Steampunk Origins

By Steampunk Origins | Updated Aug 17, 2018

steampunk origins

The best way to move forward is to look back the way you came. A point made more difficult when travelling through a world of steam, soot, and smoke. Our aim is to guide you, carefully, without dragging you where you don’t need to be. Our role is to make out the shapes in the distance. To call to those friendly faces in fiction and fashion that would provide you with the rich company you so rightly deserve.

Steampunk ranges from the totally mystifying to the sarcastically simple depending on who you ask, but all can agree without doubt that it comes down to cogs. In a time of expanding horizons, shrinking boundaries (all thanks in part to coming of the information age) the genre has found its way into all forms of art, beginning its first tentative steps shrouded in steam and clunky movements and has since become more than Victorian Britain.

A place of gentrification, style, and a certain panache that bleeds through time and reality absolute. The World of Steampunk is ever expanding as its DaVincian designs become increasingly bold and brilliant. This genre of alternate history expands itself across the globe, infecting everything it touches with the need for innovation while striving to maintain its soul. What better place to call home than this weird world of wonder?

Quality of content is paramount, whether directing you towards the pros and cons of certain videogames, or the differences between a cape, cope, and cloak. The devil is in the detail and we aim to provide you with the means to making an educated and informed decision as to what to take from the genre, and more— how to wear it with style.

Here is a refuge for those seeking to broaden their minds as well as their wardrobe. A place without judgement or sneer, but one of sophistication, enlightenment, and the occasional joke to ensure that you’re not taking life too seriously. Here is a place beyond styles, periods, and definition. A spot on the edge of reason, and the boundaries of madness. For the misfits willing to cross dimensions and realities to find someone to talk to, there is Steampunk. And for those looking to be shown the way, there we are, a willing friend to remind you that the choice— as always —is yours.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

- George Santayana