How to Steampunk Anything?

How to Steampunk Anything?

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Oct 09, 2019

how to steampunk anything

With so much choice in its selection, many people often wonder, can one learn how to steampunk anything?

Steampunk is a vibrant movement offering something for almost everyone. You can steampunk jewelry, your home, clothing and almost any other personal item.

How to Make Anything Look Steampunk

If you have been paying attention to mainstream fashion, you have probably noticed a certain trend that has been gaining popularity. There is a new sub-culture known as steampunk that has gained a lot of interest and intrigue.

You have probably noticed this genre in movies like the league of extraordinary gentlemen or even on the runway of famous designers like Versace. This style is mainly influenced by Victorian aesthetics, steam powered technology and science fiction. This genre consists of beautiful and outlandish variances.

Despite its diversity, steampunk is mainly influenced by Victorian fashion. In women's fashion, it includes Victorian button boots, bustle skirts and corsets. On the other hand, in men’s fashion, steampunk includes items like harness coats, elaborate goggles, and frock coats.

Done right, steampunk outfits gain a life of their own, with various characters influencing this unique style.

Steampunk is more than outfits and gears; it is an immersive, beautiful and fully formed world that many people choose to engage with. Steampunk is not just an outfit that you can put on; it is a new life, character and an amazing culture to be immersed in.

Where to Start?

To be involved in this unique world, you need to have a few things. However, the most important factor is to know what steampunk culture entails. First, consider reading and watching movies with steampunk themes to help you understand the ideas and concepts that drive the culture.

Researching will help you determine where to take your look. If you enjoy reading gothic steampunk literature, chances are, you may not fancy the western style. In addition, take some time to browse images of people involved in steampunk on the Internet.

This can give you ideas of the style you want and introduce you to new ones you probably didn’t know existed. It is extremely important to take a look at the history of steampunk because it will give you a good idea of what sort of styles are considered ‘Steampunk’.

how to steampunk things

Where Can I Get Steampunk Tips?

Once you have determined the steampunk style that you would go for, consider reaching out to other steampunk enthusiasts. Many people in the steampunk community are quite friendly and are usually happy to help newbies by answering questions for them.

If you come across an individual wearing a steampunk outfit that you find interesting, there is nothing wrong with asking where they got it. Interact with members of the steampunk community online and in your city or town and ask for tips and ideas on how you can get involved in the community and culture.

There are plenty of Steampunk conventions out there that may pique your interest (source).

Where Can I Find Steampunk Outfits?

Once you establish a good steampunk network, you are ready to find your outfits. Back in the days, people who were into steampunk used to make their own clothing.

Today, there is a considerable number of incredibly talented people that you can buy outfits from. In addition, there are various online stores with large collections of steampunk outfits and gears.

However, if you feel inclined, you can still make your own steampunk outfits. The Internet is a great place to find a wide variety of steampunk outfits and gears. Whether you are looking for buckles and clasps, corsets, or steampunk goggles, you can find them all online.

You may also attend steampunk conventions where guests attend in full steampunk regalia. This will give you the chance to network with more people in the steampunk community including artisans who specialize in making steampunk outfits, gears and accessories.

how to make things steampunk

What Do I Need to Know When Shopping for Steampunk?

Once you join the steampunk world, you will probably want to go on a shopping spree, buying anything steampunk that tickles your fancy. The number of steampunk outfits, gears and accessories on the market can be quite overwhelming.

Many newbies in the steampunk world often fall into the temptation of trying to buy everything at once. This is quite common as there are so many sought after items that are incredibly intricate and intriguing. However, it is important to practice self restraint when shopping for steampunk items.

Start by shopping for the basic pieces. Consider buying sets of pieces that you can easily change between outfits when you start out. Avoid buying single pieces that will only give you one look.

For women, consider buying a few Victorian dresses, steampunk leggings or bloomers and a few corsets. Consider buying a convertible skirt that feature drawstrings to allow you to wear the skirt in many ways including short, long, or hitched up on the front.

For men, a few steampunk shirts, Victorian trousers and at least one Victorian coat would do. These are staple pieces that can get you good number of outfits simply by swapping them around.

What About Accessories?

To achieve the quintessential steampunk look, you will need to buy the right accessories. Steampunk fashion is often in the details. Consider investing in accessories that match your style. Steampunk boots are a must-have for both men and women; they easily fit in any genre.

Appropriate accessories for steampunk wear include Victorian gloves and hats. To define your look further, consider unique jewelry such as antique bracelets, stylish cameos or clockwork necklaces.

For men, unique cufflinks with clockwork accents, cravats and Victorian waistcoats would be ideal. Additional options include wide belts and crossbody harnesses. Whatever you buy, make sure it fits your style and character because this is the only thing that will make you stand out from the rest.

how to make anything steampunk

How to Steampunk Anything

You may add other special pieces that tell a story as your character evolves. Compasses and maps can highlight your love for adventure and exploration. If you are into science, consider adding pieces such as test tubes that bring out that part of your interest.

On the other hand, engineers can try incorporating goggles and wrenches to their steampunk outfits. It is quite clear that almost anything can be Steampunk'd. The only limit is your own imagination.

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