians that inspired so much of the steampunk style were obsessed with it. Real leather has been a symbol of class and style for centuries. Though nowadays, some find leather not very gentlemanly to wear at all, others believe it to be far more authentic.

Beyond traditional leather boots, designers have released some extremely steampunk gear that imitates the traditional leather style, whilst adding utility pockets and eye-catching brass work to create the perfect pair of steampunk boots.

Steampunk Boots Quick Review

Product Best For Our Rating
1. Funtasma Men's Gotham-110 Engineer Boot Budget options
2. Demonia Men's Defiant-420 Animal lovers
3. Funtasma Men's Carribean Combat Boot Daily Use
4. Summit Fashion's Knee High Brown Combat Boots Comfort
5. Ellie's Shoes Steampunk Boots Light Cosplaying

Top Choice: Funtasma Men's Gotham-110 Engineer Boot

The Gotham-110 is Funtasma’s most popular men’s boot, with a knee high reach and multiple buckles. This is a must for any steampunk airship enthusiast.

1. Funtasma Men's Gotham-110 Engineer Boot
Best For

Budget options

Our Rating
2. Demonia Men's Defiant-420
Best For

Animal lovers

Our Rating
3. Funtasma Men's Carribean Combat Boot
Best For

Daily Use

Our Rating
4. Summit Fashion's Knee High Brown Combat Boots
Best For


Our Rating
5. Ellie's Shoes Steampunk Boots
Best For

Light Cosplaying

Our Rating

A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Steampunk Boots

When it comes to crafting your steampunk outfit, providing your wearing brown or black leather looking boots, you’re almost guaranteed to look the part. Though if you want a pair of steampunk boots that will look good, feel good and complete your steampunk look, you’ll have to go a little further.

The best steampunk boots are usually high, coming up to just below the knee. Most vegan leather is now constructed to be just as durable as real leather so the material is becoming less and less important. It comes down to personal taste, and ethics vs authenticity.

Pretty much any knee high leather-esque boot should fit your steampunk wardrobe, traditionally in brown or black, though we have seen white steampunk boots pulled off by some die-hard punks. Boots that incorporate brass or bronze fixings, screws, gears, rivets and studs will help define your boots as steampunk, rather than simply cowboy or combat boots.

What to Look for in Steampunk Boots

Whilst choosing your steampunk boot, you have to consider how comfortable the boot is, how easily it is broken in, the style and authenticity. Steampunk combat boots and steampunk cowboy boots are easy to craft if you have a little leather-working knowledge and a pair of donor boots.

Check out this video on turning an old pair or plain pair of combat boots into something a little cooler:

If you don’t feel confident crafting your own pair of DIY steampunk boots or jazzing up some gear with bronze and brass, then you’ll have to buy a pair of victorian steampunk boots. Make sure you keep these four things in mind:


It’d be pretty embarrassing for any man to turn up to a steampunk convention in a pair of beat up running shoes. Traditional leather boots with a lot of metal-work, so we’re talking brass and bronze buckles, rivets or added extras like pockets, studs and gears.

Heel size doesn’t cause too much of an issue, except when you’re buying boots obviously targeted for a specific gender.


Steampunk literature is often centered around the Victorian era and the Wild West so if you’re creating your own DIY steampunk boots, search for combat boots, cowboy boots or victorian leather boots.

Real leather is the most authentic and can be something of a talking point in steampunk circles. You’ll find knee high boots are the most popular in the steampunk scene.


The last thing you want after running around a steampunk convention all day is horrible blisters and sores on your feet. It’s definitely worth trying boots on before you buy them. Naturally, the more you wear your boots, the material will slowly shape to your foot, otherwise known as wearing them in.


Of course one of the most important factors. You can’t spend outside your budget and when delving into the steampunk world, it can seem expensive at first. You have a whole outfit to construct, alongside props and sometimes expensive wearables such as pocket watches.

Your boots however, are a very integral part of any steampunk outfit and are one of the items that are most likely to be worn alone, so it’s worth spending a bit extra on.

Understandably, real leather will cost slightly more than vegan leather or another composite.

How to Break in Steampunk Boots

When you first put on a pair of boots, you might find them not perfectly comfortable. This is because the materials are at first hard and unforgiving, but slowly, over time they will mould themselves to the shape of your feet.

To avoid getting blisters when you start wearing your new steampunk boots, you shouldn’t dive right in and begin wearing them all day every day. That’s asking for a blister. Take it slowly and wear the boots a few hours each morning when your feet are well rested. Change into a pair of comfortable trainers around midday.

Get some blister proof hiking socks and focus on mashing down the heel of your boot. It won’t ruin the boot and helps soften the hardest part of the boot.

Steampunk Boots Review

Funtasma Men's Gotham-110 Engineer Boot

steampunk boots for sale womens steampunk boots for sale

The Gotham-110 is Funtasma’s most popular men’s boot, with a knee high reach and multiple buckles. This is a must for any steampunk airship enthusiast.

Handmade from synthetic materials, the Gotham-110 is durable, lightweight and an all around authentic boot. The boots lack any kind of zipper, making them more true to life than other knee high steampunk boots. Unfortunately, the lack of a zipper means that putting the boots on and taking them off is relatively time consuming, with a total of 6 buckles to undo before you can slip out.

The synthetic sole increases durability whilst the polyurethane upper offers a waterproof boot up to the knee. The buckles are of varying sizes which allows for a tight yet comfortable fit to varying leg sizes.

We like this boot for it’s low cost and expandable shaft.

  • Authentic buckles
  • Animal-friendly materials
  • Waterproof
  • Long time to take on and off

Summit Fashion's Knee High Brown Combat Boots

mens steampunk boots for sale best steampunk boots

Summit Fashion’s Knee High Combat boots are the flagship steampunk boot from the regarded brand. Metallic detailing and real brown leather makes this one of the more authentic looking steampunk boots on the market.

Made from real leather with a synthetic sole, these knee high combat boots both look the part and are extremely durable. Unlike the Gotham-110s, these combat boots do include a zipper, which slightly detracts from the authenticity of the boot, but makes them much more accessible.

Unfortunately, the zipper does create a space for water to leak through, so these boots aren’t recommended for those living in particularly wet climates. Although, you can buy waterproof lining for the inside of the boot, or slow down the flow of water with leather oil.

We did find these boots, however, to be very comfortable and easy to wear. After breaking in, the boots were very comfortable.

  • Real leather
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Not waterproof

Demonia Men's Defiant-420

best boots for steampunk fashion steampunk boots mens

Vegan leather constructed, knee high black boots from Demonia make a great all-rounder, combining well fabricated metallic buckles, quiet rubber soles and a zipper. This boot is perfect for cruelty-free steampunk.

Many people might turn their noses up at vegan leather, but we honestly can’t understand why when you look at these boots. It’s just as durable as real leather and don’t feel like an imitation at all. The ankle support is sturdy and the buckles look as if they’ll last a lifetime.

The sole is made from a synthetic rubber that is much quieter on harder ground than traditional wooden heeled boots, as well as being much faster to break in. The circumfrence of the calves is only 16” at its widest point, which is a bit too tight for a lot of people, so it’s best to measure yourself up and double check sizes before buying.

Unfortunately, this boot only comes in black. If it came in brown, it would definitely be a whole lot more steampunk, but you can’t have everything.

  • No animal products
  • Quiet sole
  • Comfortable
  • Not waterproof
  • Thin calves

Funtasma Men's Carribean Combat Boot

steampunk boots womens mens steampunk boots

Another boot from Funtasma, the Men’s Carribean Combat Boot is ideal for a traditional Victorian or pirate themed costume.

The Carribean Combat Boot are an original looking pair of boots with folded cuffs and interesting metallic detail that is ideal for any airship or steampunk pirate themed costume. Constructed from distressed polyurethane, much like Funtasma’s flagship boot, the Gotham-110, the Carribean Combat Boot is sturdy and durable, as well as suitable for vegans.

Due to a zipper on the inside, this boot is unsuitable for use in heavy water conditions, though the polyurethane is very water-resistant.

The straps on the boots are not just for show, they can be easily adjusted for a better fit. We love these boots for their delicate style and subtle intricacies. These could easily become part of your every day wear, as well as for steampunk costumes.

  • No animal products
  • Sturdy construction
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable Buckle
  • Comfortable
  • Zip allows water through

Ellie's Shoes Steampunk Boots

steampunk boots men women steampunk boots

The primary steampunk boot sold by gothic supplier Ellie’s Shoes. With such a fantastic attention to detail, these boots would be perfect for any leather clad steampunk enthusiast.

The first thing that draws the eye with these boots, are the pockets attached to the outside of the boot. They scream steampunk and are fully functional. The buckles are all well made and sturdy, and the synthetic leather feels realistic.

There is a zip up the side which makes the buckles relatively redundant, though they add to an overall great aesthetic. Unfortunately, the stitching on these boots is not as great as some of the other boots we’ve looked at, and so these should only really be considered for light cosplaying.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Great aesthetic
  • Functional pockets
  • Zip allows water through
  • Not as durable as competitors

Our Favorite Boots

After reviewing all five pairs of boots, I settled for Funtasma’s Gotham-110. It was close with the Carribean Combat Boots and the Defiant-420’s close behind, but the Gotham-110 perfectly balance comfort with durability, whilst dropping the zipper that made so many of these steampunk boots susceptible to water.

Funtasma, as a brand deliver premium durability that makes them applicable for daily use, and unparalleled comfort. If you’re only wearing your steampunk boots for cosplaying, then the issue of having to buckle up and down all the time, becomes undue.

Aesthetically, I think the Gotham-110 boots fit the bill for a steampunk costume perfectly, without trying too hard. At such a low price, they are also one of the cheapest steampunk boots available as well.

victorian steampunk boots

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