ThinkGeek Steampunk-Styled Tesla Analog Watch Weathered-Brass Look on Metal Findings Plus Leather Strap

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ThinkGeek Steampunk Styled Tesla Analog Watch

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Brand: ThinkGeek

10 reviews for ThinkGeek Steampunk-Styled Tesla Analog Watch Weathered-Brass Look on Metal Findings Plus Leather Strap

  1. Tassya


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    The look is amazing. It is a very heavy watch. The only issue I have is that I have big wrists, and I have to use the first hole. If that area rips, I cannot replace or fix it. Are there options for bigger bands or replacements?

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Watch looks great, feels super sturdy.It’s a great size for any wrist, comfortable band. Decent movement (Japanese not Chinese).The second hand on mine isn’t moving but the minute and hour hands are keeping time.Also the key is hard to use, difficult to pull out to set the time.The biggest disappointment is the lights in the tubes only stay on for 6 seconds. Idk if this is the design or a malfunction, but I wish they stayed on until you switched them off.

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  4. Ryan Moseley

    So, I love the way this watch looks and feels while wearing it, but it will not keep the time at all. The seconds hand moves, but the hours and minutes hands only move when you use the key. I’m not sure if it can be fixed at a shop yet, but I’m pretty disappointed that it isn’t working the way it should.

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  5. Rick N.

    Totally love the all out design and fit of this watch. I’m super impressed with the attention to detail and the comfort of the genuine leather watch band. Awesome buy…

  6. Verne S. Babcock

    Worth every penny

  7. cody

    It’s a nice watch to have. I get so many people asking questions about it every time I wear it. It keeps time perfectly and fits perfectly.

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  8. Chicago Mermaid

    I bought this weird and wonderful watch when I watched the review on You Tube. It is beautiful! I love the light up tubes, the leather band, the keys, and the compliments! One BIG problem! When it was delivered, by Amazon, the cute tin box was bent . The outside box had damage but, almost everything I buy on Amazon seems fine. I was going to return it ,due to the tin but, was afraid I would not get another. Plus, to be honest ,my printer needed ink to print the return label. So I kept it because I have no intention of selling it. I am disappointed because I should have NEVER gotten a collectors item like this with the presentation box so damaged. The watch gets 5 stars. Amazon gets NO stars!

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  9. luis aguilar

    Wow i have never receive so many compliments about a watch..i got like 10 watches even some of them i paid 1000 dollars but nothing like this one!!! Everybody is like what is that, where did you get it? Great product, great watch i love it!!

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    Love this watch

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