Simple Ways to Add Steampunk Style to Your Bedroom

Simple Ways to Add Steampunk Style to Your Bedroom

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

Steampunk Bedroom

Steampunk is a style that's not exactly ordinary. Not every owner will risk using it in his home, and moreover, certain types of steampunk interior will require significant material investments. The original steampunk is suitable for those who are not afraid of risks and making an impression, sometimes even contradictory.

The most accurate description of steampunk can be given literally in three words - "the future from the past". It was created as a result of an amazing blend of Victorian style elements and unusual mechanisms, embodying fantasies of people from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Steampunk is characterized by an abundance of unrealistic devices, pipes, gears, lever lamps, and other elements of technology. People of that time considered a steam engine to be the main engine of progress, so all the designs used in this style were inspired by it.

Do you enjoy reading science fiction? Are you an ardent fan of Herbert Wells or Jules Verne? Then you are moving in the right direction. The works of these writers have become a source of inspiration for designers, allowing the style to be born.

It's like a small isolated world in which creative extraordinary persons will feel comfortable. In addition, its creation requires a special aesthetic taste and design abilities. If you recognize yourself here, then feel free to act because this style is definitely for you.

Steampunk Bedroom

Imagine a light gray bedroom with brown-red brick walls... Unplastered brickwork along with a gyro chandelier emphasizes the design. Gray lamps attached to long arms are mounted on two sides of the bed's headrest, bending over a white retro mattress with light-gray bed sheets... A wide vintage mirror hangs in the front of the bed on the wall... Retro details are complemented by wall decoration in the shape of gears, an old battery under a porthole window, and gray wooden doors in the shabby chic style... How do you like it?

Steampunk is all about details as if taken from an old ship or submarine. Valves, portholes, and propellers as decorative elements can also add colorful accents to the interior - just paint them the way you like. In addition, the lighting can create any color scheme you like.

In steampunk, gears can be mentioned endlessly. Perfect accessory. The combination of gears of different sizes, covering each other, as in the old mechanism, looks especially well. Can't find gears to decorate your wall? Not a problem, you can opt for wallpaper or wall painting - this will give your bedroom interior even more nostalgia.

Walls can have ceramic tiles on them, combine fragments with paintings, posters, maps, playbills, boards, textiles, etc. The circle of subjects is represented by characteristic images, like balloons, typewriters, fantastic 3D realism, graphic silhouettes of gears or even a poster with a portrait of the legendary engineer-inventor, Nikola Tesla.

Plots range from stylized images to realistic pictures and photos, like those on decorative pillows from Zazzle. Steampunk in very small doses represents itself even more easily and universally than the two previous varieties. Here we can talk about the blurring of style and the freedom to interpret basic ideas. It's when the idealization of mechanics and alternative reality is replaced by pure decoration and complexity of an artistic image. The phenomenon of the image's multi-denomination is of special interest because it is in line with the advanced trends of modern design development.

A special place in the design is given to the heating and water supply systems. You don't really have to do that in your bedroom, of course, but your steampunk bathroom can be right next to it. What is usually hidden in a regular apartment, is usually exhibited in steampunk. Such interiors are often decorated with very unusual elements of decoration. Images of various balloons, aircraft, airships often contribute to the interior design.

Steampunk Features

Like any other style, steampunk has its own characteristic features.

  • Time frame blurred. Steampunk does not force you to give up all the last 50 years of human inventions. To give modern electronics the effect of antiquity, it is painted copper or framed with wood. An interesting tactical move is the combination of technology from different times. For example, modern stoves can be replaced by gas models, and replace your regular keyboard with a typewriter-inspired mechanical model.
  • Naturalness. In the last century, synthetic materials have not yet become widespread, so the style of steampunk implies natural materials and decor.
  • Fantasticity. An interior should remind of time and space travel, and the more distant its details are from reality, the better. Vintage watches and compasses, rotating gears, and pirate attributes will fit perfectly.
  • Victorian spirit. The ideal room in the style of steampunk reminds the home of a scientist-inventor from the last century. Decorate it with various elements of steam engines, add Victorian-style furniture pieces, and the interior will be almost ready.
  • Original lighting. Modern lamps and lighting fixtures are definitely not welcome here. The best option is gas lamps which can also be replaced by antique lanterns. These lamps create a mood and bring a special atmosphere to the room. What kind of lighting is better? There are a couple of great ideas.
  • Industrial style lighting. An abundance of pipes, deliberately uncovered wires or even ordinary incandescent lamps will be a reference to the era of industrialization.
  • Classic or Victorian chandeliers. Such a luxury item is suitable for an apartment with a high ceiling and owners that have a good taste. Such a source of light will definitely attract attention, so it is necessary to try and make it look not too fancy and perfectly fit your room style.

Steampunk Regulations

Steampunk style is a kind of nostalgia for long-gone times. Therefore, materials used here are typical for the twentieth century - brass, iron, leather, and wood. And they are used not only in furniture and accessories but also imitated on the walls. The advantage is given to rough textures and raw materials that emphasize the industrial design and make the interior even more spectacular.

The color palette of the style is muted, even a bit gloomy. The main colors are beige; brown; black; grey. It is quite acceptable to supplement them with shades of red, blue, and dark green, as well as any color with a metallic shine.

You don't have to buy new furniture and update your furniture. Old or artificially aged items will give a special charm and fit perfectly into the overall appearance of your bedroom. Steampunk furniture is purchased not only in antique shops but also made independently. It looks simple and quite unsophisticated. Even industrial shelves will go. However, it is necessary to focus on the Victorian era - an exquisite sofa with leather upholstery, wooden cabinet furniture, and elegant metal fittings are all great ideas.

Your furniture should be of high quality and solid, look expensive and noble, emphasizing the wealth of the owner. It is preferable to dwell on dark shades of wood, but for rooms with modest sizes, a lightened timber is also suitable. The decor should be restrained and concise, have metal corners and forged hinges. Books and bookshelves provide a special character to the room. Chests, caskets, and open shelves are also used for storage. Look for accessories in the attic. Everything that used to be just a pity to throw away will now become a stylish addition to your interior. Feel free to get chests, metal boxes, antique watches, TVs, telephones, etc. to arrange them in the bedroom. Throw in some finishing touches to aid in your quest for peaceful sleep, or check up on the latest resources at RestFaq.


The number of accessories used in the design of the bedroom depends solely on your preferences, as well as on ?available space. However, do not overdo it. There can be many details in the steampunk style, but nevertheless they must be skillfully distributed. The result will be crazy but still filled with style. You can search Pinterest for steampunk ideas as well! So many cool stuff to get inspired with there!

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